Car MOT Manual 2012 onwards

Motorcycles, Tricycles and Quadricycles - 9.2 Steering Suspension

This Section should be read in conjunction with Section 2 of this Manual.

Reason for Rejection 5 does not apply to fork gaiters or shrouds.

Light misting of a suspension damper is not a reason for rejection.
Method of Inspection
1. Examine the handlebars and fork yokes.

2. Turn the steering from lock to lock with the steered wheel both on a turning plate and clear of the ground.

3. Examine the steering damper.

4. Examine the steering head bearings.

5. Examine the front suspension assembly.

6. Examine the suspension springs.

7. Examine the suspension dampers.

8. Examine the hub/wheel assembly.

9. Examine the vehicle structure.
Reason for Rejection

a. Handgrips missing or not secure to handlebars

b. handlebar flexible mounting excessively deteriorated

c. a handlebar or fork yoke:
excessively deformed
cracked or fractured
excessively corroded
clamps not tight, or any boltloose or missing
inappropriately repaired or modified.

a. Any fouling or restriction of the free movement of the steering from lock to lock
b. handlebar grip/s or handlebar mounted control/s have no clearance with any other partof the machine when the steering is placed on either full lock.

3. A steering damper:
a. insecure
b. ineffective
c. impairing the steering action.

4. Excessive free play in the steering head bearings.

5. A front suspension assembly component:
a. missing
b. loose
c. cracked
d. excessively bent, misaligned, corroded, worn, or has excessive free play between the sliding members of the forks, the pivot bearings or bushes
e. restricted in operation
f. fouling.

6. A suspension spring:
a. incomplete
b. cracked
c. fractured
d. excessively worn or corroded such that its cross sectional area is reduced to the extent that it is seriously weakened
e. repaired by welding.

7. A suspension damper:
a. insecure
b. leaking
c. fouling
d. with inadequate damping effect 8. A hub/wheel assembly with:
a. a loose spindle or securing nuts
b. a spindle securing nut locking device missing or insecure
c. excessive roughness or free play in the bearings
d. any part of the assembly fouling another component.

9. Deliberate modification which significantly reduces the original strength, excessive corrosion, severe distortion, a fracture or an inadequate repair of a load bearing member or its supporting structure or supporting panelling within 30cm of any sub frame, spring, suspension or steering component mounting, that is within a prescribed area.

Reproduced from the MOT Inspection Manual by kind permission of THE VEHICLE INSPECTORATE.
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