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Tyre Failure Rates

...ment of Transport, of failure rates in the UK for tyres. The failure rates are broken down by tyre composition and tyre type. 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 Component RFR ID RfR Reason for Rejection Description Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Tyres ...

Car MOT Manual - 4.1 Tyres (Structure)

...n Reason for Rejection This inspection applies to tyres fitted to the road wheels only. The vehicle presenter should be informed when it is noticed that there is a defective tyre on a spare wheel.To identify the size and type of tyres, it might be necessary to rotate the wheels or move the vehicle....

Bike MOT Manual - 4.1 Tyres

...n Method of Inspection Reason for rejection Spare tyres are not included in the inspection. However, if a defect is seen, the owner should be notified. The owner should be advised of loose or missing security bolts. Serious underinflation of tyres is not a reason for failure. However, the tester may...

MOT Quick Check - Tyres/Wheels

...EELS Tyre condition A failure with respect to tyre wear will result where The grooves of the tread pattern are not at least 1.6mm throughout a continuous band comprising Central 34 of the breadth of tread Entire outer circumference of the tyre. Tyres must be correctly matched with regard t...

Motorcycle MOT Pre Check

... one quarter of MOT test failures are due to worn tyres, remember, safety first worn tyres can kill Here are the main items the examiner will check on the bike Cast wheels should be secure and free from cracks, similarly, spoked wheels will be checked for broken, corroded, loose or bent spokesThe t...

MOT Training - NTTA Sample Questions

... leading arm Wheels and Tyres 31. Which types of tyre construction have the most flexible side walls A cross ply B bias belted C radial D cross ply remoulds 32. What does a tyre ply rating indicate A load carrying capacity B inflation pressure C maximum safe road speed D tread ru...

What does a garage look at during an MOT test?

...rors presence, condition and security Wheels and tyres condition, security, tyre size and type, and tread depth. Spare tyres are not tested Brakes condition, operation and performance efficiency test. Suitable vehicles will be tested on a roller brake tester. Vehicles such as those with permanent...


... towbars excluding body around anchorage points tyre pressure monitoring system vehicle identification number VIN windscreen and glass windscreen wipers windscreen washers wheels and tyres excluding motorbikes and motorbikes with sidecar Bringing your vehicle back within 10 working day...

Most common reasons for MOT failures

...and suspension 5.8 5.7 5.6 4.9 4.8 4.5 Motorcycle tyres and wheels 3.7 3.8 3.8 3.6 3.6 3.5 Cars and other passenger vehicles up to 12 seats Body and structure 1.8 1.8 1.7 1.4 1.4 1.4 Brakes 12.9 12.8 12.9 10.7 10.4 10.2 Drivers view of the road 8.0 8.4 8.5 7.7 7.5 6.9 Driving controls 0.0 0.0 0.0...

Car MOT Manual - 4.2 Road Wheels

...road wheels for any a. fracture b. fracture of a tyre retaining ring c. weld breaking away d. butting at the ends of a tyre retaining or locking ring. 2. Check for compatibility of wheel and fixings. 3. Check half shaft bolts, nuts and studs for security. 4. Check hubs for damage or cracks. 5. ...

Bike MOT Manual

...ide car attachment that changes to the systems eg tyres and suspension may have been made. These are vehicles in Class II. A motor tricycle is a three wheeled vehicle on which none of the wheeled elements is recognisable as a side car. These vehicles are in Class III or IV. depending on their weigh...

The History of the MOT

...ten year requirement introduced in 1960 1968 New tyre tread regulations require 1mm of tread across threequarters of its width. Tyre checks added to MOT test 1975 Front number plates on motorcycles abolished 1978 MOT test now includes windscreen washers, wipers, indicators, spotlights, horn, bod...

Car MOT Manual - 2.2 Steering System

...omprising rubbing pads on the body that the front tyres may contact on a full lock. These are acceptable if they are properly maintained so that they do not damage the tyres. d. condition and security of steering rack gaitersNote Expand steering rack gaiters for proper examination. e. oil leaking...

