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Car MOT Manual - 2.4 Suspension - General

...on This subsection applies to both front and rear suspensions including any optional components fitted.The inspections must be carried out with the vehicle over a pit or on a raised lift. The examination of some front suspension components requires the steered wheels to be jacked up as described in...

Car MOT Manual - 2.5 Front Suspension, Wheel Bearings and Drive Shafts

...inspection of components. The inspection of front suspension components described in subsection 2.4G, suspension arms and linkages, subframes etc, can be carried out in conjunction with this subsection. Vehicles with suspension types as shown in Diagram figure 2 and 2a must be jacked so that the sus...

Bike MOT Manual - 2.4 Rear Suspension & Wheel bearings

...on Types Motorcycles need not be fitted with rear suspension some customised machines take advantage of this on the rear suspension, eg chopper or lowrider motorcycles.It is important to distinguish between play in the rear suspension bearings and that in the wheel bearings. Light rubbing contact be...

Locations of VIN Numbers

...hannel engine compartment Maestro, Beside offside suspension top Centre engine comp drain channel Tailgate drain channel Montego, Next to suspension top Ital, Offside inner wing Ambassador, Offside bulkhead stamped through a piece of plastic tape BMW Series 3 and 333, Engine bay bulkhead Series 5, ...

MOT Training - NTTA Sample Questions

...itting a different length drag link B adjusting suspension link arms C adjusting steering column end float D adjusting track rod length 20. If a steering power assistance pump stops working it will cause A total loss of steering control B restricted steering towards locks C the steerin...

Motorcycle MOT Pre Check

...ust run free in freewheel nor must they fould the suspension or the mudguardsWorn wheel bearings will fail and the front and rear wheels will be checked for alignment Tyres must be compatible, suitable for road use and, if fitted with a direction arrow, fitted to spin in the direction of forward whe...

Bike MOT Manual - 5.2 Suspension & Wheel Bearings

...n for rejection 1. Using body weight, depress the suspension as far as possible and check for freedom of movement and security of the suspension unit. 2. Check for evidence of fouling between fixed and moving parts. 3. With the side car wheel raised check that the wheel is secure and that the wheel ...

Bike MOT Manual

...tachment that changes to the systems eg tyres and suspension may have been made. These are vehicles in Class II. A motor tricycle is a three wheeled vehicle on which none of the wheeled elements is recognisable as a side car. These vehicles are in Class III or IV. depending on their weight. Class ...

Bike MOT Manual - 2.3 Front Suspension & Wheel Bearings

...machines are not fitted with dampers on the front suspension. Some fork arrangements rely on the bracing incorporated in the mudguard fixings to maintain their alignment. A mudguard insecurely fixed to the forks may therefore adversely affect the handling of the machine. Light misting of the stanchi...

Car MOT Manual - 2.2 Steering System

...and quadricycles with motorcycle derived steeringsuspension systems, refer to Section 9.2. 1. With the road wheels on the ground pointing straight ahead, lightly turn the steering wheel left and right as far as possible without moving the road wheel. Check the amount of free play at the circumfere...

Most common reasons for MOT failures

...le sidecar 0.0 0.0 0.0 Motorcycle steering and suspension 5.8 5.7 5.6 4.9 4.8 4.5 Motorcycle tyres and wheels 3.7 3.8 3.8 3.6 3.6 3.5 Cars and other passenger vehicles up to 12 seats Body and structure 1.8 1.8 1.7 1.4 1.4 1.4 Brakes 12.9 12.8 12.9 10.7 10.4 10.2 Drivers view of the road 8.0 8.4 8...


...e sidecar 0.0 0.0 0.0 Motorcycle steering and suspension 4.9 4.8 4.5 Motorcycle tyres and wheels 3.6 3.6 3.5 Cars and other passenger vehicles up to 12 seats Body and structure 1.4 1.4 1.4 Brakes 10.7 10.4 10.2 Drivers view of the road 7.7 7.5 6.9 Driving controls 0.0 0.0 ...

Avoiding MOT Failure - Steering & Suspension

...pipes that come from the pump. Make sure that all suspension parts are secure and intact. Also any torsion bars, hyraulic displacer units etc. Check mountings and brackets for any sign of excess wear or damgecorrosion. Any hydraulic suspension pipes should be checked for leakage and damage....

What does a garage look at during an MOT test?

