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Motorcycle MOT Pre Check

... TAIL LIGHTS must be free of chips or cracks the headlight must also work on main and dip beam, the main beam must shine directly ahead and the dip slightly lower and to the left. INDICATOR LIGHTS must all flash at a steady rate and the warning lights function properly. If a HAZARD WARNING SYSTEM i...

MOT Quick Check - Lights

...istics of High Intensity Discharge HID lamps. HID headlights can cause dazzle if they are dirty or aimed too high, so they are generally if light output exceeds 2000 lumens fitted in conjunction with headlamp cleaning and levelling systems. Where HID or LED dipped beam headlamps are fitted the teste...

Avoiding MOT Failure - Electrical Equipment

...e illuminated. All lens must be secure. Check headlight alignment. This varies between vehicles but your beam must not be too high as to blind oncoming traffic and must point slightly towards the passengers side of the road, again to avoid blinding oncoming traffic. Internal Headlight reflectors...

Bike MOT Manual - 1.2 Headlights

...lecting surface. The tester should advise if both headlights should illuminate for either function and only one does so. On machines without a battery or wtth an insufficiently charged battery, it will be necessary to run the engine. 4. Check the condition operation and security of the switch. 4. A ...

Vehicle test procedures - Stage 2

...nd stage of your vehicle MOT test starts with the headlight alignment check. You will be guided forward to the headlamp alignment equipment and asked to operate the vehicle lights to carry out the headlamp alignment test. Other items at this stage At this stage the following items will be also be c...

Northern Ireland MOT Test

...bodychassis condition Tyres Hubsbearings Lightsheadlight alignment Service brake test Handbrake test Exhaust emission Road test if necessary A VEHICLE TEST CERTIFICATE DOES NOT GUARANTEE A VEHICLES CONDITION All information coutesy of Driver Vehicle Agency N.I....

Car MOT Manual - 4.1 Tyres (Structure)

... be inadvisable, because of possible damage, or a headlight test might be affected, if the underinflation is affecting alignment. The inspection of the tyre pressure monitoring system TPMS warning lamp only applies to passenger vehicles with four or more wheels, and not more than 8 passenger seats...

Bike MOT Manual

...Front Rear position lamps Steering Control Brake Controls Brake Systems Security Steering System Headlights Brake Performance Wheel Alignment Suspension Wheel Bearings Horn Audible Warning Front Suspension Wheel Bearings Stop Lamps Rear Suspension Wheel bearings Rear Reflectors Wheel Alignment S...

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MOT Questions

Headlights always on

Can I check if it would be a problem for passing MOT test if my cars headlights stay on when the key is turned on in the ignition, they go off when the key is turned off

Name: Maurizio Town: Perth

The headlights and sidelights must operate independently and must not affect each other adversely. They must also function for highlow beam. The headlights do not need to go off as part of an MOT test as long as they pass the above tests it will pass but you will get an advisory notice on your certificate.

daytime lights

Do daytime lights need to work for the car to pass an MOT test

Name: Alan Humphries Town: Inverness

Daytime running lights are not tested as part of the MOT test. However the lights must function normally at night if they are part of your headlightsside lights.

Imported Vehicle

I have an Italian Honda CTX700, that apparently Honda decided not to sell in UK. Ive imported it from Italy when I came over here to live. Ive been told that even if I change the headlight and speedo to mph the bike mightnt pass the MOT even after changing these parts to make it UK compliant. Could that be the case I heard a US Harley never passed the test at my dealers workshop round the corner, after changing the parts, and the mechanics said bike was perfect. Apparently it never passed because the footrest was 1mm narrower than the UK version. In my case, if the bike isnt even sold here, could it be a problem Just want to make sure that I do pass the test if I spend nearly a gran to get parts done.

Name: Alex Class Town: London

The MOT test does not take into account the country of origin. It must pass all tests as a British vehicle whatever they may be. I cannot tell you what differences they may find without seeing the vehicle. To save yourself money I would put it in for an MOT test first and see what it fails on and then address those issues.

Headlights Always on

Can sidelights andor headlights be wired to an ignition live ie not switched but always on and still pass an mot

Name: John Town: Stoke

Both headlights and sidelights must operate independently and one must not adversely effect the other.

Moisture in one of my headlights

I have moisture in one of my headlights. Will this fail the MOT please.

