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Indicators American import
My car is an American import with the indicators flashing red in the rear lights. I have yet to register in the U.K. for the M.O.T.Test, are these lights acceptable here

If your car was first used before 1.September.65 the front indicators may be white and the rear red but cars first used after this date must have flashing AMBER lights.

Noisey Silencer
My SILENCER has been boredout by a previous boyracer owner It makes my modest Vauxhall Corsa sound like an AC Cobra on heat Im worried about its first MOT, which is due next month do I need to get a new one?

Probably yes The examiner will fail the car if a silencer emits a noise that is clearly unreasonable above the level expected from a similar vehicle with a silencer in average condition

Belt eating dog
My dog, unfortunately, chews the SEATBELTS in the rear of my car with the result that they are badly frayed, but they still work, will this necessarily fail the MOT?

Apart from suggesting a good dog trainer Im afraid your car is likely to fail. The examiner will reject a cut that causes the fibres to separate andor fraying sufficient to obstruct correct operation of the belt or which has clearly weakened the webbing.

Tyre Import
I bought a new TYRE whilst abroad on holiday recently and I notice it does not show the size of the tyre on the wall Will this affect the MOT test?

A tyre not marked with its size on at least one sidewall will be failed by the examiner, have you taken the wheel off and checked on the inside wall

Brake Problems
The BRAKES on my front wheels pull very slightly to the left when applied in emergency, at other times it is not noticeable. Will this imbalance automatically fail the Test?

Have you tried checking the tracking first If there is no problem then this outofbalance of the brakes on the steering roadwheels will fail the vehicle if it is greater than 25 on all braking above 40Kg force A preMOT test at your local garage might be a good idea.

Headlamp Repair
My HEADLAMP lens has a professional repair and it has not affected the beam, will this fail the MOT I cannot get a new lens, as they are no longer available.

Any adverse effects due to headlamp lens damage or deterioration will be assessed on checking beam aim also whether the lamp is secure. A repaired lens will be assessed on its merits, from what you say it should not fail.

Grey Import
I own a grey import manufactured in 1998 but not imported to the UK until 2001. Is the MOT test due from the third anniversary of registration in the UK or original manufacture and delivery abroad.

The V.5 document will show the year of first registration abroad, the MOT is due on the third anniversary from this date

My new car is not yet registered in my name
My new secondhand car is not yet registered in my name and the log book V.5 is still with Swansea Can I test the car?

Yes The test centre will probably ask you to produce the old certificate but dont worry if you havent got that either, just explain the position to the garage

New exhaust problem
My exhaust developed a pin hole and I am in dispute at present with the exhaust centre that fitted same My MOT test is due shortly, must I delay the test until a new system is fitted?

NO Provided there is no major leak of exhaust gases and the system is no more noisy than similar types of car, the examiner should not fail the vehicle

I require further information on Headlights
I require further information on the minimum throw required from dipped and full beam head lights if there is such a constraint made upon vehicles in the UK. Additionally is there a maximum throw allowed to avoid dazzling?

There are two checks that are carried out both are done with a passenger, with mot centres there is special Equipment but the result should be that the dipped headlights are aimed so that they do not dazzleWhich means that the brightest part of the beam is aimed a minimum 0.5 below the horizontalMain beams are checked so that the beam image centre is on or slightly below the horizontalIf you are setting them up yourself remember the passenger

Spongey Brakes
My wifes 1982 Mini has spongy brakes but the car seems to stop well enough with a little pumping. Will this automatically fail the MOT? A major repair would cost us more than the car is worth

Spongy brakes is one indication of air in the system, which will fail the test It is of course up to yourselves whether you think a repair is economically viable but I would not advise use on the road in its present condition whether or not the MOT is due.

LHD Headlights
My car, a Renault Twingo, is LHD and previously registered in Spain. I have fitted AA approved masks to the headlamps to stop glare from the dipped beam, will they be acceptable for the MOT?

Right hand dip headlights can be temporarily altered for use in the UK by fitting masks or converter kitswhich remove the beam kick up to the right,a long term solution is to replace your existing lights. Your local Renault dealer will be able to assist Im sure.

BMW Boot lock
The lock on the boot of my BMW 3series is really hard to undo, would this problem fail an MOT?

It wont fail the MOT but the lock can easily be replaced by your local BMW main agent.

French MOT
I am going to live in France for three months during which time the MOT will expire. Is it possible to have the test carried out in France?

Unfortunately you are either going to have to return briefly to these shores to carry out the test or have it done for 12 months before you go Only registered MOT garages are allowed to test and they are all in the U.K.

Hazard warning lights
I have a 1985 car fitted with hazard warning lights but they are temperamental and despite my garages attempts to fix them, they do not always work. If I explain the position to the examiner, and the fact that prior to 1986 a hazard warning device was not required by regulation, could they be exempt from the MOT test?

Sorry, but no On vehicles prior to 01.April.86 a hazard warning device is not required by Regulation, but, if one is fitted, it must be working.

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