...ed to see if the aim is correct Steering and suspension correct condition and operation Wipers and washers operate to give the driver a clear view of the road Windscreen condition and drivers view of the road Horn correct operation and type Seatbelts all seatbelts installed are checked fo...

Car MOT Manual - 2.6 Rear Suspension and Wheel Bearings

...rear of the vehicle jacked up so that ideally the suspension hangs freely with both wheels clear of the ground. Other testable items may be more easily examined while the vehicle is jacked, particularly when the rear suspension is hanging freely. Reason for Rejection 1 does not apply to a vehicle w...

Your Questions Answered

...loat. Are there special ways to test this type of suspensionName Paul Town Sheffield Reveal Answer 20 Q My mirror indicator light works but is cracked will this pass its motName Sarah rowland Town Reading Reveal Answer Have A Question of your own Your Question Name Tow...

Avoiding MOT Failures

...Avoiding MOT Failures A good tip for avoiding MOT failures is to take your car to an MOT station that does not do repairs. Many councils have their own MOT test centers for council vehicles but the law says that they must be open to the public. Using a council run MOT test center means that they do...

Northern Ireland MOT Test

...Northern Ireland MOT TestThe Driver and Vehicle Agency DVA is the Northern Island MOT booking centre this is not the same as in Mainland Britain where you can go into any approved MOT test centre to have your vehicle MOTd in NI it is only the DVA who control the bookings at the MOT TEST Centres, you...

Avoiding MOT Failure - Steering Mechanism

...cating play in the wheel bearings, ball joints or suspension mountings or bushes. Repeat these tests grabbing each wheel from the top and bottom to check for any vertical play. Steering MechanismSpin the wheels and make sure that they turn freely. There may be some friction from the brake pad. I...

Training Courses

...s included in the MOT test i.e. brakes, steering, suspension, wheels tyres, electrical systems, body and corrosion, exhaust emissions and general subjects. This assessment will take place at your local VOSA Area Office. MOT Test Cookie Policy TermsConditions...

MOT Manual

...Car MOT Manual 2012 onwardsCar Manual Home 1. Lamps, Reflectors and Electrical Equipment 2. Steering and Suspension 3. Brakes Electronic Stability Control Systems 4. Tyres and Road Wheels 5. Seat Belts and Supplementary Restraint Systems 6. Body, Structure 7. Exhaust, Fuel and Emissions 8. Driv...

Terms & Conditions

... persons referred to herein. In the event of such suspension UKMOT.COM will not be responsible for any disruption to the users services or business. 4 UKMOT.COM provides the information within this website to the users solely for personal use and the user may download the information for such limite...

Car MOT Manual - 1.7 Headlamps

...adlamps may be fitted with headlamp washers and a suspension or headlamp self levelling system. Where such systems are fitted, they must work however, it is accepted that it may not be possible to readily determine the functioning of self levelling systems. In such cases, the benefit of the doubt m...

Car MOT Manual - 1.8 Headlamp Aim

...king headlamp aim on vehicles with hydropneumatic suspension systems, it is necessary to have the engine idling. Determine the appropriate headlamp beam image and its aim See diagrams 1, 2 and 3. Older vehicles approx. pre 1950 headlamps beam image may not conform to either Diagrams 1, 2 or 3. In s...

Avoiding MOT Failure - Shock Absorbers

...ngs are intact and the joints to the car body and suspension are solid. For leaf spings check that all the leaves are intact and that the axle is securely attached. Check condition of all attachments such as spring eye mountings, bushes and shackles. Open the bonnet and check each side of the engin...

MOT Quick Check - Tyres/Wheels


MOT Quick Check - Exemption List


Vehicle test procedures - Stage 4

...on steering system tyres road wheels and hubs suspension, wheel bearings and drive shafts shock absorbers oil leaks engine and transmission mounts transmission exhaust system including the catalytic converter mechanical brake components brake hydraulic, air and vacuum systems fuel system...

Car MOT Manual - 2.7 Shock Absorbers

...ock absorber is producing a damping effect on the suspension 1. a. No shock absorbers fitted to a vehicle on which they are known to be fitted as standard b. a shock absorber missing. 2. a. External damage or corrosion to the casing of a shock absorber so that the unit does not function b. an ins...

