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Use old MOT Test Date?
If an MoT test is taen before the previous one runs out, does the new MoT run until the expiry of the original?

Yes you can still drive the car untill the last MOT runs out. The new failed test does not cancel out the old one

Failed MOT
my mot is un til 91110 but ive put car in on 261010 and failed can i still drive car until the old one runs out on 91110 or because it failed am i not allowed to drive it from my new test?

Yes you can drive the car on the old MOT up to that date.

Smashed Light
I have a smashed left fog light, can the car pass with broken fog lights?

No this is a failure as the car will be deemed unsafe

No MOT, Fines??
My MOT has run out and my car failed the test. Its in the garage getting fixed in order to pass. Will I get in trouble for not having a valid MOT, even though its in the garage?

No you will not get any fines or letters. You only would if you were driving it on the road and was caught

Power Steering
My car has a leaking power steering rack. Would that fail MOT?

Yes it will fail. The MOT tester will deem the car unsafe and will fail it. The tester has to be sure the car will be safe for the year that the certificate runs.

Reverse Light
My reversing light is not working but the bulb is ok will this fail on an MOT

yes the reverse light has to be working if there was one on the vehicles original manufacturers spec for the car.If it doesnt work it will be classed as unsafe and will fail

Using Car without MOT
The m.o.t. on my car ran out on the 16th october 2010.It failed the m.o.t. Ive got the car booked in to a garage on the 20th of october to have the work done to the vehicle. Can i use the car in the meantime?

No you cant use the car, even if it is booked in with a garage. The MOT date has expired and you will have to wait for the MOT retest before you can drive it legally

Refund on MOT
I have just sent my car for scrap and notified DVLA accordingly. Can I get a refund on my MOT fee for the unexpired period it covers just over 3 months?

Sadly you cant get a refund for MOT. You can only get a refund for Car Tax

Fines Through post
do you get an fine threw the post if your mot has run out but your car is on a drive

No you do not get a fine through the post. As long as the car is on the drive and not being driven you will not get a fine

Failed MOT

You can drive it untill the original certificate runs out. It will then need to pass before you can drive it

Spare Tyre
Does my spare tyre count

Only if the sapre wheel is in the car it will be tested,if you are unsure about the tyre just remove it before the test

Retest at another Station
Can I get a retest done at a different test station?

You can only get your vehicle retested at the same station. If you took it to another you would have to pay for the test again

Motorbike MOT Length
How long is a Motorcycle MOT certificate valid?

12 Months

Early MOT Test
How soon before my current mot expires can I have it retested

You can have an MOT tested anytime within the year. It will last 12 months from that day

My car will be 3 yrs old in the middle of October. Will I need an MOT certificate when I tax it at the end of September?

No you do not need an MOT as the car is still under its three years. They will tax the vehicle as normal

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