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i have a small rust area on the floor of my swb transit van how near to a load bearing point does it need to be to require welding repair ?

yes this will need welding as it is close to the joints. Most MOT testers will beem this as unsafe and will fail the vehicle if not correct

Tax and Insurance
can i drive mot station with no mot and insurance and notax

You can drive to the MOT station without tax, because u need an MOT to tax your car, but you do need to be insured

Driving on old MOTs
If i take my car for its mot before the existing certificate runs out and it fails can i still drive it on the road up till the original runs out or does the failure overwrite the existing mot

Yes you can still drive the car on the old certificate. It does not cancell out the old one and you can legally drive the car untill the expiry of the original MOT

Insurance and MOT
do i need insurance to get an m.o.t

No you do not need insurance to get an MOT, As long as someone cal legally drive it to the station you will be ok

Airbag Light
My MOT is due in 2 days and a warning light has just come on indicating a issue with the airbag system, will the car still pass the MOT with the warning light for air bag on.

Yes it will most pobably fail. It is deemed it can be unsafe, but some garages will still pass it. If you disconnect the light it will not be tested and it is legal to do this

Wrongly Failed
iv had mot done at local garage there failed it so took it to another garage and there said that the work my local garage said does not need doing.can this other garage do my mot now

yes you can get the other garage to do the mot. They will charge you full price for it tho. I would compolain to the other garage and see what they say. If you think it was wrongly failed call VOSA and complain about the garage on 08456005977good luck

MOT Costing
I was charged 60 plus 20 retest for my Nissian Micra is this correct?????

the max cost that a garage can charge you is corrently 54.00. 20 for the retest is about avarage.

Fail MOT
If my car fails it MOT can I take it back to another garage for retest.

If you take your car to get a retest at another garage they will charge you the full mot test fee, If you take it back to your original garage you will be entitled to your discount

Rear Wiper
My rear wiper blade is split. Would that cause an MOT failure?

Yes if it on the car, anywhere it had to be working in a safe way. I know it doesnt need to be used but it will fail its MOT

Spare Wheels
What are the regulations regarding spare wheels and tyres

You do not need a spare wheel with an MOT. If you do have one tho it is liable for the same inspection as the other four wheels and tyres.

Not Satisfied with MOT Outcome
Hi, I find out incorrect mileage on my recent MOT carried out by my local garage. MOT tester is refusing to change or replace the certificate. Actual mileage is 170k whereas it is reported only 52 k on the certificate. Further on line record shows that the tester had written Petrol instead of Diesel fuel. What can I do against the testing station and my garage?

You can contact VOSA direct and complain about the garage. The will look into the claim and will revoke the licence for the tester if they are in breach of any rules. The Numbers are listed below, Good luck0845 600 5977 local rate or VOSAs national number on 0870 606 0440 national rate.

my car failed an mot can i take to another?

yes you can get your tested as many times as you like

Barke Test
4x4 brake tests.can permanent 4x4drives be tested on rollers?

yes it will be tested as a normal barke test. The car is in nutral for the brake test and the force of the brake pads are measured. This is how the test is conducted so all cars and 4 x 4s can be tested the same

is a small dent to the front bumper fails mot?

No it should not fail. Dents are ok. If there is any sharp points on it it will fail. It has to be safe for other road users

Spare Tyre
If I have normal tyres on a car that is supposed to have runflats as they doesnt have a spare tyre will it fail an MOT?

You do not need a spare tyre for an MOT test. If you do have a tyre it will be tested. So it will pass on that point

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