Car MOT Manual - 2.8 Suspension Type Diagrams

...2.8 Suspension Type Diagrams Information Method of Inspection Reason for Rejection...

Car MOT Manual - 4.1 Tyres (Structure)

.... Evidence of fouling e.g. due to tyre flexing or suspension movement is not a Reason for Rejection. 3. Tyres on twin wheels making wall contact due to underinflation or incorrect fitment. Note Some tyres, e.g. radial ply tyres, with flexible side walls may touch under load. Wall contact in these ...

Car MOT Manual - 6.3 Registration Plates & VIN Plate

...eled vehicle with motorcycle derived steering and suspension does not require a front number plate. 1. Check that there is a registration plate at both the front and the rear of the vehicle, and check each one for security and condition. 2. On vehicles first registered on or after 1 January 1973, ch...

Bike MOT Manual - 1.5 Direction Indicators

...for use off roads whether by reason of its tyres, suspension, ground clearance or otherwise. 3. Check the condition and security of each direction indicator 4. Check the condition and operation of the switch. 3. a. A indicator lamp missing or so damaged or deteriorated that its function is impaired....

Bike MOT Manual - 3.2 Brake Systems

...rated, fouling or can be stretched by steering or suspension movement 4. a hose which bulges or any part of the system leaking fluid under pressure. 5. a pedal or lever that creeps under pressure 6. an excessively worn or seized master cylinder or caliper pivot....

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MOT Questions

Close to the limit

two tyres on my micra are close to the legal limit 4.1.E.1 can I safely make a long journey

Name: s.connor Town:

It can take 100s of miles to remove the merest of rubber unless there is a suspension problem causing uneven wear or low tyre inflation etc. Note Close to the legal limit is NOT beyond the legal limit, so Yes you can drive it.

rear suspension mono shock absorber

HI,brThe rear suspension mono shock absorber on my 1990 Yamaha srx250 has developed a leak and currently has no oil in the damper section. The handling does not appear to be affected. Numerous searches for a replacement have failed.brWill I need to replace it before its next MOT.brbrThanks.

Name: Terry Town: Liskeard

Section 2.3 Front Suspension Wheel Bearings says that a reason for rejection is inadequate damping effect since this is the job of the . shock absorber then the vehicle would fail. Also Oil leakage indicating failure of the seal is also a fail

VIN Numbers

For salvage repair that needs replacement of front offside inner wing BMW series 5, front offside suspension housing VW, front offside chassis member Landrover all bearing original VIN, what happens when the replacement panel bears another cars VIN How does one go about this change legally

Name: Jaininder Town:

The vin number is checked from the original VIN location on the windscreen for BMW. The other VIN numbers that dont match must be removed or the MOT tester can refuse to test the vehicle. It is perfectly ok to grind off the incorrect VIN numbers

Anti roll bar links

I need front anti roll bar links, will that fail my car for MOT

Name: Alison Town: Hastings

Yes it should fail as it indicates play in the suspension

Movement in brake caliper

with force i can push the brake caliper hub etc all connected forward and backward. ie front to rear of car. in theory this should be solid with no movement.... i suspect the bushes on the wishbone at faut.... taken to 2 different garages but they stated everything is ok am i correct

Name: mart Town: stoke on trent

The brakes are only tested for safety and their ability to stop the car efficiently and evenly.The suspension is checked less nowadays until it becomes dangerous. If 2 garages have said that its ok then I would assume that it was ok. Suspension movement is essential for road holding but without seeing it, it is hard to assess


Hi, brbrIve just driven my car home after having work done to pass the Mot. It failed on suspension arm having excessive play in aball joint. Is it at all possible that this could affect the power steering Im sure that the steering feels different ie not as light handling as it did when I drove into the garage this morning. brbrHopefully its ok and its just me Best reards if you can advise me here.

