Question:   We recently had a site assessment at one of our testing stations. Itshowed that, during one month this year, two QC checks had been missed by theQuality Controller at that station. As AEDM for seven testing stations, it wouldbe beneficial if there was some report or function on the VTS Device which Icould use to ensure that QC checks are being carried out on each site. TheQuality Controllers have access to QC check reports but unfortunately thisaccess is restricted to them. Why is this the case? And can something be done toimprove the AEDMs’, or even site managers’, access to information, so that we caneffectively monitor our QC checks on our testers via the VTS Device

Expert Answer:   
While I can profess to know many things about the MOT test, the same cannot be said when it comes to the roles and functions on the VTS Device. So I looked into what information, if any, is available to the AEDM with regard to monitoring QC checks.

As you have already discovered, the Quality Controller can record the results of QC checks, add comments or view QC check history and add comments. The tester must acknowledge the QC check results and can add their own comments. But, as you have said, it is clearly impractical for an AEDM, especially one with responsibility for several sites, to look over the Quality Controller’s or tester’s shoulder every time they do this.

histories. The report is entitled ‘User Personnel Information’ and can be ordered for an individual person, individual site, or multiple sites under the same AE-ship.

Is that it then? Fortunately not! The good news is that the AEDM, among others, can access a report that contains a wealth of useful information about testers, which includes data on QC check Once requested, reports will be available the next working day. Remember, you can only view these reports on the VTS Device from which they were ordered, although you can print them from any VTS Device under the same AE-ship.

As well as giving you the QC check history of the tester, the report provides information on roles, training and SN history. Also included is the number of instances of unauthorised access, for example the number of times a tester has entered their password incorrectly. Clearly, this information can be useful to an AEDM.

Finally, VOSA will be reviewing the QC process later this year, which may result in some changes. Watch this space!

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