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Avoiding MOT Failure - Bodywork
Avoiding MOT Failure - Braking System
Avoiding MOT Failure - Footbrake
Avoiding MOT Failure - Brakes
Avoiding MOT Failure - Doors
Avoiding MOT Failure - Drive Shafts
Avoiding MOT Failure - Electrical Equipment
Avoiding MOT Failure - Emissions - Diesel Engines
Avoiding MOT Failure - Emissions - Petrol Engines
Avoiding MOT Failure - Exhaust System
Avoiding MOT Failure - Fuel & Exhaust
Avoiding MOT Failure - Handbrake
Avoiding MOT Failure - Registration Plates & Vehicle Identification Number
Avoiding MOT Failure - Seat Belts
Avoiding MOT Failure - Shock Absorbers
Avoiding MOT Failure - Steering & Suspension
Avoiding MOT Failure - Steering Mechanism
Avoiding MOT Failure - Steering Wheel
Avoiding MOT Failure - Windscreen & Mirrors
Avoiding MOT Failures


Become a Authorised Tester
Bike MOT Manual
Bike MOT Manual - 1.1 Front & Rear position lamps
Bike MOT Manual - 1.2 Headlights
Bike MOT Manual - 1.3 Stop Lamps
Bike MOT Manual - 1.4 Rear Reflectors
Bike MOT Manual - 1.5 Direction Indicators
Bike MOT Manual - 1.6 Headlamp Aim
Bike MOT Manual - 2.1 Steering Control
Bike MOT Manual - 2.2 Steering System
Bike MOT Manual - 2.3 Front Suspension & Wheel Bearings
Bike MOT Manual - 2.4 Rear Suspension & Wheel bearings
Bike MOT Manual - 2.5 Wheel Alignment (Solo machine)
Bike MOT Manual - 3.1 Brake Controls
Bike MOT Manual - 3.2 Brake Systems
Bike MOT Manual - 3.3 Brake Performance
Bike MOT Manual - 4.1 Tyres
Bike MOT Manual - 4.2 Wheels
Bike MOT Manual - 5.1 Security
Bike MOT Manual - 5.2 Suspension & Wheel Bearings
Bike MOT Manual - 5.3 Wheel Alignment
Bike MOT Manual - 6.1 Horn


Car MOT Manual - 1.1 Lamps, Reflectors and Electrical Equipment
Car MOT Manual - 1.2 Stop Lamps
Car MOT Manual - 1.3 Rear Fog Lamps
Car MOT Manual - 1.4 Direction Indicators and Hazard Warning Lamps
Car MOT Manual - 1.5 Rear Reflectors
Car MOT Manual - 1.6 Audible Warning (Horn)
Car MOT Manual - 1.7 Headlamps
Car MOT Manual - 1.8 Headlamp Aim
Car MOT Manual - 1.9 Electrical Wiring and Battery
Car MOT Manual - 2.1 Steering Control
Car MOT Manual - 2.2 Steering System
Car MOT Manual - 2.3 Power Steering
Car MOT Manual - 2.4 Suspension - General
Car MOT Manual - 2.5 Front Suspension, Wheel Bearings and Drive Shafts
Car MOT Manual - 2.6 Rear Suspension and Wheel Bearings
Car MOT Manual - 2.7 Shock Absorbers
Car MOT Manual - 2.8 Suspension Type Diagrams
Car MOT Manual - 3.1 Parking Brake Control
Car MOT Manual - 3.2 Hand Operated Brake Control Valves
Car MOT Manual - 3.3 Service Brake Control
Car MOT Manual - 3.4 Anti-Lock Braking and Electronic Stability Control Systems
Car MOT Manual - 3.5 Mechanical Brake Components
Car MOT Manual - 3.6 Braking Systems and Additional Braking Devices
Car MOT Manual - 3.7 Brake Performance
Car MOT Manual - 4.1 Tyres (Structure)
Car MOT Manual - 4.2 Road Wheels
Car MOT Manual - 5.1 Seat Belt Requirements
Car MOT Manual - 5.2 Seat Belt Condition
Car MOT Manual - 5.3 Seat Belt Installation Requirements
Car MOT Manual - 5.4 Supplementary Restraint Systems (SRS)
Car MOT Manual - 6.1 Vehicle Structure, Body and General Items
Car MOT Manual - 6.2 Seats and Doors
Car MOT Manual - 6.3 Registration Plates & VIN Plate
Car MOT Manual - 6.4 Load Security, Spare Wheel and Carrier
Car MOT Manual - 6.5 Speed Limiter Plate
Car MOT Manual - 6.6 Towbars
Car MOT Manual - 6.7 Speedometer
Car MOT Manual - 6.8 Driving Controls
Car MOT Manual - 6.9 Glazing
Car MOT Manual - 7.1 Exhaust System
Car MOT Manual - 7.2 Fuel System
Car MOT Manual - 7.3 Exhaust Emissions - Spark Ignition
Car MOT Manual - 7.4 Exhaust Emissions - Compression Ignition
Car MOT Manual - 8.1 View to Rear
Car MOT Manual - 8.2 Wipers and Washers
Car MOT Manual - 8.3 Windscreen
Car MOT Manual - 8.4 Bonnet
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