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Car MOT Manual - 3.7 Brake Performance

...ion Method of Inspection Reason for Rejection The brake performance test must be carried out on a properly calibrated and maintained slowspeed rollerbrake tester designated as acceptable for the statutory tests, except vehicles for which a roller brake tester is not appropriate, or at premises with...

Bike MOT Manual - 3.3 Brake Performance

...lure however a tester may decide not to conduct a brake test if tyre damage is likely. When using a roller brake tester the wheel not on the rollers must be braked and chocked against the reaction force. This is especially important for lightweight machines and those with small wheels. In the case o...

Car MOT Manual - 3.6 Braking Systems and Additional Braking Devices

...system.Repairs to the pressure lines of hydraulic brake systems are unacceptable unless suitable connectors are used. Compression joints of a type using separate ferrules are not suitable. A. All Braking Systems 1. Check for leaks in any part of the braking system with and without the brakes being ...

Car MOT Manual - 3.3 Service Brake Control

...ction Reason for Rejection Vehicles with a smooth brake pedal pad which from manufacture did not incorporate grooves or the fitting of an antislip material should not be subject to rejection. The provision of a pedal rubber which is itself an antislip material is not regarded as a reason for rejecti...

Car MOT Manual - 3.1 Parking Brake Control

...tion are based on the assumption that the parking brake is a ratchet type hand lever. For vehicles with footoperated or electronic parking brakes the Method of Inspection detailed will need to be ignored or varied depending on the particular type.Vehicles certified as being designed before 1 January...

MOT Training - NTTA Sample Questions

...lic braking system vacuum servo is assisting foot brake pedal effort A listen for a change in engine speed when applying the foot brake. B measure the brake application time lag. C feel for an increase in brake pedal movement as the servo vacuum builds up after being emptied. D look for...

Vehicle test procedures - Stage 3 you will be sitting beside the examiner as the brake test is carried out. There may be a slight jerk when the car wheels are placed in the brake rollers and when the brakes are applied therefore it is essential that you wear your seat belt. Interior inspection At this stage the drivers compartme...

Bike MOT Manual - 3.2 Brake Systems

...ocking the machine backwards and forward with the brake applied. Where there is doubt about the effect of an observed defect, the tester may at his discretion carry out a road test. See Introduction item 5 Fully floating brake discs are designed to have some movement. Care must be taken to not unnec...

Car MOT Manual - 3.5 Mechanical Brake Components

...ith air braking systems. 1. Check the mechanical brake components for a. chafed rods or levers b. frayed or knotted cables c. free rotation of clevis joints between cables and levers this includes cable linkages between brake pedals and remote mounted servos d. security of cables, rods and clevis ...

Avoiding MOT Failure - Braking System

...Failure Braking SystemCheck for excessive wear of brake pads. This is sometimes possible without removing the wheels but far easier with the wheels removed. Removing the Wheels Place jack under car and jack the car partially up. With the wheels still in contact with the ground remove wheel nuts. If...

MOT Manual

...ample, at some testing stations, where the roller brake tester is positioned in advance of the lift or pit, it might be more convenient to conduct the brake performance test before inspecting the underside of the vehicle on the lift or pit. This practice is permissible, but it must be noted that a ...

Avoiding MOT Failure - Handbrake

...Avoiding MOT FailureHandbrake Test the operation of the Handbrake. Make sure that you handbrake works by pulling away slowly and applying it to make sure that it slows the car. The handbrake should stop the car from rolling on a hill. Hand Brake Adjustment When you pull up the handbrake count the c...

Motorcycle MOT Pre Check

...hoses for fluid leaks, bulges crackingCheck disc brakes are securely mounted and free from cracksCheck ABS warning lights, where fittedCheck the wheel is free to rotate without brake drag in freewheelCheck that brake padsshoes are not warn beyond limitsCheck the rear brake torque arm is secure and ...

Northern Ireland MOT Test

...Mirrors Steering wheel Steering column Service brake pedal Service brake pedal operation Handbrake lever Seats and seatbelts Body work and flooring Doors and locks Wheels and spokes ABS Steering linkagegear Suspension units condition and attachment Shock absorbers Oil leaks Enginetran...

Avoiding MOT Failure - Footbrake

...Avoiding MOT Failure Footbrake Check that when you press your foot on the brake that the pedal does not travel all the way to the floor and also that it does not contine to creep down when holding your foot on the pedal. This would indicate a leak in the system and needs to be repaired, before drivi...

