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Q My car is fairly new but I have a flat tyre less than 5000 miles. All tyres on my car as recommended by the manufacturer are currently rated H. One of my front tyres is punctured. Can I replace one of my tyres on the front axle with a tyre rated V I will have a H rated and V rated higher on the front axle. Both rear tyres are H rated.

Name: Tracey

For MOT purposes, tyres on the same axle should be of the same type and structure and both must have an adequate speed rating for the vehicle. It doesnt matter if the speed ratings differ as long as they are both adequate. However, the British Association of Tyre Manufacturers recommends that, for optimum performance and safety, vehicles should be fitted with matching tyres.

Tyre Loads

Q My wife popped a rear tyre. She found 2 2nd hand tyres cheap for the rear. Our tyre guy said it was illegal to fitt the new tyres with a load rating 99 on the rear with the old front tyres with a 95 load rating. Is this true

Name: Chris Palffy   Town: Auckland

The British Tyre manufacturers state When replacing tyres ensure the Tyre Size is appropriate for the vehicle and that the Load Index and Speed Symbol are equal to or higher than those tyres originally fitted by the vehicle manufacturer with your load ratings higher then you are fine

Van fitted with car Tyres

Q Will you van pass with a good set of car tyres or do i need van tyres

Name: Kieran    Town: Londonderry

Vans, even car derived vans, usually require specific tyres which are designed to cope with the payload of the vehicle. Car tyres are often not suitable for vans a reason for rejection is if a tyre has a load index or ply rating and tyre size that is inadequate for the permitted maximum laden weight of the axle to which it is fitted

Van tyres

Q Hi
My car Chevrolet Captiva 2WD uses 215R70/16 100H tyres, can I fit van tyres of the same size/rating
I have searched Google and cant find a authoritative answer.
Many thanks

Name: Guy   Town: SHEPTON MALLET

Yes you can. Van tyres are made for higher loads than cars. As long as the tyres are in good condition and match per axle then they will pass an MOT

Q My car is originally fitted with 205 55 16 tyres and I have just replaced the rear tyres with a pair of 205 50 16 with a higher speed and load rating. The tyre fitter said it may not pass the MOT with this configuration. Is this the case A friend also told me as long as the smaller tyres are on the front, it should be ok.

Many thanks.

Name: Kev   Town: Dundee

Providing they are matching pairs you will pass the BMW 740 D has larger tyres on the rear

commercial tyres

Q Hi ive just ordered 3 new tyres for my honda crv to pass its mot. Ive now realised ive ordered the right size, but commercial tyres Its too late to change order as they are on the way, are these ok for crv or will it fail mot if fitted

Name: Brigette Barnes

As long as the tyres that share an axle are of the same size, aspect ratio structure.

Different sized tyres

Q Hi i have a vauxhall astra 1.6l i went to speedys to get new tyres changed on both sides in the front. After few months what i have noticed is my back tyres are 185 and speedy has put 195 in the front. Is that a problem Suppose i had to change one of the back tyre and put 195 instead of 185 would that make my car look high and low from the rear side. Thank you

Name: Salman patel   Town: Leicester

It would only be a problem if two tyres sharing the same axle where different. This would be an MOT fail

TPMS fault

Q I have a Chrysler 300c and have pressure sensors in my tyres and a light on my dash board to tell me when they are under pressure, I had to change a trye as the valve was broken thus leaving the car with only 3 working pressure sensors. The main dealership says that it is an MOT fail if all of sensors are not working I check my tyres every week so I know that the pressure in the tyres is correct .... I have an ORANGE LIGHT DISPLAYED ON MY DASH TELLING ME THAT ONE SENSOR IS NOT WORKING .. IS THIS AN mot FAIL


Yes - As of 1 January 2015, a car displaying a TPMS fault when submitted for its MOT will result in a test failure

Tyre age

Q my car has 10 years old tyres, can i pass mot

Name: Ruta   Town: Dromore

Although various manufacturers do not recommend using tyres of that age After five years or more in use, your tyres should be thoroughly inspected at least once per year by a professional the age is not a reason to fail but condition is the deciding factor

Q Can tyres that were made in 1990 but never fitted still be road legal and safe in 2016

Name: Richard Green   Town: Southampton

It is strongly recommend that unused tyres should not be put into service if they are over 6 years old and that all tyres should be replaced 10 years from the date of their manufacture.

