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Brakes Grinding
I have just bought a car that passed its mot on the 9810 with an advisory that the disc were worn. After 20 miles the pads are non exsistant and discs are so worn that I feel the car is dangerous. The brakes grind like mad. Should the car have passed or not.

A car will fail if the brake pad is brake lining or pad insecure or less than 1.5mm thick at any point

Airbags Not Working
if drivers airbag not working will vehicle fail m.o.t.

Yes this will be a failure as this is a safety feature of the car. The MOT tester will deem the car unsafe

Old MOT after Failure
my car failed its mot this week on faulty exhaust bracket i have a mot on the car valid until 20september can i legally drive the car on this mot or does the recent failure override this

Yes you can regally drive it on the old MOT, the new one does not override the old one

Getting MOT Abroard
I am currently abroad and my MOT is due, is there a possibility to do the MOT test abroad andor can I do the MOT test when I am back approx. 1 month after due date? Thanks

You cant get it completed abroard. You have to prebook the vehicle into an MOT test centre the day you bring it back and drive it straight there. This is the only legal way you can drive it on a UK road

Motorbike out of MOT
my motorcycle is out of mot, am i legal to drive the bike down to the testing station or must I take it down on a trailer

You can drive it to the test centre as long as you have prebooked it in and are driving directly there. You also need insurance

Power Steering
is an inopperable power steering pump a failure

Yes this is a failure on the MOT test. It was to be working or the vehicle will be deemed unsafe

MOT Cost too Much
My last MOT cost me 125 and all I needed were new wiper blades, the rest was the MOT charge and labour. I dont remember ever having labour charges before, is this normal?

The max price a Garage can charge you for an MOT is currently 19.08.10 54.85. They cant charge more than that by law.So if there was only wiper blades to change this should not have cost 70 to change. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your MOT complain to the MOT Enquiry line on 0845 600 5977

Does the speedometer come into the test

No the speedometer is not covered in the MOT test It is on Class 5 mots where there is a tacograph invloved

Portugal MOT
Can I have a british registered car MOTd in Portugal

No, all uk registered cars have to have a UK MOT and it has to be carried out by a MOT centre in the uk

1st MOT
when is my bike eligible for its first mot it is a 07 plate

It has to be MOTd 3 years from 1st registration of the vehicle. This will be on your owners form you got when bying the bike

Italy MOT
Im currently in Italy for a long period with my car. Can I take an MOT equivalent here? Or do it remotely maybe? I know theres something similar which is valid from Spain. Thanks in advance

Hi, No the MOT has to be carried out in the UK only. The spanish version is for spanish registered car only. You will have to book your car in for an MOT the day i arrives back in the UK. This is the only way of covering you if you get stopped by the police

Can I have a british registered car MOTd in Portugal

you can not get a car MOT Abroard. It will have to be completed in the UK

Can I have a british registered car MOTd in Portugal

you can not get a car MOT Abroard. It will have to be completed in the UK

Exhaust Emissions
How do I check my exhaust emissions level for my car Renault Megane Coupe 2000?

They have to be put on an emmissions machine in a garage. there are no other ways of testing this at home.

Garage MOT
ive brught a car from a small dealear 2nd hand his put a yeas mot on it for me can i take it for another mot in another garage to make sure it safe case his mates passed it for him if it fails what can i do about it

Hi,Yes you can take it for an MOT test whenever you would like to in the year. You will have to pay for the test, but at least you will know if it is genuine

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