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Car MOT Manual - 1.4 Direction Indicators and Hazard Warning Lamps

...ejection This inspection applies to all direction indicators and hazard warning devices fitted.Direction indicators and hazard warning lamps are not required to be fitted to vehicles used only during the hours of daylight, which are fitted with neither front nor rear position lamps, etc. See 1.1.A N...

Bike MOT Manual - 1.5 Direction Indicators

...carbon copy of the VT20. 1. Operate the direction indicators on each side in turn and check the colour, flashing rate and intensity, see information column,Check that the illumination of the indicators is not affected by the operation of any other lamp. see information column 2. Whilst operating the...


...imports often have dual function lamps, where the indicators may be incorporated with the position lamps or stop lamps. This aspect of the test is covered in Inspection Manual IM, under Section 1.4 Direction Indicators and Hazard Warning Lamps and 1.2 Stop Lamps. Section 1.4 states that Vehicles f...

Avoiding MOT Failure - Electrical Equipment

...and not discoloured.Hazard lights. Check that all indicators flash when the hazard light button is depressedIndicators. Ignition is usually needed. Check both sides, front and back. Indicators must have an internal indiction of operation ie on the dashboard.Having a mirror or reflective surface behi...

MOT Quick Check - Lights

... must be within specified perameters Stop lights, indicators and hazard lights Acceptable makemodel Lights,indicators and hazard lights must not interfere with each other whilst in operation. Indicators, stop lights and hazard warning lights function. Rear fog lamps Must be fitted to the centre o...

Your Questions Answered

...t does E Approved mean NB They dont have integral indicatorsName Jon Town Welwyn Reveal Answer 16 Q I am thinking of purchasing a 1960 Armstrong Siddeley and have been wondering if the age classes it as MOT excemptName Peter Town Great Yarmouth Reveal Answer 17 Q I want to my r...

Motorcycle MOT Pre Check

...erly. If a HAZARD WARNING SYSTEM is fitted, all 4 indicators must flash at a steady uniform rate. Bikes must have a red REFLECTOR on the rear of the machine, either bolted on separately or as part of the tail light lens. Top of PageSTEERING The next highest fail rate is on steering, look at the test...

Bike MOT Manual - 4.1 Tyres

...ering. Tread pattern excludes tiebars, tread wear indicators, features designed to wear out substantially before the rest of the pattern and other minor features. Original tread pattern must be taken into account when assessing tread wear. The position of tread wear indicators are normally marked TW...

Car MOT Manual - 4.1 Tyres (Structure)

...he tread pattern excludes any tiebars, tread wear indicators, or features designed to wear out substantially before the remainder of the pattern, and other minor features. Grooves that had not been cut as deep as those containing the wear indicators when new are not to be considered as part of the ...

Car MOT Manual - 5.4 Supplementary Restraint Systems (SRS)

...fitted as original equipment. The SRS malfunction indicator lamp MIL may display a symbol similar to that shown below, or one depicting a person wearing a seat belt. Alternatively, the letters SRS or another symbol may be displayed. Seat belt load limiters are used on some vehicles to minimise seat ...

Bike MOT Manual

... which standard should be applied e.g. direction indicator requirements on machines First used after IstAugust 1986 b. the machine is presented in such a dirty condition that examination is unreasonably difficult c. the machine cannot be driven or has insufficient fuel or oil to enable the test to ...

The History of the MOT

...ry in the UK All new cars must have flashing turn indicators from 1st September 1967 Annual MOT test for all cars over three years old, replaces the ten year requirement introduced in 1960 1968 New tyre tread regulations require 1mm of tread across threequarters of its width. Tyre checks added to...

Car MOT Manual - 2.3 Power Steering

...2.3 Power Steering Information Method of Inspection Reason for Rejection This subsection applies to all types of power assisted steering systems.The inspection of all parts of steering linkage associated with the power steering mechanism is detailed in subsections 2.2B and 2.2C. Manually switched El...