Car MOT Manual - 3.7 Brake Performance

...r vehicles with damaged, underinflated or studded tyres. When testing a veteran car or a vehicle with special controls the driver should be allowed to drive during the test if heshe wishes. Vehicles with automatic transmission must never be roller brake tested with the gear selector in the P park po...

Avoiding MOT Failures

...Avoiding MOT Failures A good tip for avoiding MOT failures is to take your car to an MOT station that does not do repairs. Many councils have their own MOT test centers for council vehicles but the law says that they must be open to the public. Using a council run MOT test center means that they do...

Avoiding MOT Failure - Steering Mechanism

...PRE MOT CHECKSAvoid a Failure Reasons For Failure Council MOT Centres Handbrake Footbrake Steering Wheel WindscreenMirrors Seat Belts Doors Brakes Shock Absorbers Electrical Steering Mechanism Braking System WheelsTyres Bodywork SteeringSuspension Exhaust System Drive Shafts FuelExhaust Petrol Emis...

MOT Reminder

... condition, for example defective brakes, illegal tyres, defective steering, can land a driver with significantly higher fines and points on their licence. The maximum fines imposed are LGV 5000 PCV 5000 Other vehicles including cars 2500 3 penalty points for each offence, for example 3 points f...

Your Questions Answered

...affic short wheel base I have 4 x 1956516C summer tyres on. 3 of these are 8ply and 1 is 6ply rated. Is this legal will it pass MOT like this I really appreciate your help. thank you. regards.Name byron Town southampton Reveal Answer 15 Q Am having to buy new wing mirror for Ford Fiesta ...

Bike MOT Manual - 2.3 Front Suspension & Wheel Bearings

...having been in contact with either the wheel, the tyre or any fixed part of the machine. 6. Check condition of steering and suspension with regard to corrosion. distortion and modifications. 1. a. a fork assembly component which is missing, loose, cracked, or excessively bent, misaligned or corroded...

Bike MOT Manual - 2.5 Wheel Alignment (Solo machine)

...a. place a straight edge or cord against the rear tyre parallel to it and as high off the ground as other parts ie silencers, frame etc will permit b. estimate the gap if any between the straight edge or cord at the rear points where it is opposite the front tyre c. move the straight edge or cord to...

Bike MOT Manual - 3.3 Brake Performance

...n A. Roller Brake Test Serious under inflation of tyres is not a reason for failure however a tester may decide not to conduct a brake test if tyre damage is likely. When using a roller brake tester the wheel not on the rollers must be braked and chocked against the reaction force. This is especiall...

Bike MOT Manual - 5.3 Wheel Alignment

... edge or cord against the outer walls of the rear tyrePlace a second straightedge or cord against the outer waifs of the side car tyre and measure between the straightedges or cord at the front and rear of the combination. Assess any toein or toeout of motorcycle and side car wheels. 2. Check visual...


...n the simplest maintenance jobs, such as checking tyre pressure, topping up oil or changing the battery. This may be why garages find it so easy to rip you off. Remember youre the customer and its your money theyre after. If you feel youre being patronised go elsewhere. Always shop around for a bett...

Retest Re-Examinations

... Retest ReExaminations If the vehicle stays at the test station which failed the vehicle, to be repairedNo Additional Fee Partial Re Examination If the vehicle is brought back to the same test station and retested before the end of the next working day on one or more of the following items only N...

Locations of VIN Numbers

...bulkhead Four Track Nearside chassis behind front tyre Daimier All Models Bonnet catch channel Detomaso All Models Bulkhead or nearside inner wing Ferrari 328 Mondial, Testarossa, 412 On lug on top of steering columnOn lug offside engine bay strut 512 BB V12 Engine comp above silencerTop of steering...

MOT Manual

...Car MOT Manual 2012 onwardsCar Manual Home 1. Lamps, Reflectors and Electrical Equipment 2. Steering and Suspension 3. Brakes Electronic Stability Control Systems 4. Tyres and Road Wheels 5. Seat Belts and Supplementary Restraint Systems 6. Body, Structure 7. Exhaust, Fuel and Emissions 8. Driv...

Bike MOT Manual - 1.5 Direction Indicators

...marily for use off roads whether by reason of its tyres, suspension, ground clearance or otherwise. 3. Check the condition and security of each direction indicator 4. Check the condition and operation of the switch. 3. a. A indicator lamp missing or so damaged or deteriorated that its function is im...