MOT Tyre speed ratings

Q hello, ive had some new tyres put on my jeep by the dealer which are q rated at 99 mph, the jeeps top speed is 107 mph is this something i should be worried about for safety legal reasons, thankyou.

Name: kevin taylor   Town: rotherham

To be legal or pass the MOT it is not required to have either the original spec tyres fitted by the manufacturer or those that match the maximum speed of the vehicle the tyres must be suitable for the type of use of the vehicle on a day to day basis

Different size tyres

Q Hi

Is it ok to have 195 tyres on rear and 185 tyres on frons


Name: Dave   Town: Paignton

Yes you will pass with matched pair of tyres on the front and a matched pair on the rear

Matching tyres

Q Fiesta van with 86t rated winter tyres on all round. Can I replace rears only with 90t rated summer tyres without gettting mot failed.

Name: Chris   Town: Swindon

Providing the wheels and tyres on the same axel ie front or back are the same size you will pass

Tyre Sizes

Q Original size 205/55r16, got aftermarket wheels, new tyresize 225/40r18 even when tyres new, will it pass mot This tyre size is not written on original tyre size chart in the cars door way

Name: Swan   Town: Ipsden

Changing wheel sizes is permissible as long as they do not foul any part of the car if the tyres are the same size on each wheel then you will pass

New Tyres

Q I think my car may need new tyres, it is also due for an MOT. Should I get the new tyres before the MOT or wait

Name: Sarah   Town: Worcester

Your car can fail on worn tyres if they are getting near their renewal it is better to replace the worn ones before the test

Q I want to replace the standard alloys and tyres on a 2015 Ford Transit Connect Panel Van with different alloys and tyres matching sizes etc taken as a given.

Is a Transit Connect a Class 4 vehicle therefore and is tyre ratings not an issue What about the alternative alloy wheels. My thinking is that these vans can carry weight and will it pass an MOT of aftermarket alloys and tyres fitted


Name: Ronan   Town: Tyrone

The van is tested as a class 4 the wheels will be treated as cosmetic

old tyres


Why is the age of a motorcycle tyre not taken into consideration at MOT time

I have just enquired about a motorcycle for sale, built in 1998 but that has been in storage for 10 years from around 2003. The mileage is 2600, therefore the visible wear is minimal.

The tyres are dated from the year of manufacture and are therefore around 16 years old.

The manufactures give a usable age that is no longer than 10 years, usually more like 5 as the rubber deteriorates over time.

The seller is offering the motorcycle with a current MOT certificate

Surely this is a gap in the testing criteria that needs attention

The age of the brake fluid is very likely to be of the same vintage as there is no service record.

Please advise.

Name: Peter Evans   Town: Manchester

The age of all tyres should be taken into consideration but unfortunately a visual check is standard older tyres are dangerous and it is only a matter of time before it the date check enters the manual as for brake fluid or power steering we can assume the cost of testing equipment would push up the cost of the mot


Q Hi.i have a bmw e87 and I have to put 225/40/18, if I put 245/40/18 for rear I will pass the test

Name: Vasile Ghinet-Dospinescu

As long as both tyres on the rear are the same size the car will pass. The MOT manual states that tyres on the same axle must be of the same nominal size or aspect ratio.

Cracked Tyres

Q would i fail mot if my tyres are cracked on the sides but has enough trade depth

Name: Himuul daju

If the tyres are deemed dangerous and/or likely to fail then the vehicle would fail its mot.

Tread Pattern Depth

Q My garage are telling me that my tyres must be changed because they are 70 per cent worn. Tread pattern is consistent across the tyres and the depth of tread is the same across the tyre at 3.5mm.

They say that 70 per cent wear will me a MOT failure.