Avoiding MOT Failure - Steering Mechanism

...lure Reasons For Failure Council MOT Centres Handbrake Footbrake Steering Wheel WindscreenMirrors Seat Belts Doors Brakes Shock Absorbers Electrical Steering Mechanism Braking System WheelsTyres Bodywork SteeringSuspension Exhaust System Drive Shafts FuelExhaust Petrol Emissions Diesel Emissions Re...

What does a garage look at during an MOT test?

...est. Suitable vehicles will be tested on a roller brake tester. Vehicles such as those with permanent 4wheel drive will be tested either on a suitable road using a properly calibrated and maintained decelerometer or, if one is installed at the test station, a plate brake tester for motorcycles... Li...

MOT FAQ's access panels battery bonnet bootlid brake pedal antislip break glass hammer Class 5 vehicles only doors including hinges, catches and pillars door open warning device Class 5 vehicles only dropsides electrical wiring emergency exists and signs Class 5 vehicles only entran...

Car MOT Manual - 2.2 Steering System

...ock to lock. Check for a. fouling, particularly brake hoses b. brake hoses or brake pipes stretched or twisted c. presence, security and correct adjustment of lock stops if fittedNote Some vehicles have lock stops comprising rubbing pads on the body that the front tyres may contact on a full lock...

Bike MOT Manual - 3.1 Brake Controls

...tion and security of the foot pedal and handlebar brake lever and mountings. see information column 3. Operate the brake pedal and lever fully several times and look for a. security b. wear at pivots c. reserve travel d. the position of the lever or pedal in relation to the foot rest or handlebar e...

Bike MOT Manual

... However, it may be considered necessary to check brakes. steering, the effect of wheel misalignment etc by riding the machine. If the tester considers road testing is necessary to check the results of an inspection, the tester must be qualified to carry out the road test, and must be satisfied it i...

Bike MOT Manual - 1.3 Stop Lamps

... in conjunction with either the front or the rear brake, or both. On machines first used on or after 1 April 1986, the stop lamps must operate by the application of each system. On machines without a battery or with an insufficiently charged battery, it will be necessary to run the engine. 1. Apply...

Car MOT Manual - 3.2 Hand Operated Brake Control Valves

...spection applies to all vehicles with a secondary brake operating mechanism in addition to, or in place of, the normal parking brake lever. This Includes hand operated valves fitted to control spring brakes or lock actuators. 1. Examine the control for a. fractures, damage or excessive corrosion b...

Avoiding MOT Failures

...xhaust and emission checks Internal Checks 1. Handbrake 2. Footbrake 3. Steering Wheel 4. Windscreen Mirrors 5. Seat Belts 6. DoorsExternal Checks 7. Registration Plates VIN Vehicle Idenification Number 8. Electrical Equipment 9. Brakes 10. Steering Suspension 11. Shock Absorbers 12. Exhaust Syst...

Most common reasons for MOT failures

... and structure 0.9 1.0 1.0 0.9 1.0 0.9 Motorcycle brakes 5.8 5.9 5.8 5.3 5.1 5.2 Motorcycle drive system 1.2 1.4 1.5 1.4 1.4 1.4 Motorcycle driving controls 0.4 0.5 0.5 0.4 0.4 0.5 Motorcycle fuel and exhaust 1.7 1.7 1.6 1.4 1.3 1.2 Motorcycle lighting and signalling 10.8 11.5 11.8 10.8 11.0 10.8 Mo...

Vehicle test procedures - Stage 1

... steering engine transmission mounts mechanical brake components hydraulic, air and vacuum brake systems fuel system brake and steering fluids general condition of the vehicle vehicle structural integrity and construction Additional mirrors required on heavy goods vehicles European Directive...

Car MOT Manual - 1.2 Stop Lamps

...are detailed at Section 9.1. 1. Apply the service brake and check that the correct number of stop lamps a. are correctly positioned and secure Note The precise position of obligatory lamps is not part of the inspection, but check visually that the lamps are at about the same height and the same dis...

Bike MOT Manual - 2.2 Steering System

...ay be necessary to use the assistant to apply the brake whilst the machine is pushed so that a proper assessment can be made by hand and eye. Check that the steering head bearings are adjusted correctly and are in good condition as follows 1. Inspect for tightness and roughness by turning the steeri...

Bike MOT Manual - 2.3 Front Suspension & Wheel Bearings

...ted with antidive front forks which lock when the brake is applied. In these cases the front wheel will need to be placed against a solid object when checking the damping. It is important to distinguish between play in the forks and that in the wheel bearings. Light rubbing contact between a fork le...

