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Retest Charge

Q My car failed its MOT and I took it away from the garage to do my own repairs. I tried to book the car in for retest after a eight day period but the garage has told me that they cant book me in for retest untill 12 days after the original MOT. Will I have to pay for a full MOT test due to my garage being too busy to do the retest

Name: Andy Watters   Town: Bicester

If the failure to retest within the allotted time is due to the garage not being able to retest you then you should expect the garage to make an allowance this is up to the discretion of the garage

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Different tester for re-test

Q My car failed its mot i done the repairs and took it back for retest. It failed again because i hadnt cleaned the lights enough old car the headlights turned yellow. I noticed that on the failure certificate that the original tester was diffrent from the tester that done the retest . Surely it would have to be the same tester to do the retest Same garage and retest was done within 10 working days

Name: Jake

As far as I am aware there is no maximum number of testers at an MOT station. As long as the Tester is qualified to MOT test the vehicle.

Retest after 10 days

Q If car fell in mot and taking away from the garage but then returned back to be repaired by the same garage within 10days should you pay for retest

Name: Peter   Town: Inverurie

Taking it back for a retest within 10 working days

Youll only need a partial retest if you take the vehicle from the test centre for repairs and take it back within 10 working days. You can be charged a partial retest fee for this.

Retesst fee

Q Am I entitled to a free mot retest if airbag light issue has been fixed

Name: Michael   Town: Rochester

If the vehicle is removed from the testing station for repair and returned for retest within

10 working days following the day of the initial failure, then only a partial retest is needed and a partial retest fee may be charged.

MOT Retest

Q Can I have my retest done at a different test center

Name: James   Town: Brown

If the vehicle is left at the MOT testing station for repair and is retested before the end of 10 working days following the day of failure, then only a partial retest is needed for which no fee is charged but if you failed the test on items that are not included in the partial retest then you can go to another test centre but you will be charged their full fee

Q Hi,

Further to my recent question, I asked if mot tester could fail my car on retest for an item not on the original failure notice. I thought car could only be partially retested for the original items that failed and not for a new defect noticed on retest.

Name: Jim   Town: Glasgow

Unless there was a lengthy time between the retest the new defect should have been picked up if the tester finds a fault on the vehicle he has to fail it but you can complain to the VLSA about the original test

Advisory notices

Q hello.

my car failed its mot exhaust had hole one blown bulb

I removed car from st and had repairs carried out returning car to MOT St later that day for retest

Retest was scheduled for next day at 11 I booked in at 10.45 and waited around.

when my car was presented back to me with its MOT Cert I noticed it had an extra 3 advisories on it from when it failed day before one of the extra advisory was my temp gauge doesnt operate correctly as far as i understood this would be a mechanical issue rather than an safety issue perhaps I am wrong

basically, all I wanted to know is should extra things be added on a retest can some one explain the procedure.

One confused Golf Driver

Name: Klare   Town: Sussex

When the car was re submitted for the retest it was probably tested by a different tester it is a matter of personal assessment on the condition of components this was probably the reason for the advisory notices these can be very helpful

Failed retest


Name: Angus   Town: Inverness

If you are not satisfied with the service given then you should complain go to and the link will give you a form to complain

MOT Retest Fees

Q Hi. My car failed MOT. I paid for MOT 40. The garage want to charge me again full MOT price for retest. What to do They are saying it is company policy.

Name: Eva

Retest fees are policy and not law. Too late now but take it somewhere else next year and check the retest fees first

MOT retest

Q My car was MOT tested at garage. It needed a part that was 3 day order. I took car away, no repairs were done, and Ive been charged full 45 retest fee. I could understand if work was done elsewhere. Also an abs cable wire has been broken during MOT should this be replaced free of charge

Name: John   Town: York

You should only be charged a partial retest fee or even nothing if the car is returned for the retest within 10 days but this varies from garage to garage. They should not charge you for a retest fee unless the vehicle has been re-tested You are not clear on this

As for the ABS cable you could demand a repair or if they refuse, take and get it repaired elsewhere and send them the bill, if they refuse then you would have to take them to the small claims court where you could lose. You would have to prove that the cable was broken before the MOT Its up to you.

MOT Retest

Q My MOT failed because of cracked coil spring and wipers worn out. Took my car to another garage to fix the and replace coil spring with other advisory items brake pads break pipe front washers cleaned,although the repair garage said the wipers were not worn out but replaced as per my advice

MOT test centre had advised that they would charge me for retest, today is the 5th working from last Thursday, I called the MOT test centre and they are telling that I will have to pay for the test because the after the failed i have run out of time which means it is out dated so they will have to charge me for a full test or a partial test... Please help.

