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In the MOT seminars and Matters of Testing you often talk about CITA and your foreign trips abroad. What is CITA and is it good use of our MOT fee money for civil servants to globe trot?

I have just tested a ‘W’ Reg Vauxhall Astra and found the nearside tiebar missing. I was dismayed to find there was no reason for failure for this item and contacted the MOT Helpline to try to establish a reason to fail this item. I was shocked to find out that the item was a pass and advise.

Why has it not been added as a failure? It makes a mockery of the MOT test that if one end was insecure it is a fail, but if it’s missing it is a pass and advise.

Perhaps it is time to re-address the reasons for failure, maybe even asking NTs to give their opinion on these matters? NTs are disciplined for passing or failing items that are borderline. Isn’t it time NTs were trusted to make a judgement without having to worry about the possibility of being disciplined? Is anyone disciplined for leaving obvious failure items from Reasons for Rejection

‘We have an increasing number of ‘boy racers’ in our area who have excessively noisy exhaust pipes, which I consider to be a nuisance. How do these vehicles pass the MOT test – aren’t they illegal?

I have been having some problems working out when to use PRS duringthe MOT. I realise that it can only be used after test, but there appears to be some difference of opinion on whether it is used before or after repairs to the vehicle are completed. Can you shed some light on this

We recently had a site assessment at one of our testing stations. It showed that, during one month this year, two QC checks had been missed by the Quality Controller at that station. As AEDM for seven testing stations, it would be beneficial if there was some report or function on the VTS Device which I could use to ensure that QC checks are being carried out on each site. The Quality Controllers have access to QC check reports but unfortunately this access is restricted to them. Why is this the case? And can something be done to improve the AEDMs’, or even site managers’, access to information, so that we can effectively monitor our QC checks on our testers via the VTS Device

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