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Child Proof Locks
The childproof lock on one of the rear doors of my estate car is faulty and I cannot always open the door from the inside, if this happens on the MOT test, will it fail?

No, the rear doors only have to latch securely in the closed position.

Agricultural Tractor
Does an agricultural tractor used primarily off road with occasional on road use need an MOT

No MOT is required for the this use but you would be well advised to make sure the tractor is roadworthy

Out of date MOT
My MOT ran out on 26th May, my test is booked for 5th June, which is the first available appointment at my normal garage due to the long weekend. How I do I stand with regards to driving my car in the meantime

Collette Your MOT was only in force up until midnight on the 26 May. The law states that you should notdrive the car after this date, unless you have pre arranged an MOT test.If you have got an appointment for a test on the 5th June, you are allowed to drive it to the test station for the test, if it fails, you will be covered to drive it to a place to get it repaired

Euro MOT
Is it possible to have your car MOT on the continent

No Frank only registered MOT garages are allowed to test and they are all in the UK

Boot Lock
The lock on the boot of my Ford Fiesta is really hard to undo, would thisproblem fail an MOT?

It won,t fail the MOT maxine but should be easily fixed

MOT Repairs
Where to complain about cost of MOT work carried out

This is a major problem for some motorists if the garage is part of a national group then their head office,in certain cases the local trading standards office go to for more information

Can a vehicle fail the MOT Test having amber sidelights

To pass an MOT, a car needs to show a white light to the front and red to the rear. The front position lamp can be yellow if incorporated in a yellow headlamp

MOT Test
What does the MOT cover

An MOT certificate confirms that at the time of the test the vehicle met, as far as can be reasonably determined without dismantling, the minimum acceptable environmental and road safety standards required by law. It does not mean that the vehicle is roadworthy for the life of the certificate and is not a substitute for regular maintenance. Please remember that the test does not cover the condition of the engine, clutch or gearbox.

MOT Certificates
Lost or Damaged MOT Certificates

A duplicate or replacement certificate can be obtained from the MOT testing station where it was issued. If the testing station is no longer in business your local VI office may be able to help provided you have details of where and when the certificate was issued.

MOT Test
When was the MOT Test introduced

Compulsory vehicle testing was introduced in Great Britain in 1960 when theMotor Vehicles Tests Regulations 1960 came into operation. The test wasinitially confined to vehicles that were ten years old or more, but thetestable age was progressively reduce to three years by April 1967.

Wing Mirror
Would a broken wing mirror cause you to fail the MOT

Yes is the answer but only the offside wing mirror

Spare Wheel
Would a worn spare wheel tyre cause you to fail the MOT

brNo the spare wheel is not part of the MOT test

HPI Check
What do the catagories mean when a car is written off?? Specifically group D

brCategory A Total burnout. No value left in the vehicle brCategory B Break only. Value lies in salvagebr Category C Damage to car is more than total value of carbrCategory D Repair would cost almost as much as the vehicle is worth. Better to write off than repair. No comebacks for the insurers

Motor Caravans
I have been looking around for a motor caravan to replace the old family jalopy, do these require any special commercial M.O.T. testing ?

Providing the kerb weight is below 3.500 kilos, which is the majority of British and Continental Motor Homes, they are registered as PLG and as such subject to the normal M.O.T. car test rules and regulations. Only the large American motorhomes and converted heavy goods vehicles will be subject to the commercial test.

Shock absorbers
My 1996 Mondeo needs new shock absorbers at the rear and my local Ford garage has quoted 150 This seems very expensive, is there a safe alternative ?

I asked our own local main Ford dealer for a price and they quoted 200 I would suggest contacting a nationwide exhaust centre, typically they are quoting 42.50 per side inc VAT making the total price a much more afFORDable 95.00 Excuse the pun

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