Car MOT Manual - 3.6 Braking Systems and Additional Braking Devices confined to transparent reservoirs or where an indicator is fitted. Reservoir caps should not be removed.A brake fluid warning lamp may be a combined lamp for other aspects, such as worn brake pads or parking brake applied. G. Hydraulic Systems 1. Check fluid reservoirs for a. presence of cap b...

Car MOT Manual - 1.9 Electrical Wiring and Battery

... the trailer Position lamps Stop lamps Direction indicators Rear fog lamp 1. A battery insecure or leaking electrolyte. 2. Electrical wiring a. insecure or inadequately supported so that it is likely to become damaged b. damaged or deteriorated to the extent that it is likely to cause a short cir...

Car MOT Manual - 1.1 Lamps, Reflectors and Electrical Equipment

...Lamps, Reflectors and Electrical Equipment 1.1 Front and Rear Position lamps and Registration Plate Lamps 1.2 Stop Lamps 1.3 Rear Fog Lamps 1.4 Direction Indicators and Hazard Warning Lamps 1.5 Rear Reflectors 1.6 Audible Warning Horn 1.7 Headlamps 1.8 Headlamp Aim 1.9 Electrical Wiring and Bat...

Car MOT Manual - 1.2 Stop Lamps

...r a stop lamp to be incorporated with a direction indicator lamp. Tricycle and quadricycle requirements are detailed at Section 9.1. 1. Apply the service brake and check that the correct number of stop lamps a. are correctly positioned and secure Note The precise position of obligatory lamps is not...

Vehicle test procedures - Stage 2

... are asking you to operate headlamps direction indicators stop lamps rear reflectors seat belts seats including drivers seat adjustment mechanism windows and windscreen windscreen washers and wipers horn mirrors hazard warning lamps front and rear position lamps, registration plate lamp...

Vehicle test procedures - Stage 3, hazard lamps, head lamp main beam, direction indicators and rear fog lamps Brakes testing criteria Any one of the following points in relation to brake performance will result in a vehicle being refused a certificate low braking effort recorded from the brake on any wheel, indicating clearly...


...MOT PRICES FEES CLASSES Note Fees not subject to VAT Fees shown are maximum fees Age first test certificate required Years Cost Classes 1 2 Class 1 engine size up to 200cm3Motorbicycles 3 29.65 Motorbicycles with sidecar 3 37.80 Class III3 Wheeled Vehicles up to 450 Kg unladen weight 3 37.80 ...

Northern Ireland MOT Test

... Testable Items Vinno. plates Lights Direction indicators Reflectors Windscreen Wiperswashers Horn Brake fluid level Electric wiring Suspension mountings Fuel system Speedometer Mirrors Steering wheel Steering column Service brake pedal Service brake pedal operation Handbrake lever...

MOT Training - NTTA Sample Questions

...D 6.5 inches 34. Where on a tyre are tread wear indicators located A in the tread B on the side wall C on each shoulder D at the bead 35. A tyre that is run under inflated will wear more rapidly A at the tread centre B on the outer side wall C at the tread shoulders D on the inn...

Retest Re-Examinations

... Retest ReExaminations If the vehicle stays at the test station which failed the vehicle, to be repairedNo Additional Fee Partial Re Examination If the vehicle is brought back to the same test station and retested before the end of the next working day on one or more of the following items only N...

What does a garage look at during an MOT test?

...ty, and correct colour of headlamps, rear lights, indicators and reflectors. Also the headlamps will be checked to see if the aim is correct Steering and suspension condition, security and operation including forks, mountings, controls, bearings, etc Horn correct operation and the right type Exh...

Bike MOT Manual - 1.1 Front & Rear position lamps

... rear fog lamps or amber lamps located within the indicators. 4. Check the switch for condition and security. Check the front and rear position lamps are operated by a single switch. 4. A switch which a. is faulty b. is insecure, or c. does not operate the front and rear position lamps. Issue Dat...