Name: MBa Town: Devon

There is a good article on the relationship between suspension and steering at httpswww.autohausaz.comhtmlsteeringandsuspensionsystems.html if you are not satisfied you should get a second opinion

handbrake warning light

Is handbrake warning light an mot failure, Whilst stuck on

Name: John Town: St Helens

Tested are electronic parking brake and electronic stability control warning lights the MOT test will also include checks of the following, where fitted Headlight main beam warning lightElectronic power steering warning lightBrake fluid level warning lightTyre pressure monitoring system warning lightAirbag warning lightSeat belt pretensioner warning lightSteering suspensionthis is a list of the lights that are tested the hand brake light is not included

Mot Faults

Would they have picked it up if there was a fault with my front suspension on the mot of combo van brAlso horn not working either

Name: Dave Town: Shoreham

If these faults were obvious immediately after the test then you should take it up with the DVSA

Front supension joint

front suspension has deterioration of bonding between metal and flexible material of an upper support bearing what do they mind can you help please

Name: ruby Town: dumfries

The manual states 3. a. Serious deterioration of the bonding between metal and flexible material of an upper support bearing is reason for failure if the deterioration is not excessive then an advisory is given it is up to the tester to pass judgement on the component one may pass it another fail it the Council Test Centres do not do repairs so you are more likely to get a fair outcome they may even look at it before you have the test if you point it out

Suspension shock absorber

Would a leaking rear shock absorber fail the MoT even though it passes the bounce test

Name: Malcolm Town: Wiltshire

How serious a leaking shock absorber is left to the judgement of the tester the manual states A fluid leakage serious enough to indicate that the fluid seal of a shock absorber has failed will cause the failure if the tester thinks it is not serious he can give an advisory

Suspension Problem

Car passed MOT with notification that front tyresbralmost down to legal level, worn on outsidebr3 weeks later went to get noise checked at another garage was told I needed a new suspension drop link and steering ball joint need replacing. Should this have been picked up at MOT

Name: Phil Town: Brechin

The tester checks the components at the time and although only three weeks have gone by you would need expert opinion to say whether at the time of the test the components were a failure testers give their personal opinion and there will always be a margin of error on both sides if he had failed you and there was no knock what would your view be at the time

Oil Leaks

do oil leaks affect mot

Name: jones Town: newcastle

If the leaks are from the brake system or the power steering or suspension you can fail if they are from the engine and gearbox these are not part of the MOT test and you will pass

Worn gaiters

Would a car have failed an MOT where the dust cover excessively damaged so that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt to the suspension arm ball joint Lower front

Name: Martin L Shinn Town: Ayr

Your car will fail its MOT if the rubber gaiter cover is damaged or split. It does seem odd that the ball joints can be in perfect condition and that this should be an advisory notice, however rules are rules The MOT is a health check that is meant to last 12 months and I would expect that they might think that once the gaiter is split the entered dirt would damage the joints fairly quickly.

We have these thing things on our mot advisory, slight play in both front roll bar link arm bottom bushes, and slight play in osf upper suspension ball joint are these failures

Name: clarelouise Town: norwich

No this is the tester telling you that they are within the limits for passing the test but will need attention in the near future similar to advising that your tyres just pass but will need replacing in a couple thousand miles

Astra G Front Suspension excess play brThey Have floating struts so the top of the strut is NOT bolted to the body it is held in place by the weight of the car. When you jack up the car they float.brAre there special ways to test this type of suspension

Name: Paul Town: Sheffield

Most failures are mainly due to broken springs and leaking shock absorbers which can be visually checked if there is a problem with ball joints the car needs to be jacked up


Does coilovers fail MOT

Name: Barrie Walker Town: Armagh

Any fault in the suspension yesinappropriate suspensionbrakes repairs or modification constitutes a fail.

Mot Manual

My car has an M.O.T advisery of 001 Nearside front lower arm rear bush suspension arm has slight play in a pinbush 2.4.G.2 am I right in assuming that this is the rear bracket of the wishbone Also, does the code 2.4.G.2 tell me which itempart has failed and the reason for failure If not, how can I tell what part has failed

Name: Sharon Town: 118

If you go to the MOT manual the code gives you the section and the

What do the bracketed codes that are stated at the end of the reason for refusal mean, for example 001 Nearside front lower arm rear bush suspension arm has slight play in a pinbush 2.4.G.2

Name: Carla Town: Smith

If you go to the MOT manual the code gives you the section and the

Advisory Notices

I have just bought an X5 and on looking through the MOT test certificate there appears to be the same Advisory Notice appearing for the last 3 years NSF Constant Velocity Joint Gaiter Damaged NSF Suspension arm play in the ball joint. Should the garage I have bought it from sorted these issues, I have no receipts to show the works been done

Name: Sarah B Town: Barnsley

No the garage do not have to show you the notices. They are just advisory items and not MOT fails. It is just to bring the issues to the attention of the owner.

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