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Daytime running lights

Q Hello, I have a 2010 Citroen C5 due for an MOT. One of the daytime running lights has blown, will the cause a MOT failure

Name: JohnH   Town: Kidderminster

Daytime running lights are not part of the Test

Side running lights

Q Are working LED side running lights required for MOT on a horse lorry 7.5 not HGV

Name: Michelle Barnard

Yes. If it has got an area for carrying motorbikes or cart or even race cars, horses or such like it should be tested as a goods vehicle. These lamps are then testable.

Backup brake lights

Q Mercedes MLs have a habit of the backup brake lights being used when the connection to the normal brake light has failed. The fog lamps are used as brake lights when this happens. Would this be a UK MOT failure when tested

Name: martin

As long as you have high intensity red lights that light up when the brake pedal is depressed and extinguish when released and they do not affect the normal light I.e. side/running lights

Amber side running lights

Q I have a motorhome with 4 amber side running lights on each side. A couple of them are not working is this a fail

Name: G howe   Town: Bognor Regis

Side marker lights are not required on motorhomes, Optional lights are not testable on a class 4 test. These lamps are not normally fitted unless the vehicle is a living van rather than a Motorhome. A living van is a vehicle constructed with living accommodation but also has a load carrying area. If it has got an area for carrying motorbikes or cart or even race cars, horses or such like it should be tested as a goods vehicle. These lamps are then testable.

daytime lights

Q Do daytime lights need to work for the car to pass an MOT test

Name: Alan Humphries   Town: Inverness

Daytime running lights are not tested as part of the MOT test. However the lights must function normally at night if they are part of your headlights/side lights.

Tail light out

Q can you still drive lgv with one of the rear tail running lights out

Name: Lewis   Town: Muirhead

You cannot drive any vehicle legally with a tail light out

American Motorcycle lights

Q I have an US imported motorcycle on which the headlight and tailight are always on and there is no switch to turn them off, only a low and main beam. Also there is no side light fitted nor a switch for one. Will this pass

Name: John   Town: Bideford

Daytime running lights are not part of the test

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Daytime running lights

Q My daytime running lights are being changed to fog lights with a switch to turn off during clear weather is this legal

Name: Margaret grantham   Town: bradford

DLRs are designed to make vehicles more visible during daylight hours and are now common on vehicles of testable age. DRLs themselves are not covered by the manual and are therefore not testable items.

Daytime Running Lights

Q Does a daytime driving light fail an mot if it is not working

Name: Jay jay   Town: Liverpool

Daytime running lamps are not testable unless they replace the front position lamps. Where this is the case, they should dim when the position lamps are switched on and may extinguish when the headlamps are switched on.

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