Car MOT Manual - 6.7 Speedometer

...ometer or there is no possibility fouling of the indicator needle or the cracked glass does not create a safety hazard. A Tachograph is an acceptable alternative to a speedometer providing it satisfies the requirements of this inspection. 1. Check that a speedometer is fitted. 2. Check the conditi...

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MOT Questions

Mirror Indicator

My daughter in law has a vw polo which has a light on the mirror casing, the glass is ok but the light and casing are smashed, is it an mot failure

Name: neil Town: ammanford

The light on the mirror has to work to pass the test

Broken mirror

Will a broken wing mirror fail not

Name: Maggie Town: Plymouth

Any wing mirror with combined indicator if broken will be the cause of a failure if the mirror does not have an indicator then it will fail if the drivers or offside mirror is broken

US 1965 Pickup

I have 1965 US pick up. The side lights act as indicators at the front. When I turn on the side lights they are obviously orange. brbrDo I need to install separate white side lightsbrbrI understand that the rear red indicators brakes are fine.

Name: H Town: Chelmsford

I am afraid it will not pass information from the DVSA can be found on link belowbrbra hrefyourquestionsanswereddoteststationshavethediscretiontopasshistoricamericanvehiclesClick here for more informationa

Mirror indicator light

indicator light on offside mirror not lighting. car did not pass nct.must have light fixed and go back for inspection. local mercedes garage said replacement mirror cover costs 230 euro. this is enormous cost plus cost of fitting. is it essential to have light fixed for road safety reasons

Name: Vincent Brennan Town: Roscommon

The indicator is part of the test if it does not operate then you will fail the days of spending twenty pounds to get an indicator fixed are long gone but you might find a solution on the net if you put YOUTUBE MERCEDES MIRROR INDICATOR in google plenty of info there good look

Side Repeater Colour

I have clear front side repeater lens with amber bulbs can I change those to amber lens with clear bulbs or would that be an Mot failure

Name: h close Town: belfast

All indicator lights are required to be amber otherwise you car will fail

SRS MIL Lights

Hi,brIn the MOT manual about the SRS MIL indication says a car will fail an MOT if these stay lit or do not light You answer to George town, Texas says it will not fail can you please clarify further.brCheers.

Name: John Town: Uxbridge

From the DLVA blog common mistakes 2. Supplementary Restraint Systems SRS lampsWhen testing SRS MIL Malfunction Indicator Light lamps we are only looking to see if the lamp indicates if there is a fault with the system. If no lamp is present or it doesnt illuminate then it cant indicate a system fault, so it cant be failed. Some vehicles may also incorporate warning messages on dash board displays these are in addition to any MIL lamps and should not be used as a reason for rejection.Where passenger air bags are present it is also often possible to disarm them, or they may automatically disarm where there is little or no weight on the passenger seat. This may be accompanied by a lamp permanently on to highlight the airbag has been disarmed, this is not considered a SRS MIL, and therefore isnt a reason for rejection.

side indicator

My side indicator has the cover missing it still works will it fail an MOT

Name: Mandy Town: Barnham

Manual states will fail if indicator does not show light of the appropriate colour

Mirror indicators

I have a mitsubishi grandis 2005 it has electric wing mirrors with indicator lamps the back has been smashed off the nearside mirror and the indicator lamp is missing will this be an mot fail

Name: Kate Town: Buckingham

The mirror indicators have replaced the lamps that used to be on the side of the vehicle if yours is broken and there are no side repeaters your car will fail

Broken wing mirror

Mirror frame broken but mirror still working is this an mot failure

Name: Christopher Allan Town: Dalkeith

If this is a normal wing mirror without an indicator combined providing you have a clear view from another mirror the you will pass but if it has a indicator and it is not working then you will fail

Airbag light Supplementary Restraint Systems (SRS) lamps

I got an accident on vw 6n2 polo 2000 and the airbags deploy both driver and passenger but the airbag warning sign didnt appear on the dashboard I have bought used airbags and connected and there is still no warning sign. Does this means they are working fine