Are they correct

Name: Mr R Hooper

If the tread pattern is more than 1.6mm deep for 75 or more of the tread pattern then the tyre would pass unless deemed dangerous for some other reason by the MOT tester.

Speed ratings

Q My car has tyres on the rear axle that show different speed ratings is that a fail on test

Name: David

Tyres on the same axle are checked that they are of the same type and structure and that both have an adequate speed rating for the vehicle. It doesnt matter if they differ as long as they both are good enough

Mixed Tyres

Q Is it legal to mix same size summer and winter tyres on the same axle of a van

Name: Andy Bell   Town: York

Tyres sharing an axle must of the same type and structure. The tread patterns do not need to match as long as they are in good condition.

Perishing tyres

Q Is slight perishing on tyres an mot failure.

Name: James Wallace   Town: Glastonbury

If the tyres are deemed as dangerous by the MOT tester then the car will fail.

Second hand Tyres

Q If my car has failed m.o.t on tyres can I replace with second hand ones to pass

Name: Ali   Town: Oldham

As long as the tread is within the legal limit and the tyres are in good condition then yes.

Tyre Sizes

Q I have fitted in my car the standard tyres size 215/55/16 93W, I need to replace them and I could get 4 brand new 195/55/16 87V instead....Could I replace them and still pass the MOT

Name: Jose   Town: Southampton

As long as the tyres fit the rims properly and are of the same size per axle.

One rear wheel which is an alloy

Q My MOT garage said that my car has failed the MOT because I have one rear wheel which is an alloy and the other rear wheel is a steel wheel. They are both the same size. Are they right

Name: Cath   Town: Tilehurst

Its really the tyres that are tested. Tyres on the same axle must match and you cannot have a space saver for the MOT.

Unauthorised work

Q Just had wifes car motd.The garage have failed it on worn front tyre and have stated it is unroadworthy. Tyres had been ordered from a different garage and ready to be put on.The garage that did the mot are claiming the work and are charging nearly double the price of the tyres I wanted on the car. Can they refuse to let the car go, with 11 days left of the original mot, and push my wife into paying their hefty charges for a new tyre

Name: Gene Sisley   Town: Hayle

The garage should not have proceeded to do any work on the car without your authorisation. If they have not already fitted the tyre then there is no obligation to have the tyre fitted by them. If they have fitted the tyre then they may refuse to release the car until any outstanding bills have been paid for.

The citizens advice bureau says: If you only asked the garage to do a specific piece of work and they did extra work that you didnt ask for, you can ask them to undo the work. If this isnt possible, you should insist you only pay for the work that was agreed.

The garage is not allowed to sell or get rid of the car while youre disputing the bill. They can, however, keep your car while the bill is being disputed.

Ask the garage if theyre a member of any trade association eg Motor Codes, the Retail Motor Industry Federation61582;or the Motor Cycle Industry Association. You could also search the trade associations websites to see if the garage is a member.

Some trade associations will offer a free service where they will help you resolve your dispute with the garage - this can include getting compensation eg for being out of pocket or having your time wasted.

Contact the trade association and explain your circumstances to them - this is sometimes called a conciliation service.

Youll only be able to get help from a trade association if the garage is a member.

Use an alternative dispute resolution ADR scheme

Ask the garage if theyre a member of an alternative dispute resolution ADR scheme - its a way of solving disagreements without going to court. A third party will mediate to try and reach a solution.

If they dont respond, theyre not a member of an ADR scheme or wont use ADR, keep a record of the fact that you asked them and the date. Youll need this if you end up in court.

Choose a Trading Standards-approved ADR scheme61582;yourself to try and solve the problem more informally. Itll help you later if you end up going to court.

Minimum tyre tread depth

Q what is the thread depth required to pass the MOT

Name: james mcphilemy   Town: strabane

The law requires car tyres to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in a continuous band around the central three quarters of the tyre. To help you judge how much tread you have on your car tyres, manufacturers often mould tread bars at roughly 1.6mm.

