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Rear Wiper
Is the rear window wiper checked and have to be working

No the back wiper does not need to be working it is not part on the MOT test. Only the front wipers are tested

1st MOT
My tax disc runs out on 28 Feb my 3 yr old car is due for its first MOT on 3 March. Presumably I can tax my car without the MOT, but must I then get the car tested onbefore 3 March?

Yes that is correct. You can get your tax disc with your log book to prove it does not need its first mot untill 3rd march. They will give you your tax disc but you will need the car MOTd on.before the 3rd March

At what age does a car or minibus used as a taxi need an MOT?

You need a yearly test no matter what the age of the carminibus is.

do i need wings on my 1922 model t ford speedster for a mot

Yes. All UK cars need wings or mudguards over the tyres. You cannot have exposed tyres

How to check mileage is it 37000 not 137000?Ford Escorts odemeter has got just five numbers.. Got m.o.t. from 04 when had 7000 miles,but nothing before.. Help me please,Thank you.

There is no way if there only five numbers on the odometer unless you have previous MOT certificates. Modern MOTs do store the mileage but that is only recent. The best guess is to assume an average mileage of the car to be about 810 thousand miles per year of age. If the Car had an MOT in 04 then it is obviously not brand new and therefore at least 8 years old New cars do not require an MOT for 3 years This would project an average mileage of 64,000 80,000.Add 10,000 miles for every year that the car is older than 2001This is probably closer to 137,000 than 37,000

My wifes Hyundai Getz has been failed on a front brake imbalance of 26. The test was unobserved. There is not the slightest deviation to either side when the brakes are applied at any speed or force. Can we demand to see the test performed as we do not beleive the test result? The tester also daid the car should not be driven even thogh the current MOT has not expired.

The point of an MOT test is to see if the vehicle is roadworthy and safe. If the MOT tester believed that the car was unsafe then he is only doing his duty in telling you this. Legally you old MOT is still valid and you would not be prosecuted for driving the vehicle.If you believe that the test was unfair or innaccurate then you can ask for a form VT17. This would cost you another test fee but would be refunded if your appeal was upheld. You would not be able to repair the vehicle in the mean time until it could be inspected. As you can see this does not really help, its a load of faffing about and could end up costing you money. If you think that the MOT station is touting for business then I would take your car somewhere else ie an MOT station that only does MOTs and does not carry out repairs etc. Your local council will have an MOT test center where it tests its own vehicles. They also allow the public to take their vehicles.There is the possibility of course that the MOT tester is correct in which case you would still fail and have to pay for repairs and a retest. If you took your car to another garage and asked them to look at the brakes and then took the car back for a retest it could be the cheapest way foreward.

i dont have an mot certificate from the last mot how do i find out when mine is due

The only way of finding out is if you go to the garage where it did get MOTd last, If you do not know where this is. Visit the following link and input the details and this should tell you

Early MOT
My car is a 55 plate and was registered feburary 2006, not sure what date. When will it need to MOT it?

It will need to be MOTd on the 3rd year on the first registration. So yours will be due feb 2009

MOT Date
My car is registered 11.06,but the plate is 07. When do i get my m.o.t? 11.09 or 03.10

It will be 3 years from the date it was registered. 11.09

Early MOTs
if i take my car to a testing station a month early, and it fails its MOT, will that render the old certificate invalid, or will it still be motd for that said month

Yes if your far fails its mot you can still legally drive it on the old cirtificate untill that has run out. It will not cancel the old mot

can i drive to a mot station if pre booked without a current mot on my car

Yes you can, You have to have it booked in with the test station and you can only drive it directly to the test station

Watching your MOT
Can I watch an MOT vehicle inspection?

Yes providing you do not cause any interference to the test.

Lost MOT
I have lost my MOT certificate, can I get a duplicate copy?

Yes The simplest way is to go back to the garage where the vehicle was tested, tell them the approximate date of the test and they should be able to give you a duplicate certificate. The fee is 10.00.

Driving Aid
We have a truck that the driver has added a steering aid knob if this truck is sent for an MOT with it on will it pass or fail what is the windscreen regs for stickers and flags hanging.

Driving aids are acceptable for mot and so are flags. as long as non of the items are in the drivers swept area. Some MOT testers are very fussy about the area so for the best option, I would remove all the items just to make sure tester will not have to think about it

Hi, Does my Horn on my car have to work to pass an MOT?

Yes your does have to have a working horn, it has to have a working Audible Warning on all vehicles

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