Name: George Town: Texas

The manual states When testing SRS MIL Malfunction Indicator Light lamps we are only looking to see if the lamp indicates if there is a fault with the system. If no lamp is present or it doesnt illuminate then it cant indicate a system fault, so it cant be failed. Some vehicles may also incorporate warning messages on dash board displays these are in addition to any MIL lamps and should not be used as a reason for rejection. which means you will pass the mot test whether they will work if bought from a reputable supply you should have no worries Supplementary Restraint Systems SRS lamps

Airbag light

My car has an aftermarket steering wheel but has no airbag light illuminating at all, even when switching the ignition on. I this a fail

Name: Dan Town: Hampshire

Advice to MOT testers from VSLA When testing SRS MIL Malfunction Indicator Light lamps we are only looking to see if the lamp indicates if there is a fault with the system. If no lamp is present or it doesnt illuminate then it cant indicate a system fault, so it cant be failed. Some vehicles may also incorporate warning messages on dash board displays these are in addition to any MIL lamps and should not be used as a reason for rejection therefore you should pass

Wing mirror indicator

My driver side wing mirror was broken in a hit and run incident the other day. I have got a replacement for it but noticed it doesnt have an indicator slot on it like my passenger one. will this pass MOT if i fit it to the car

Name: james Town: ballymena

No the mirror doubles up as a repeater indicator and if the car was originally fitted with one will require a replacement same as the oroginal

The indicator on tow bar bicycle rack

is not working..will this affect my mot

Name: M tanner Town: Brackley

If fitted must work otherwise will fail the alternative is to remove tow bar from car

Indicator Lights

Are the indicators checked with engine running

Name: Doug Town: Surbiton

the manual states that it may be necessary to run the engine when checking the flashing rate.

Motocycle indicators

Hi, I have an American imported motorcycle. The front indicators glow Amber as a running light all the time, and function normally as a flashing Amber indicator when operated for turning. Would this pass a UK MOT test

Name: Mark Thorne Town: Richmond

Providing the indicators are clear enough to be recognized or identified as different it will pass

I have a Honda CB 100n 1982 and have taken the indicators off as well as taking out the little switch lever out of the switchgear and tapering over the existing hole so it has nice switch, will it pass its MOT,

Name: Alex Town: Brighton

The manual states If direction indicators are fitted they must meet the requirements of this inspection, but need not be fitted to a machine which cannot exceed 30mph 50kph, or was first used before 1 August 1986, or off road machines which are designed to carry only the rider seeing your bike is a 1982 then you are not required to have indicators

fog indicator

My fog indicator comes on when I brake reverse or use my indictors will this fail mot

Name: angie Town: hull

If the tell tale light is not functioning properly or missing it will fail

Side Indicator Repeaters

My LWB sprinter van has a faulty middle side marker light it always has as theres no wiring there but its just failed the MOT for itbrIts passed as it is for the last ten years. brIs this a new requirementbrThanks

Name: Richard Town: Welshpool

If both side repeaters are not working you will fail new cars now have them embedded in the wing mirrors so it is much easier for testers to check rather than walking round the vehicle

American Cars

we have 2 large American bases where I live, the cars they bring with them have red rear indicators. do they have a waiver

Name: James Town: Lakenheath

Pre 1965 are exempt so it is likely that these are of this age

Just had a w plate saxo tested, its has been failed on 14.4.A.2f on all 6 indicator locations..brThe car has undamaged, not obscured, not tinted or coloured lamp lens they are as factory designed and made, not discolurd by time or UV exposure the bulbs are off the shelf std Amber bulbs, and passed mots for the last 4 years, how can they be the wrong colourbrIf they are deemed the wrong shade of Amber, how does the mot inspector make the judgement ...there is no Color specification or tolerance detailed on the testers manual.. brThere is no colour measurement equipment at a test station...

Name: Del Watts Town: Bedworth

If you are not satisfied with the result of the mot you have 2 options 1 get an independent opinion 2 complain to the DVSA there might be some testers who are colour blind you might have got one
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