Car MOT Manual 2012 onwards

Exhaust, Fuel and Emissions - 7.2 Fuel System

This inspection applies to all petrol, diesel and gas powered vehicles.

It may be necessary to open the luggage compartment to carry out a full inspection of the fuel system.

If access cannot be gained to the fuel cap because it is locked and the key is not readily available or because it cannot be opened for some other reason see item 2 of the Introduction to this Manual.

On gas powered vehicles, the presence of a leak must be confirmed by the use of a leak detection product conforming to BS EN 14291-2004. Leak detection products must be used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions
Method of Inspection
1. Check the security of all fuel system components.

2. Check fuel pipes and hoses for chafing and damage.

3. Check for leaks in the fuel system both with and without the engine running.

4. Check fuel tank cap /filler neck sealing device for presence, positive fit and condition of sealing washer and flange.
Reason for Rejection
1. A fuel system component insecure

2. A fuel pipe or hose excessively chafed or damaged.

3. A leak in any part of the fuel system.

4. A fuel tank cap/filler neck sealing device:
a. missing
b. does not fasten/close securely:
• by a positive means, and
• such that pressure is not maintained on the sealing arrangement

c. sealing washer torn, deteriorated or missing, or a mounting flange/sealing method defective such that the leakage of fuel is possible

Reproduced from the MOT Inspection Manual by kind permission of THE VEHICLE INSPECTORATE.

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