The History of the MOT

...ntroduced for vehicles over 10 years old covering brakes, lights and steering 1962 Commercial Vehicle test inaugurated Valid MOT certificate now needed in order to obtain tax disc 1965 Brake stop lamps were made compulsory in the UK All new cars must have flashing turn indicators from 1st Septemb...

Vehicle test procedures - Stage 4

...tem including the catalytic converter mechanical brake components brake hydraulic, air and vacuum systems fuel system spare wheel and carrier general condition of vehicle vehicle structural integrity and construction This list of items that are checked at each stage of the inspection are not e...

MOT Reminder

...e in a dangerous condition, for example defective brakes, illegal tyres, defective steering, can land a driver with significantly higher fines and points on their licence. The maximum fines imposed are LGV 5000 PCV 5000 Other vehicles including cars 2500 3 penalty points for each offence, for ex...

MOT Quick Check - Lights

...ail. Warning lights As well as electronic parking brake and electronic stability control warning lights where fitted the MOT test will also include checks for the correct function of the following, where fitted Headlight main beam warning light Electronic power steering warning light Brake fluid ...

Avoiding MOT Failure - Brakes

...on the other side of the dividing bulkhead to the brake pedal Examine for leaks andor corroded pipes leading to the unit. Rubber pipes should not be split or show damage or wear. The fluid in the reservoir should be in between the min and max levels as indicated on the side of the reservoir. ...

Avoiding MOT Failure - Electrical Equipment

...a friend help you.Brake lights Make sure ALL your brake lights work when pedal is depressed and do not interfere with the working of indicators. A bad earth will cause unusual combinations of incorrect and dull lightingFog Lights. Check the operation and also the indicator on the instrument panel.In...

MOT Quick Check - Exemption List


MOT Quick Check - Tyres/Wheels


Your Questions Answered

...Your Questions Answered Search Questions Have a Question Ask it here Search Most popular question categories Mirrors Documents Retests Airbags Brakes Expired MOT Tyres Lights Exhausts 1 Q If my ABS light is on will the car pass the MOTName Lesley Town MK Reveal Answer 2...


...MOT PRICES FEES CLASSES Note Fees not subject to VAT Fees shown are maximum fees Age first test certificate required Years Cost Classes 1 2 Class 1 engine size up to 200cm3Motorbicycles 3 29.65 Motorbicycles with sidecar 3 37.80 Class III3 Wheeled Vehicles up to 450 Kg unladen weight 3 37.80 ...

Training Courses

...cover vehicle items included in the MOT test i.e. brakes, steering, suspension, wheels tyres, electrical systems, body and corrosion, exhaust emissions and general subjects. This assessment will take place at your local VOSA Area Office. MOT Test Cookie Policy TermsConditions...


... one side when braking, it is most likely to be a brake fault or incorrectly inflated tyres. Consult a garage or mechanic immediately continues to bounce after pushing down on the front or rear, its shock absorbers are worn. Worn shock absorbers can seriously affect the operation of a vehicle and sh...

Retest Re-Examinations

... Retest ReExaminations If the vehicle stays at the test station which failed the vehicle, to be repairedNo Additional Fee Partial Re Examination If the vehicle is brought back to the same test station and retested before the end of the next working day on one or more of the following items only N...

Car MOT Manual - 2.3 Power Steering

...e ground, vehicle in neutral gear and the parking brake applied, run the engine and rock the steering wheel in both directions. Check a. by feel at the steering wheel, that the system is operating b. for leaks in the system 4. In the case of external power systems check a. the ram anchorages for ...

Car MOT Manual - 2.5 Front Suspension, Wheel Bearings and Drive Shafts acceptable wear at king pins. With the wheel braked, note the total amount of movement at the wheel rim when the wheel is rocked. For a 50cm wheel this should not exceed 10mm. The maximum for other wheel diameters should be in proportion to this figure. A. Suspension Joints and Wheel Bearings ...

Car MOT Manual - 3.4 Anti-Lock Braking and Electronic Stability Control Systems are an integral part of another component e.g. brake disc or drive shaft. 1. If the vehicle is fitted with an ABS andor ESC system, check that the relevant warning lamps a. is fitted b. illuminates c. does not indicate a fault d. in the case of ABS only, follows the correct sequence of operation...

Car MOT Manual - 4.1 Tyres (Structure)

... not in itself a reason for rejection. However a brake test might be inadvisable, because of possible damage, or a headlight test might be affected, if the underinflation is affecting alignment. The inspection of the tyre pressure monitoring system TPMS warning lamp only applies to passenger vehic...