Name: Sylvia Brindle Town: Gosport

As long as the illumination is not affected then the car will pass. It might get an advisory note

eurolight beam diverters

We regularly travel to Europe and currently have eurolight beam diverters fitted to headlights. Is this acceptable for the mot

Name: kelvin Town: Brigg

You should remove the diverters when driving in the UK as the beam pattern would be incorrect and therefore not pass an MOT

Tinted Headlights

Ive just tinted my motorbikes headlight when i boght the tint it said it was fully road legal unless dimming ur lights down then its illegal been past a few police on the road but havent been stopped its a sky blue tint but from my oppinion its not dimming light down just gives off a blue colour light will it pass mot

Name: Gregory Town: Cardiff

You should not have anything that dims your headlights. If the tester thinks that the light is dimmer your vehicle will fail


My car indicators only work when my headlights are on. Will it pass the mot

Name: Simon Town: Leicester

NO. The indicators must function at all times

My Discovery Failed MOST Today as drivers headlight kicked to the right on inspection that headlight is European not British.I have had car 2 years and 2 mots done the car is as garage sold it to me.Can I put a converter cover over that side to pass MOT or will I have to find a secondhand one as new are 400 plus.proving difficult as like gold dust

Name: Kim Town: Wigan

The Manual 1.8 statesMasks or converter kits may be fitted to righthand dip headlamps to temporarily alter the lamp foruse in the UK by removing the beam kickup to theright.A headlamp altered in this way is not a reason forrejection, ifa. the headlamp aim is not rejected for thereasons listed under diagram 1 except thatthe top of the beam image will be a straightlineb. the light output is not unduly reduced notusually a problem with commerciallyproduced kitsc. the mask or converter is securely if you have a converter pack correctly fitted you will pass

Matched Headlamps

Is it illegal to use headlamps which have a different degree of brightness

Name: J fRANCK Town: Surbiton

The manual states that headlights must be a matched pair A matched pair is a pair of lamps which both emit light of substantially the same colour and intensity, and are both the same size and of such a shape that they are symmetrical to one another there is no separate legal information but if it fails the MOT you can assume it could be an offence

American Motorcycle lights

I have an US imported motorcycle on which the headlight and tailight are always on and there is no switch to turn them off, only a low and main beam. Also there is no side light fitted nor a switch for one. Will this pass

Name: John Town: Bideford

Daytime running lights are not part of the testbrbra here for more informationa

Head Light Flasher

Is it a MOT Fail if Headlamp Flashers do not work

Name: colin weeks Town: woking

As long as you can switch from headlight to main beam correctly then you will pass

Headlamp Bracket

Is it an mot faliure if a bracket is broke on the main front light

Name: Joe Town: Manchester

The manual states reason for failure of headlight can be . A headlamp levelling or cleaning device inoperative or otherwise obviously defective. 3. A missing, insecure or obviously incorrectly positioned obligatory headlamp if the bracket causes any of these two then the vehicle will fail


My cars xenon headlight washer does not automatically return to its rest position flush with the bumper after activation and need to be manually pushed down. Is this a MOT failure

Name: Funso Babatunde Town: Bolton

Providing the washers function and the position where the blades come to rest do not greatly impair the light emission it will pass

EU headlight deflectors

I fitted headlamp beam deflectors to my 2011 Octavia for a trip to France. Now that Im back in the UK, can I leave them on or would they cause an MoT failure

Name: John Bisson Town: Birkenhead

You will fail if you leave the deflectors on they are designed to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic which is why you need them in the EU due to driving on the opposite side to the UK

DLR Lights

I have just fitted aftermarket DRL lights, with a wiring kit. Will it fail an MOT if DRL dont turn off when headlights are turned on just ive seen new cars that have them on with headlights on. Thanks

Name: s watson Town: carlisle

DLRs are designed to make vehicles more visible during daylight hours and are now common on vehicles of testable age. DRLs themselves are not covered by the manual and are therefore not testable items.

Damaged headlight

My passenger side headlight cover has a hole in it where I caught it on a bush. The hole is in the top far right corner and as far as I can see doesnt effect the lights at all. Will this pass an MOT


Providing it does not effect the light then it will pass if the tester thinks it may deteriorate then he may give an advisory


My headlights dont turn off until ignition goes off. This means sidelights do not operate independently even though they all work . Probably comms unit . Will this fail an mot brbrMany thanks in advance

Name: Terry Town: Watford

Both headlights and sidelights must operate independently and one must not adversely effect the other

handbrake warning light

Is handbrake warning light an mot failure, Whilst stuck on

Name: John Town: St Helens

Tested are electronic parking brake and electronic stability control warning lights the MOT test will also include checks of the following, where fitted Headlight main beam warning lightElectronic power steering warning lightBrake fluid level warning lightTyre pressure monitoring system warning lightAirbag warning lightSeat belt pretensioner warning lightSteering suspensionthis is a list of the lights that are tested the hand brake light is not included

MOT failure headlight washers

My car is not passing an mot because the washer jets for the headlights are missing. Is it compulsory to have them

Name: Javier Town: Swindon

On certain cars with xenon headlights they are compulsory more info on httpwww.carlightblog.com20131022acleanbeamthepurposeoftheheadlampwashersystem
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