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I want tell you the experienced I had on 10.31.2017 with the service provided by this car service garage . I was on Friday 28/10/2016 to leave my personal car to be paint at the right rear side in the tank supply area. It was established with them on the day the day before .We fix a price of £ 270 for this service and I left the car there with their promise that the car it will be ready for collect on Saturday 10/29/2016 before closing time.I did a call around 15:00 hours to see what time I better to come to collect my car , and they told me that the car itís not ready and that I should leave it until Monday 31/10 / 2016.I had no choice .... I couldnít take the car unfinished. .When I went back on Monday 10/31/2016 to take it and to pay the difference of £ 70, I found that was two to extra scratches on the front and the rear bumper( 3cm scratches on the front bumper and 2 cm in the rear bumper ).When I told them about these scratches, they began to make me a liar, but indirectly. I wasnít happy with what I saw, and I said that I dont want to pay the rest pf money I have to pay,untill they will fix that 2 scratches.Of course ....,was a very long arguements,and they decide to take my private car keys, and to run away telling me that I want take my car untill I will pay the rest of money. In the midtime they told me that itís not their responsibility what happens with the car after I left in the garage for service.So you go to them for service,and they do extra damage on your private car,and they dont take any responsability!!! I had to call the police and the mayor to send the peoples who can help me , telling them the reason.The police was the one who attend the location,and after 3.5 hours I took my private cars keys bak.Now I did a complain to the Council,and I have to call this Cars Service to the Court to fix the price for the damage they did on my private car.They donít no how to treat the customers they have.The worst service I had ever. - Florin