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No Power steering
I have a Fiat Punto and a few months ago the power steering just stopped working. Does this deem as unsafe? I am due for my MOT and if it will fail due to this, I will seek to fix it before.

Yes if the car had power steering it will be deemed unsafe. This will have to be fixed before the MOT

can i drive to test station without mot

Yes you can drive to the Test centre with no MOT. It has to be booked in with the MOT Centre to prove, if pulled over, you are traveling there

has the law not changed to four years old for a mot

No, This has always been three years. It has never been four and there are no plans to change this

Seat Belts and MOT
Can an mot cert. be granted on a car whose rear set belt cannot be tested due the presence of a child seat?

All seatbelts have to be tested individually. There can not be a babyseat involved as the seat belt can not be tested properly

Old Taxi
I have recently got a new car that waz used as a taxi and has an up to date PSV as i will not be using the car as a taxi what do i need to do? Thanks for your help.

Noting all you need to do is keep the car MOTd and nothing will change

MOT on Dangerous Vehicle
What can I do if my bike is found in a dangerous state after 3 weeks of having the MOT I rode the bike and almost crashed because I couldnt steer the bike correctly, I have had it inspected to find the steering head bearing and front wheel bearing totally shot

If you are not happy about the outcome of a test and have proof it was not road worthy, you can contact VOSA and complain to them on 0300 123 9000.

Retest Time Limits
When my MOT runs out, is there a time limit before I have to get it renewed? I cant afford to get the repairs done just now, so hoped to wait a month or two. OBVIOUSLY the car will not be driven in this time, until i am ready to take it to the test centre.

No there is no time limit as long as it s not driven. If you have had it tested it should be retested in two weeks. Failing that you will have to pay for a new test

New Parts in Vehicle
my car is modified it has the following new engine, gearbox, back axle and fuel tank. Will it fail with the modifications? or will it be alright if everything is installed properly? Thanks.

as long as the MOt tester deems the car safe and it is installed properly, passes the same MOT test the car will pass

Classic CAr MOT
Does a classic car need to have wing mirror to pass mot.

If there was a wing mirror on the cars original manufacturers specs it does need to have one. If There was nothing there at build then there does not have to be one at todays test.

MOT Expired
hi, my mot ran out yesterday but my test isnt til 2morrow, can i still drive my car until then?

No you can not drive the car in the meantime. You can only legally drive the car to the MOT Test Centre

Four Month Early MOT
Can I have an MOT done 4 months early as I will be out of the country for 6 months and the MOT runs out in September

Yes you can have the MOT done anytime in the year as long as it is before the MOT due date. If you get it done 4 months early it will only have a valid time of 12 months from the time it was completed

Advisory Notice Fails on Retest
can they fail an advisory on a retest

Yes MOT testers can fail a car on a retest if it has been on an advisory. They can even fail a car if they have missed something and it passed first time round on a retest

ABS Not Working
our asb pump has failed so the asb fault light shows, our garage assures us that the brakes are safe but it will faile the MOT. Does it have to be failed when lder cars without abs will pass?

Your brakes will work fine but you will have no ABS if your brakes locked up. Yes the vehicle will have to fail as MOTs have to be passed with the manufacturers factory fittings. So if it has or is ment to have ABS it has to be working

Different Garage Re-test
My car had failed mot, do i need to take it to the same garage for a retest or can i go elsewhere for just a retest?

If you take your vehicle back to the same garage for the retest they can only charge you a smaller fee for this,If you take it to a new garage they will charge you for the full test again.

Motorbike MOT Cost
how much does an MOT cost for a motorbike

The Maximum cost of an MOT for a motorbike currently Jun 2010 is 29.65

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