Name: Usha   Town: Hitchin

You are allowed 10 days for a partial retest put into your address bar if the Test Centre insists on charging you you can complain to the DVSA

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MOT Retest

Q My car is due a retest but the person that did the original test is on leave and they are saying bring it in next week even though they have another person that does mots. Is it only the person that carries out the mot the only one allowed to do the retest in the same garage

Name: John   Town: Scotland

No all qualified mot testers should be able to carry out a retest if the other mechanics are not qualified then you would have to wait

Retest Failure on different item

Q Hello. I taken my motorcycle in to main motorcycle dealers for its mot the mot guy failed it on the headlight not in line .They could not do it as it was 10 min job but they was closing for the day and didnt have time saying paper work. Time sheets to be filled in cleaning the work area they asked if I could bring it back the next day 40 mile round trip it ok its a nice bike ride so I gets there the next day the 1st mot guy not there its guy so He does a full mot after he fixed the light .the said its failed on the green neutral light on the clocks .now when you use the bike when its cold it works when bike warms up the light works part time .as I just got there and he starts right away when the 1st mot guy let the bike cool down so it worked for him NOW the 2and mot guy says its failed can they recheck the whole bike as I thought it would only be the item it failed on .also I had to pay a retest fee .which I think is disgusting as if I said the night before no fix the light I would have had no fee to pay and a new mot so me doing the 1st mot guy a favour I get screwed over . Can you advise me thank you Ian

Name: Iain

I would steer clear of this MOT garage in the future. Technically they have done nothing wrong. The MOT tester tests the vehicle at the time and if something doesnt work he fails it, irrespectively to and previous tests. A retest should only test items relating to the original fail. Nominated testers NTs can remove failure items when theyre repaired by selecting the Repaired button. So there was no need to redo the whole MOT test.

You can always complain if you think that the vehicle failed unfairly by clicking this link however they might say that the vehicle should have failed originally for the fault.

Suspicious MOT Fail

Q My car failed its MOT but Im a little suspicious Can I take it to another garage and ask them to MOT it and see if they come up with same problems

Name: Suze   Town: Norwich

Of course you can but this would cost you another fee. If the car was to pass you could complain about the previous garage. See Retests and appeals.asp

MOT period covered

Q What is the date of the MOT following a retest Should it be dated from the original failed MOT, or from the second successful test

Name: MJ   Town: Maidenhead

An MOT test certificate is valid for 12 months from issue. Which would be only when the car passed. The retest


Q My car is in for mot retest but will not be ready in time to tax by 31.1.17. As it is at the centre awaiting retest, do I have to apply for sorn notice

Name: E. Brown   Town: Redditch

You need to make a SORN Statutory Off Road Notification when you take a vehicle off the road and you want to stop taxing and insuring it.

Retest Charge

Q MOT failed due to a broken mirror. I took it away, fixed it and returned it for a retest the next working day. The garage are charging a retest fee as there wasnt enough time to test it that day. Thats not what it says on the MOT website. Who is right

Name: Stewart   Town: Lenzie

You should complain to the DVSA the link is below

Click here for more information

Car repairs



No the garage should retest free of charge


Q Does an HGV MOT retest have to be at the same testing facility it failed at

Name: Simon   Town: Dorset

No you can have a retest at a test centre of your choice if you are not satisfied ATF centres are DVSA validated

Q My car failed its mot, discs, pads, cv boot and caliper. On this original fail sheet it had an advisory saying my parking brake efficiency was 18. Once I got these failures fixed at another garage and the car passed its retest, the advisory had nothing in it. The mot tester stated that because he couldnt retest this part he could not put this in the advisory part of the pass certificate.

Is this true Or is it not in the advisory part because the caliper got fixed

I also got advised when my car failed that my car may not have an eligible mot certificate as it failed I still had 23 weeks left on the current mot, and this was a grey area. Surely if it wasnt road worthy the garage wouldnt have let drive away in it

Name: Graeme Williamson    Town: scotland

The MOT test is all down to the testers judgement this like all aspects of checking varies from one tester to another advisories are components which although in the testers opinion do not fail the test at the time of inspection only have a limited life if the car has failed on a dangerous component you are still able to drive on the existing MOT but if you have an accident then you

can invalidate your insurance and have a problem with the law

Q mechanic gone on holiday and my car failed MOT needed new tyre. Thought he was away for a few days been a week now. What happens about my MOT now.

Name: stella bowker   Town: manchester

If your car has failed then you are only allowed to drive it to be repaired and back for a retest if your mechanic is not available then you will need to have a partial retest which can be charged and is usually half the Mot full charge if it is longer than ten days then you will need a full test again

Q Due to the reorganisation of the HGV testing facilities my local testing facility has been finding it impossible to find an available slot for the retest that my HGV 7.5 tonne just to check out a readjusted headlight and a repaired rear fog light. It appears that the current arrangements do not have enough capacity and my vehicle has now been off the road for 2 weeks because I cannot get it retested. What are the obligations of the original test facility to retest me during the 10 day retest window

Name: Paul Hubbard   Town: Royston Herts

There are no rules about this but only the original garage can give you a retest if you are willing to present your vehicle within the ten days and give reasonable notice then the garage should retest you if not you can call 0845 600 5977 local rate. and complain

MOT Running out

Q i put my car in for its mot before it ran out and it failed , i have got the car fixed now but i put in for a retest but it means my mot has ran out can i still drive my car.