Bike MOT Manual - 1.6 Headlamp Aim

...ot spot can usually be identified. Check that the tyres ace not underinflated. A flat top dip beam pattern is not a reason for rejection USING A RAIL MOUNTED HEADLAMP AIM TESTER Locate the machine on the area designated as the standing area for the headlamp test. Clamp the front wheel or otherwise s...

Vehicle test procedures - Stage 3

... electronic park brake, brake fluid warning lamp, tyre pressure monitoring system, air bag, seat belt pretensioner and seat belt load limiter vehicle telltale lights including, hazard lamps, head lamp main beam, direction indicators and rear fog lamps Brakes testing criteria Any one of the followi...

Vehicle test procedures - Stage 4

...ectrical wiring body condition steering system tyres road wheels and hubs suspension, wheel bearings and drive shafts shock absorbers oil leaks engine and transmission mounts transmission exhaust system including the catalytic converter mechanical brake components brake hydraulic, air an...


...MOT PRICES FEES CLASSES Note Fees not subject to VAT Fees shown are maximum fees Age first test certificate required Years Cost Classes 1 2 Class 1 engine size up to 200cm3Motorbicycles 3 29.65 Motorbicycles with sidecar 3 37.80 Class III3 Wheeled Vehicles up to 450 Kg unladen weight 3 37.80 ...

Northern Ireland MOT Test

...Northern Ireland MOT TestThe Driver and Vehicle Agency DVA is the Northern Island MOT booking centre this is not the same as in Mainland Britain where you can go into any approved MOT test centre to have your vehicle MOTd in NI it is only the DVA who control the bookings at the MOT TEST Centres, you...

Training Courses

...T test i.e. brakes, steering, suspension, wheels tyres, electrical systems, body and corrosion, exhaust emissions and general subjects. This assessment will take place at your local VOSA Area Office. MOT Test Cookie Policy TermsConditions...

Avoiding MOT Failure - Shock Absorbers

...own in unusual wear in the tread patterns of your tyres....

MOT Quick Check - Exemption List


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MOT Questions

Mixed Tyres

for the mot can you mix symmetrical and directional on the same axle

Name: gordon Town: troon

Tyre structures cannot be mixed on any axle. However structure refers to radial, crossply or biasbelted. So as long as both tyres are correct for the vehicle and the same structure Radial probably then the car will pass an MOT

Tyre tread patterns

hi can I have two diffrent tread on the one axl they are the same size but they have two diffrent tread.

Name: Michael Town: Glasgow

Providing the tyres are of the same size different tread patterns are passable

Different Tyres

Buying a car from a garage and it has one winter tyre on front Is this right

Name: Christina Townsend Town: Tamworth

The manual states the car will fail the test if One tyre is of a different type of structure from another tyre on the same axle so you would fail

Tyre Problem

thank youbrthe rear wheels have cracks on sides and tread

Name: Ruta Town: Dromore

The tester will assess the condition of the tyres if in his opinion that they are unsafe then he will fail the car

Tyre age

my car has 10 years old tyres, can i pass mot

Name: Ruta Town: Dromore

Although various manufacturers do not recommend using tyres of that age After five years or more in use, your tyres should be thoroughly inspected at least once per year by a professional the age is not a reason to fail but condition is the deciding factor


Hi, If there are advisory items in the previous MOT test and there are no advisory items in subsequent test, does it mean that the advisory items are taken care In other words, if the previous advisory items are not appeared in the latest MOT test, does it mean that it is taken care. Thanks Kar.

Name: Kar Town: Norfolk

Advisories are only what the tester thinks you should watch because they are nearing failure an example if your tyres are near the legal limit then he would make an advisory but if your mileage is greatly reduced this time he may just pass them

Minimum tyre tread depth

what is the thread depth required to pass the MOT

Name: james mcphilemy Town: strabane

The law requires car tyres to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in a continuous band around the central three quarters of the tyre. To help you judge how much tread you have on your car tyres, manufacturers often mould tread bars at roughly 1.6mm.

