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US 1965 Pickup

Q I have 1965 US pick up. The side lights act as indicators at the front. When I turn on the side lights they are obviously orange.

Do I need to install separate white side lights

I understand that the rear red indicators/ brakes are fine.

Name: H   Town: Chelmsford

I am afraid it will not pass information from the DVSA can be found on link below

Click here for more information

Side Lights

Q Im getting a warning saying that side lights bulbs are faulty, but they are working fine. Would this be an mot failure

Name: Helen

No - as long as the side lights are working. The side light warning indicator is not part of the test.

If youve got one of these warning lights then it must now work correctly:
Electronic parking brake
Electronic stability control
Headlight main beam warning light
Electronic power steering warning light
Brake fluid level warning light
Seat belt pre-tensioner warning light

Parking lights

Q Will it fail on parking light failure

Name: Mark kelly

Parking lights are not part of the MOT test. Side lights are however - if these are the same lights then they must function as side lights normally.

Side lights

Q on a mot do your side lights have to work with the ignition off

Name: Mark   Town: Leighton buzzard

Side lights must work with the ignition off otherwise the car will fail the test

Old sidelights yellowing

Q My car has 3 different types of lights within the headlight:

Side lights

Dipped beam/main beam


Will my car fail an MOT if my sidelights have a yellow tint in terms of simply just older halogen bulb perfectly legal while my dipped beams are Philips white vision

Name: Dave

Slight discolouration of a white light is not reason to fail an MOT as long as they are not amber like the indicators.

Running lights

Q would a car fail the mot if running lights are not workn

Name: johnny

Running lights are not part of the MOT unless they are part of your side lights/headlamps configuration

adversely affected by the operation of any other lamp

Q Should a car fail its MOT if when the brake is applied both the brake lights and the front side lights come on

Name: Ian Dale

It could do, Re: section 1.2 Stop Lamps

Reason for Rejection

f. adversely affected by the operation of any other lamp

daytime lights

Q Do daytime lights need to work for the car to pass an MOT test

Name: Alan Humphries   Town: Inverness

Daytime running lights are not tested as part of the MOT test. However the lights must function normally at night if they are part of your headlights/side lights.

Yellow Sidelights

Q I have a 2013 hyundia sonata i have just imported from America it has yellow front side lights will this fail a mot

Name: Rich   Town: Reading

Yellow sidelights can be a pass if they are incorporated in a yellow headlamp

Faulty Hazard lights

Q The rear hazard warning lights on my car only flash if the engine is running. If the engine is not running only the front and side lights flash the rear lights remain off. The indicators work properly whether or not the engine is running. Will it pass the MOT like this

Name: Sam   Town: St Albans

No you will fail the hazard lights have to work all round whether the engine is running or not


Q My bumper is cracked and one of the small side lights can not be replaced will it fail its MOT

Name: Maria   Town: Woodford

The bumper is not part of the test but the side light is and the manual states 3. An obligatory lamp:

a. missing is a fail

motorcycle sidelights

Q Does a motorcycle need sidelights. My side lights are now perfectly working indicators with amber bulbs, will my bike pass MOT..


Name: Ben   Town: Southampton

Sidelights are not part of the test but if fitted will be tested if they have been converted into working indicators you should pass

Side Lights

Q Side lights are their restrictions on colour ie yellow /white or blue tint

Name: Arthur Gray   Town: Sompting

White to the front and red to the rear some test centres are a bit relaxed on the brightness

Side Lights

Q Can I wire my sidelights up separate to pass the mot

Name: Kieran

The Manual says: Dim-dip headlamp systems require the front position lamps to be checked for operation with the ignition switched off. This may involve the operation of a separate switch.

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