Car MOT Manual 2012 onwards

Drivers View of the Road - 8.1 View to Rear

This inspection only applies to obligatory rear view mirrors or indirect vision devices. Indirect vision devices cameras may replace mirrors on some vehicles, with the view through to the rear displayed on a screen in the drivers cabin.

Where such devices are fitted, the MoIs and RfRs apply to both the cameras and the screen. There are three acceptable rear view mirror/device positions:
a. an exterior mirror or device that provides a view along the offside of the vehicle
b. an exterior mirror or device that provides a view along the nearside of the vehicle
c. an interior mirror or a device which provides a view to the rear of the vehicle.
Method of Inspection
1. Check the obligatory mirrors or indirect vision devices for presence and security.

2. Sit in the drivers seat and check that each obligatory mirror or indirect vision device provides an adequate view to the rear. Note: It is not generally necessary to adjust mirrors or devices for this check.
Reason for Rejection
1. An obligatory mirror or indirect vision device missing or insecure.

2. An obligatory mirror or indirect vision device:
a. obscured, damaged or deteriorated so that the view to the rear is seriously impaired
b. does not provide an adequate view to the rear or is incapable of being adjusted to provide an adequate view.
Drivers View of the Road.1

Reproduced from the MOT Inspection Manual by kind permission of THE VEHICLE INSPECTORATE.

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