Van fitted with car Tyres

Will you van pass with a good set of car tyres or do i need van tyres

Name: Kieran Town: Londonderry

Vans, even car derived vans, usually require specific tyres which are designed to cope with the payload of the vehicle. Car tyres are often not suitable for vans a reason for rejection is if a tyre has a load index or ply rating and tyre size that is inadequate for the permitted maximum laden weight of the axle to which it is fitted


how quick do i need to get a tyre advisory sorted please

Name: andrea power Town: hove

An advisory is the opinion of the tester that the component is nearing the point where it would fail the mot test the time you have to rectify the problem depends on how much wear the component gets if you have a tyre that has in the opinion of the tester 3000 miles left on it and you only do 500 miles a month then the time is different than if you do 1000 miles a week

MOT Advisory

MOT advisory says nearside front tyre wearing on inner edge brbrAlsobrbrBrake hose has slight corrosion to ferrules offside front 3.6.B.4E

Name: Debbie Todd Town: Newcastle

An advisory is there to tell you that in the opinion of the tester that the component is near to failing the MOT and that it should be either replaced or serviced

Can tyres that were made in 1990 but never fitted still be road legal and safe in 2016

Name: Richard Green Town: Southampton

It is strongly recommend that unused tyres should not be put into service if they are over 6 years old and that all tyres should be replaced 10 years from the date of their manufacture.brbra hrefhttpwww.safetyresearch.netblogarticlessurrenderdorothyClick here for more informationa

MOT Tyre speed ratings

hello, ive had some new tyres put on my jeep by the dealer which are q rated at 99 mph, the jeeps top speed is 107 mph is this something i should be worried about for safety legal reasons, thankyou.

Name: kevin taylor Town: rotherham

To be legal or pass the MOT it is not required to have either the original spec tyres fitted by the manufacturer or those that match the maximum speed of the vehicle the tyres must be suitable for the type of use of the vehicle on a day to day basis

MOT Fine

My friends car failed mot with headlamp bulb and a tyre. He got the work done but not yet retested because of bank holiday weekend. He got stopped by police and fined. Is this right

Name: Jackie Town: Mansfield

If the work had been done at the time of being stopped this is a case of lack of common sense on behalf of the police but they acted within the law

Tyre Loads

My wife popped a rear tyre. She found 2 2nd hand tyres cheap for the rear. Our tyre guy said it was illegal to fitt the new tyres with a load rating 99 on the rear with the old front tyres with a 95 load rating. Is this true

Name: Chris Palffy Town: Auckland

The British Tyre manufacturers state When replacing tyres ensure the Tyre Size is appropriate for the vehicle and that the Load Index and Speed Symbol are equal to or higher than those tyres originally fitted by the vehicle manufacturer with your load ratings higher then you are fine

Winter Tyres

I have winter tyres on my car will it pass a mot

Name: Karl Wilkinson Town: Salford

If the tyres are in good condition you will pass

Different size tyres

HibrIs it ok to have 195 tyres on rear and 185 tyres on frons brbrCheers

Name: Dave Town: Paignton

Yes you will pass with matched pair of tyres on the front and a matched pair on the rear

Tyres Life span

what is the legal life span for road tyres

Name: hugh sumner Town: leyland

There is no official legal time Michelin and Continental advise a 10 year life span but how the tyre has been treated curbing or potholes can have a detrimental effect on its life span useful tyre information can be found on

Matching tyres

Fiesta van with 86t rated winter tyres on all round. Can I replace rears only with 90t rated summer tyres without gettting mot failed.

Name: Chris Town: Swindon

Providing the wheels and tyres on the same axel ie front or back are the same size you will pass

Tyre Sizes

Original size 20555r16, got aftermarket wheels, new tyresize 22540r18 even when tyres new, will it pass mot This tyre size is not written on original tyre size chart in the cars door way

Name: Swan Town: Ipsden

Changing wheel sizes is permissible as long as they do not foul any part of the car if the tyres are the same size on each wheel then you will pass

Mixed TYres

Can my car have mixed brands of tyre

Name: David Knight Town: Basingstoke

If the tyres are the same size the brand of the tyre does not effect you and providing the tyres are within the legal limit you will pass
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