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MOT in France
If an car has a MOT done in France is it still vaild in the UK?

No the MOT test on british cars has to be completed in the UK.

Insurance MOT None UK
We have a UK registered car at our house in Switzerland which needs an MOT in order to retax it. It just over 3 yrs old. Do we have to come back to the UK to do this? How does this effect our insurance if we have to drive it back? Is there an equivalent test to the MOT that could be done in neighbouring France?

Yes you do have to come back to the UK. It can not be completed in a different country. You will havr to contact your insurance company as regards to your insurance, they all differ

velocity gaitor leakage
nearside front inner constant velocity gaitor leakage advice can it be dangerous

Yes it is and it will defently fail, This will need attention to pass the MOT

MOT Imports
If I bought a car abroad e.g. 2002 car from Republic of Ireland, how do I know when to MOT the car?

If the car has not UK mot and it is getting imported you will have to get an MOT as soon as it comes into the country. You will not be able to drive it legally untill the MOT has been completed

France MOT
My daughter is in France sking at the moment. He MOT is due on 3rd Feb. can she get an MOT in France or does she have to travel back to UK. Is there a grace period or does the MOT have to be done before the due date

No you cant get it done in France it has to be done with a MOT Station in the UK. There is no grace period either, you will have to book it in for an MOT on the day she gets back, if its passed the 3rd Feb, otherwise she will get fined if gets pulled over bby the police.

Expired MOT Foreign Travel
i live part of the year in Italy and i have a uk registered car, the MOT test is due early march however I have a problem the car is undergoing major repairs here in Italy having a complete engine rebuild and I am not sure I will be able to drive it back before the end of March. If I go straight to the mot test once I am back in the uk is that OK even if the test is then expired by almost a month?

Hi,Yes you can legally drive it as long as it is prebooked into t test centre on the day you arrive back to the uk. As long as you are still taxed and insured

No MOT on Public Roads
Can a car without MOT be parked on a public road?

As long as you do not drive the car and that you have a valid tax disk.

My mot has expired. a mot station is offering mots at 27. This garage is approximately 20 miles from my home. Can I legally drive it without tax?

Yes you can. As long as you prebook it into the garage and drive directly there. You would have to get the TAX straight after too.

France MOT
Is there a French equivelant to the MOT as I think I may need to register my camper as I will be out of the UK for more than 12 months?

No there isnt. You will have to book the test for the day you get back to the UK and drive it straight to the test centre. This is the only legal way to get the test done late

Brakes Binding
my wheels are binding on will this pass mot

It will pass as long as it passes the brake test. If it is binding on one side it will fail as all brakes have to work together at the same rate. If i was you i would take it to a garage that advertises free brake tests and run it there before your mot

Garage Keeps Car
The only way that the garage can keep your car is if the garage see the car as dangerous to drive, they can not keep it for any other reason. They cant force you to get the work done at that garage either. The only problem if you take it away from the garage is if there is free retest you are likely to lose this, and have to pay full price for the MOT again

i had my car MOT test done a while back and had it done earlier than the renewal date ,after the test which it failed the garage gave me test sheet and quoted for the work to be done,it was around 300 pounds,as i did not have the money at the time i sais i would rebook it in when i had the funds,the manager of the garage said i could not do this as i was without an MOT certificate,i explained i still had time on my previous one to which he said it was not valid any more because i had gone for a new MOT.have i been conned or was this true i had to borrow of a freind to get the car back as they would not release it

MOT Abroard
I am on a contract in Italy and are not due to return until March 2010, however my MOT on my BMW bike runs out Early January. Can I get it done by the BMW shop here ?

The MOT test has to be carried out in Britain. It can not be done in the EU or other countries. You will have to book it in for the test for the day you get back and drive it straight to the test centre. This is the only legal way to drive it without an MOT

MOT Fines
i have bought a second hand car on Aug 09 and the car company told me that the car has got MOT when i bought it but after 3 months I could not receive a mot certificate so i asked the company again recently but the staff told me to check first reg date which was MAY 06 but now is NOV 09 so the MOT has expired but i didnt know before will I being fined for expired mot? what should i do now?

No you will not be fined unless you have been stopped by police. We suggest you get the MOT completed as soon as possible and only drive the vehicle to the garage that is completing it

Reverse Lights
do my reversing lights need to work car

Yes your reverse lights need to work to pass an MOT

First MOT
My car is 4yeasr old in Feb so will need its first MOT. Will i be contacted regarding this or what step do i take next?

You need a MOT on cars from the 3rd year. All you need to do is book it in for an MOT at a garage and the tester will issue with your first certificate. You will not get a reminder, if your car is over the 3 years old i would get the MOT done ASAP to aviod a fine

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