Winter Tyres

Q I have winter tyres on my car will it pass a mot

Name: Karl Wilkinson    Town: Salford

If the tyres are in good condition you will pass

Mixed TYres

Q Can my car have mixed brands of tyre

Name: David Knight   Town: Basingstoke

If the tyres are the same size the brand of the tyre does not effect you and providing the tyres are within the legal limit you will pass

Tyres Wear

Q My new tyres have 7mm depth in the main grooves but the small grooves at either side running radially have a depth varying between 3 at each end and 5 in the centre. Do these small grooves count in the 75 measurement of depth for the MOT as they will surely be worn down far sooner

Name: bob lando   Town: york

The design of tyres is such that providing the correct pressures are maintained you will get even wear that is providing you do not use the car like a racer

Tyre size

Q My car was fitted with 225/50/r17 /98h tyres it has now been fitted with 225/50/r17 /97h. Is this a mot failure the difference in the h number

Name: Phil   Town: Aberdeen

As long as the sizes of the tyres on the car are all the same size you will pass

Tyre ratings

Q I have been informed it is illegal to mix tyres with diffent speed ratings on the same axle. is this correct

Name: Don   Town: Kenilworth

As long as the tyres are identical in size its a pass

Q Hello,

Hope you can help.

On a Renault Traffic short wheel base I have 4 x 195/65/16C summer tyres on.

3 of these are 8ply and 1 is 6ply rated. Is this legal will it pass MOT like this

I really appreciate your help. thank you.


Name: byron   Town: southampton

As long as the tyres are the same size which they are and in serviceable condition the will pass

Failed MOT early

Q If I take my car for an MOT 1 month before it expires, and it fails, is the old MOT certificate still valid I wouldnt include tyres in this as it would be illegal to drive on worn tyres.

Thank you.

Name: Mark   Town: Sittingbourne

If your vehicle fails its MOT a month early, Yes, you can drive it on the old MOT test certificate untill that expiry date

Tyres Life span

Q  what is the legal life span for road tyres

Name: hugh sumner    Town: leyland

There is no official legal time Michelin and Continental advise a 10 year life span but how the tyre has been treated curbing or potholes can have a detrimental effect on its life span useful tyre information can be found on

retest for tyres

Q My car failed its MOT as 1 tyre tread depth was below 1.6mm. If I now replace that tyre for retest within 10 days, does the MOT test centre only check the replacement tyre, or do they also check all the other tyres again

Name: Jeff   Town: London

They should only check the tyre that failed but if they notice another tyre below the limit then they will fail it on that.

Close to the limit

Q two tyres on my micra are close to the legal limit 4.1.E.1 can I safely make a long journey

Name: s.connor

It can take 100s of miles to remove the merest of rubber unless there is a suspension problem causing uneven wear or low tyre inflation etc. Note: Close to the legal limit is NOT beyond the legal limit, so Yes you can drive it.

TPMS Fault

Q Garage Failed on TPMS along with a couple of Minor Faults. Previous Owner had the Sensors removed from all 4 Wheels.

TPMS light flashes for Approx 10 Seconds and then stays on.

Dave October 2017

Name: Dave

For cars first used on or after 1 January 2012: If the TPMS light flashes and then stays on then it indicates a fault which will in turn cause an MOT fail. Its one of those things where they are not required to be fitted but if they are, they must work. You could have them re-fitted, they are fitted where the old tyre valve is located when the tyres are removed.

Tyre Load and Speed ratings

Q Hello,

is it allowed to have tyre

225/45 R17 Y 94 on left front wheel, and

225/45 R17 Y 91 on right front wheel

ie 94 load vs 91 load

I think it is ok because they are physically the same size, but I wanted to check please. The 94 seem to have better fuel efficiency.

Name: joe

Tyres that share an axle must match in nominal size and aspect ratio. The load and speed ratings do not have to match as long as they are both adequate for the vehicle.

