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Sunstrips and MOT
Whats the MOT rules on Sunstrips?

You are allowed a sunstrip on your car as long as it does not drop down into the drivers Swept View. More Information about Swept Views can be found here www.ukmot.com61.asp

Mot and Number Plates
is an mot dearer when you have personalised no plates

No It is the Same price Regardless what plates you have.

MOT and Abroard Driving
going to france in march 2010for 3 months mot runs out april, can i get it done in france and is it legal in uk. thank you

Unfortunatly you cant get an MOT done in France. You should get the MOT done before your trip. You will only lose up to 1 month on the MOT but it is better than getting fined if you get caught coming back into th UK without an MOT

What to Bring for MOT
what do i need to bring for the m.o.t.

You do not need anything for an MOT. If you are getting the vehicle MOTd before the expiry date of the current MOT and would like the extra days added on to the new certificate, you will need to take the old certificate too.

Spare Wheels
Does a van have to have a spare wheel to pass an MoT

Currently you do not have to have a spare wheel in the car for an MOT. But if there was one it will be tested like all the other wheels

Driving With No MOT
If my car runs out of mot today can i still drive it tomorrow

No you cant drive the vehicle after the expiry date of the MOT. Unless it is to the MOT Test Centre to a prebooked MOT

Selling Car to Dealer
can i sell my car to a dealer with only 2 days to go on my current mot ?

Yes you can sell the car to a dealer with only 2 days left. You can even sell the car without an MOT.

Driving with No MOT
My car failed its MOT today the MOT expires tomorrow. However the necessary repairs cannot be made at the MOT Test Station until the day after that. Is it legal for me to drive the car home today then back to the MOT test station the day after the current MOT has expired,without driving it in between times? What is the position regarding insurance cover? Thanks

Yes you can legally drive the car today and you can also drive it tomorrow. as long as it is still within the previous MOT test dates. On the day of the MOT you can drive it to the test centre as long as it is booked in with the garage, have insurance and it is taxed. You cant drive it anywhere else and you have to take the most direct route from your home to the garage

MOT Time
how long should an mot take to complete

An MOT test can be completed in 20 mins, by an experienced tester. But they usually take between 40 50 minutes to complete

Retest Fee
My car failed its MOT on three grounds which I have had put right at another garage. I am taking it back for another check and am told will have to pay for a part test again. Is that correct?

Yes they can charge a retest fee. They cant charge you full price for the test. The usual fee is about half the original test fee

Failed MOT I Can Still Drive!!
My car has failed its MOT today, I have a week left before my current MOT expires, am I allowed to use the car until the existing MOT expires or is it now deemed illegal to drive it??

yes you can drive the car on the original MOT. You have untill the original expires

Old Car Specs
i have a 1986 model car. Does it need to have repeater indicators fitted to the side of the vehicle to pass the MOT?

If it had side repeaters on the vehicle in the original manufacturers specifications then yes. But if it didnt it doesnt have to have them

Indicator Light Hole
A front indicator has a cracka nd a hole in it of about the size of a 50p, it works fine but will this hole casue the mot failuire?

yes this is an MOT failure. If any other comes through the light other than amber or there is any holes it is an automatic failure

Seat Mounts
could you please tell me if a car would pass its MOT with a broken front passenger seat.there is 2 white pieces of plastic that the seat runs on it is an Avensis 2006 these have broken off

Yes it would probably fail. All seating mounts are tested and if it is loose or damaged it will be deemed unsafe. The problem yould have to be fixed before the MOT test

My car failed its MOT on the exhaust emissions. I took it to another garage to get the exhaust problem sorted out and they passed it first time with a low reading of 0.45. They told me the garage that initially failed the MOT should have provided a printout of the emissions as proof of the reason for failure. I have asked for the printout but they tell me the emissions were so high that they could not obtain a printout Is this possible?

If they have tested it they should have a printout. If they knew the reading for the failure then it should have showed up on the paper printout. If they dont have the reading then how could they have failed ityou can always tell them you are goin to complain to VOSA and that might get you a refund. They have not followed the rules about giving printouts. So if you have no luck i would lodge a complain with vosa. there number for complaints and advice is 03001239000

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