Bike MOT Manual - 4.1 Tyres

.... However, the tester may decide not to conduct a brake test if tyre damage is likely, or a headlamp test if alignment could be affected. Advise the owner. A tyre repair may be drawn to the attention of the presenter. Examples of unsuitable tyres a. side car tyres or car tyres on a solo machine not...

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MOT Questions

Mercedes MLs have a habit of the backup brake lights being used when the connection to the normal brake light has failed. The fog lamps are used as brake lights when this happens. Would this be a UK MOT failure when tested

Name: martin Town:

Roller Brake test and LSD

Should cars fitted with a LSD back axle have the handbrake tested on the rollers or by road testing with a meter

Name: David Rosser Town: Derby

Vehicles fitted with LSDs should not be Roller brake tested and would most likely try to push the vehicle out of the rollers. All authorised test stations should have a calibrated Decelerometer which can be used to test the brakes. The vehicle hand book would state how to perform the brake test.

Brake test for a motorcycle

How is the brake test carried out for a motorcycle

Name: N Cosgrove Town: Magherafelt

On the rollers just like a car if this is possible. Or a plate test if this is deemed impossible Low clearance etc. See a hrefhttpwww.ukmot.combike33.asphttpwww.ukmot.combike33.aspa

Brake light stays on

failed mot because brake light stays on when lights are on.was told its an electrical problem. I have a Peugeot 206 , is this right thanks.

Name: jimmy Town: london

Of course its right Brake lights must only illuminate when the brakes are applied or how will the car behind you be able to tell if you are braking or not.

My airbag light is coming on

My airbag light is coming on when the car is moving but remains off when it is stationary. Is this likely to fail an MOT

Name: Charlie Town: Glasgow

The car is tested while stationary except to put the car on the rollers for the brake test. If the tester noticed the light then the car will fail.

Broken lens

my back light casing has broken but the lights are in full working order. It is very expensive to repair and my MOT is due in a couple of weeks, will my car fail its MOT if i use lens repair tape for the time being until i can get a replacemnt

Name: kelly Town: nottingham

As long as the light is not obscured, there are no sharp edges and all lights are of the correct colour i.e. brake lights must show a red light. No chinks of white light and the light must be as bright as with an unbroken lens. If you cannot satisfy these conditions then you will need a new lens.

Worn brake pads

my car failed last week on 2 bulbs and front pads, which were less than 1.5, just got the jobs done and the garage had kept the old pads as they were absolutely fine, more than half the pad still fine, and come to think of it they were fitted only a year ago, anyway, just went to mot station but no one there for retest so back on Monday, I asked the chap on the desk about the pad issue and he said thats the way things go sometimes what are my rights here, as ive paid out 92 for nothing, I have kept the old pads as proof, any advise please, cheers mike

Name: mike Town: edenbridge

HI MikebrThe pads would have been tested for efficiency as well as thickness. They could have failed because of a contaminant causing uneven braking. Also you said that half the pads where ok uneven wear would also fail if any part was below 1.5mm. If the pads where still ok then why did the garage still change them If you are unhappy with an mot test then you can always complain

Hand break light not working

hand break light not working

Name: paul Town: reading

Not part of the MOT test. Dashbaord indiocator lights are tested for other things but not the handbrake

Seat Adjustment

Ive just had my car CLK 320 2002 model serviced with advisories repaired all brakes new discs and pads, Coil Spring and Fuel Filter but it failed the MOT because the drivers power seat position cannot be adjusted switch no longer works, but it is at exactly the correct setting for myself, the ONLY driver of this vehicle. Apparently the drivers seat must be able to be adjusted for safety reasons yet the seat is perfectly set for myself so what is this safety reasons all about No one else drives this car Which Civil ServantMPEurocrat came up with this ruling

Name: Pete M Town: Chelmsford

It is part of the test that the drivers seat must be adjustable forwards and backwards. The MOT test certificate is for the CAR, unotu YOU, therefore if you where to sell the car with an MOT on it and the next person could not use the seat, this would be unfair.

mot advisory brake hub

What does it mean on mot advisory brake hub

Name: Kathleen Town: Liverpool

It means that there is something wrong with your brake hub but its not bad enough to fail the MOT but will be by the next MOT test. Probably your brake shoes are low

Movement in brake caliper

with force i can push the brake caliper hub etc all connected forward and backward. ie front to rear of car. in theory this should be solid with no movement.... i suspect the bushes on the wishbone at faut.... taken to 2 different garages but they stated everything is ok am i correct

Name: mart Town: stoke on trent

The brakes are only tested for safety and their ability to stop the car efficiently and evenly.The suspension is checked less nowadays until it becomes dangerous. If 2 garages have said that its ok then I would assume that it was ok. Suspension movement is essential for road holding but without seeing it, it is hard to assess

Brake binding

Nearside Rear rear brake binding 3.7.B.1

Name: Chris Town: hull

Not really sure that this is a question. If the brake is not functioning then the car will fail. If it is 25 different to its opposite brake then it will fail. If you are looking for reasons for this then it could be a build of rustdebris stopping the smooth movement of the brake piston. It might be best to replace the brake calliper assembly.