Re Test at different MOT Station

Q My car failed the test on three things. If I fix these things, and take it to another, different MOT centre, within the 10 working days limit, will it only be tested on those failures I.E just a partial test as opposed to a full MOT. I understand the full fee will apply

Name: Alan

A partial test would normally only be done by the same garage as the original test otherwise the test would be full You would be paying for a full test if you took it to a different station anyway

You wont have to pay again if you take it back to the same test centre before the end of the next working day for a partial retest on one or more of these items:

access panels




brake pedal antislip

break glass hammer class 5 vehicles only

doors including hinges, catches and pillars

door open warning device class 5 vehicles only


electrical wiring

emergency exits and signs class 5 vehicles only

entrance door remote control class 5 vehicles only

entrance/exit steps class 5 vehicles only

fuel filler cap

headlamp cleaning or levelling devices that doesnt need a headlamp aim check


lamps excluding headlamp aim

loading door

main beam tell-tale


rear reflectors

registration plates

seatbelts but not anchorages, seatbelt load limiter and seatbelt pre-tensioner


sharp edges or projections

stairs class 5 vehicles only

steering wheel



trailer electrical sockets

towbars excluding body around anchorage points

tyre pressure monitoring system

vehicle identification number VIN

windscreen glass, wipers and washers

wheels and tyres excluding motorcycles and motorcycles with sidecar

MOT advisory

Q Does an mot advisory stay an the certificate until it is fixed

Name: Net   Town: Bristol

Yes normally. But the tester can only test the car as it appears on the day of the test. An intermittent fault may no show. Tyres can be swapped and swapped back later etc.

Differnet size tyres

Q Hi will my car pass a not with 18 rear wheels and 16 front wheels

Name: Zane   Town: Portsmouth

Yes it should pass - some cars are manufactured like this as standard.
The tyres must match on each axle only in structure, ply and aspect ratio. Front and back are not important as long as they match on each axle

Mixed Tyres

Q for the mot can you mix symmetrical and directional on the same axle

Name: gordon   Town: troon

Tyre structures cannot be mixed on any axle. However structure refers to radial, cross-ply or bias-belted. So as long as both tyres are correct for the vehicle and the same structure Radial probably then the car will pass an MOT

Tyre tread patterns

Q hi can I have two diffrent tread on the one axl they are the same size but they have two diffrent tread.

Name: Michael   Town: Glasgow

Providing the tyres are of the same size different tread patterns are passable

Tyre Problem

Q thank you

the rear wheels have cracks on sides and tread

Name: Ruta   Town: Dromore

The tester will assess the condition of the tyres if in his opinion that they are unsafe then he will fail the car


Q Hi, If there are advisory items in the previous MOT test and there are no advisory items in subsequent test, does it mean that the advisory items are taken care In other words, if the previous advisory items are not appeared in the latest MOT test, does it mean that it is taken care. Thanks Kar.

Name: Kar   Town: Norfolk

Advisories are only what the tester thinks you should watch because they are nearing failure an example if your tyres are near the legal limit then he would make an advisory but if your mileage is greatly reduced this time he may just pass them

Brake advisory

Q My paper copy of my MOT lists my breaks as Dangerous under the advisory notices. It still passed and the online version doesnt use the word dangerous. I had the breaks checked a week later whilst fitting new tyres and they came back with am amber warning. Does the online and paper copy of my MOT have to match

Name: Victor W   Town: Dartford

The advisory means what it says which in this case the brakes are not bad enough to fail but could in the opinion of the tester do so in the near future

Old Tyre

Q will my tyre pass mot that is 15 years old but never been fitted to a wheel

Name: b wall   Town: billingshurst

It really depends on the condition it is not advisable to run on older tyres but some are not affected by age where as some are

Q my car passed its mot with ease but had a list of advisories. I am able to have the mot done elsewhere and if so, if the mot has no advisories after the retest, will the first mot and advisories be removed from the database.

Name: elaine   Town: renfrew

The advisories are only the opinions of the person who tests the car if a tester thinks that there is about 3000 miles of wear left on the tyres and you do 2000 miles a month then he may give an advisory but if you only do 2000 miles a year he would not it is a personal assessment whether a component will need replacing or repairing in the near future different testers can come to different decisions

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