Brake Imbalance

if a car has two different size brake calipers on the front will it pass mot

Name: peter Town: bideford

As long as the brakes are balanced One brake cannot be greater than 25 different to its opposite

Brake pad warning light

the brake pad warning light has come on and the follow up message reads your brake pads are worn but you may drive on. will this cause an MOT failure

Name: Dave Green Town: cockermouth

If the light is on and the brake pads are worn and the fluid level light comes on it will fail.If its just the pad warning light then the car should pass.brbrDont forget that if you drive with worn brake pads then they can score the discs and you might have to replace them also which increases the total bill no end

Brake imbalance

I have had a brake caliper fitted by a garage under warranty but my car still wont fully hold on a steep hill. They gave me a brake test report saying that the rear had a 32 imbalance. They said it had to be minimum 16 to pass. I have asked an mot tester and they told me over 30 is a fail. Is 32 a pass or fail

Name: Brian Kirkpatrick Town: Kirkcaldy

32 is over 30 Basic schoolboy maths So the car will fail

Worn brakes

Just bought a 2011 audi from an audi dealership. Upon getting home and giving a spit and polish i noticed front discs and pads worn. Had confirmation they are 60 worn. I have been given a service and MOT from Audi. Should the discs and pads have been replaced Im now looking at having to pay out when ive only just bought it Not happy. Also no mention of advisory on MOT cert.

Name: Steve Town: Aylesbury

If the brakes stop the car efficiently then they will pass the MOT. 60 worn would imply 40 life left in them. Average brake pad life is 50,000 miles so you could satill expect 20,000 miles on them.

MOT Brake Test without rollers

Can I request that the brake test can be done without putting the bike on the rollers

Name: Mervyn wylie Town: MAGHERAFELT

You can always request that a brake test is not done on the rollers but you will need a reason. e.g. If the ground clearance is too low etc. The tester will determine if it is necessary to do the test on the rollers or not. If he deems that there is not sufficient reason to NOT do the test on rollers then he will have to do the test on the rollers. The test must be done on rollers unless there is a good reason not to

Brake pedal worn

Hi,brbrMy 2000 Ford Mustang has been failed because the brakeclutch pedal is described as has a tiny split in the rubber but sits firmly on the pedalbrIm having trouble sourcing one locally. Can I replace the rubber pad with selfadhesive grip tape It will probably afford better grip than the rubber anyway.brThanks.

Name: Rob Munro Town: New Milton

The rubber on the pedal must not we worn to excess. If you replace the rubber so that the pedal is covered securely then this should pass if the pedal has grip and it must be deemed antislip. This is a grey area. You should be able to get a replacement universal brake pedal rubber pad. Try amazon

Binding Brakes

Hi a car I have put a deposit on at a trader has since been motd and failed for brake binding at 112275 miles. The car has been tested again at 112275 at the same station on the same day and passed. What work should have been carried out before handing car over to me. Can I reject car under the sales of goods act. Thank you for your help.

Name: John Town: Leek

You have no obligation to buy any vehicle. If you are unhappy or think something is amiss or he has not made the necessary repair then you should walk away. If you have already paid or made a deposit then you should be able to ask for this back if you think that the car is not sold as agreed i.e. 12 months MOT. If the brakes have been fixed of have freed off then the car can pass an MOT. If the brakes where binding because of inactivity then just using the car could have freed them off. If they where binding because of corrosion then this should have been remedied probably with new parts.

MOT not picked up on fault

I had my MOT in January and it passed. On Saturday my left rear brake cylinder failed, causing me to lose brakes and leaking fluid everywhere. The garage doing the repairs told me that the right one was about to fail too. Is this something that the MOT shouldve picked up

Name: Rob Town: Windsor

The MOT test can only test the car at the present time. Unless the rear brake cylinder had already failed before the MOT it could not be seen to be a future risk. The MOT inspector does not strip down the vehicle and test each part. If the brake cylinder had not failed at the time of inspection then the car could have passed its MOT. The condition of the master cylinders is part of the test but they could have looked fine on the day of the MOT.
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