Name: ellen    Town: belfast

No you can not drive the car legally untill the retest day

Mot extensions

Q My van is due an MOT and needs repairs will I get and extension to get these done

Name: Sam   Town: Plymouth

There is no allowance on MOT certificates they are only in force till midnight on the day before retest

MOT Failure

Q I have failed my m.o.t and they have gave me 10 days to sort it out and take it back to them can I still ride it till them 10 days r up

Name: Aaron   Town: Essex

You can drive the vehicle as long as you still have days left on the old certificate. You will have to stop driving the vehicle after the old certificate has run out. The garage would give you 10 days so that you will only pay for part of the MOT retest

retest for tyres

Q My car failed its MOT as 1 tyre tread depth was below 1.6mm. If I now replace that tyre for retest within 10 days, does the MOT test centre only check the replacement tyre, or do they also check all the other tyres again

Name: Jeff   Town: London

They should only check the tyre that failed but if they notice another tyre below the limit then they will fail it on that.

Retest 10 days

Q does the first day of the 10 working days for a retest start on the fail day or the day after please

Name: george   Town: derby

It starts on the day of the MOT

Steering rack gaiter split

Q My Ford Fiesta failed its MOT and one of the reasons was the steering rack gaiter split. I got this replaced at a local garage took it back for retest and its failed because they said its not secured properly. Apparently they secured with cable ties instead of a clip, yet the garage where I had this done admits their MOT passes it with cable ties but the other testing station doesnt. Do they make the rules up as they go along This is causing me severe stress. Please advise.

Name: Joan

The MOT tester must deem the gaiters secure and not liable to leak or allow the ingress of dirt. There is obviously some opinion and judgement involved and 2 different testers can have differing opinions. I personally would have thought that cable ties Ratchet and heavy duty would be adequate to stop leakage and the ingress of dirt. This is what this part of the test is really about.

Early MOT test

Q I had my car tested 3 weeks early. It failed first time but, after repair, passed a couple of days later. I assumed the new certificate would be dated from the original expiry date of the previous one. Instead it is dated from the date of retest. Is this correct The Government website gives no info on this so your advice would be most welcome.

Name: Rufus

If you have your car tested up to 1 day short of a month before your current MOT expires then the new MOT should be valid for 12 months from the expiry date at the end of the month.

broken rearview mirror

Q my rearview mirror is broken so currently not on the mounting bracket on the window it was listed as an advisory on my failed MOT will it pass on retest if this has not been fixed

Name: Mattie   Town: Crawley

As long as you have 2 mirrors, one being the drivers door mirror, then the car should pass

Earliest MOT renewal

Q My MOT expires on 30th November. To preserve this date, could I take my car for MOT renewal, on 30th October, 31st October or 1st November

Name: Ram

The earliest retest date for the same expiry date next year would be minus 1 month plus one day. ie 31st October

Re Test at different MOT Station

Q My car failed the test on three things. If I fix these things, and take it to another, different MOT centre, within the 10 working days limit, will it only be tested on those failures I.E just a partial test as opposed to a full MOT. I understand the full fee will apply

Name: Alan

A partial test would normally only be done by the same garage as the original test otherwise the test would be full You would be paying for a full test if you took it to a different station anyway

You wont have to pay again if you take it back to the same test centre before the end of the next working day for a partial retest on one or more of these items:

access panels




brake pedal antislip

break glass hammer class 5 vehicles only

doors including hinges, catches and pillars

door open warning device class 5 vehicles only


electrical wiring

emergency exits and signs class 5 vehicles only

entrance door remote control class 5 vehicles only

entrance/exit steps class 5 vehicles only

fuel filler cap

headlamp cleaning or levelling devices that doesnt need a headlamp aim check


lamps excluding headlamp aim

loading door

main beam tell-tale


rear reflectors

registration plates

seatbelts but not anchorages, seatbelt load limiter and seatbelt pre-tensioner


sharp edges or projections

stairs class 5 vehicles only

steering wheel



trailer electrical sockets

towbars excluding body around anchorage points

tyre pressure monitoring system

vehicle identification number VIN

windscreen glass, wipers and washers

wheels and tyres excluding motorcycles and motorcycles with sidecar

Worn brake pads

Q my car failed last week on 2 bulbs and front pads, which were less than 1.5, just got the jobs done and the garage had kept the old pads as they were absolutely fine, more than half the pad still fine, and come to think of it they were fitted only a year ago, anyway, just went to mot station but no one there for retest so back on Monday, I asked the chap on the desk about the pad issue and he said thats the way things go sometimes what are my rights here, as ive paid out 92 for nothing, I have kept the old pads as proof, any advise please, cheers mike

Name: mike   Town: edenbridge

HI Mike
The pads would have been tested for efficiency as well as thickness. They could have failed because of a contaminant causing uneven braking. Also you said that half the pads where ok - uneven wear would also fail if any part was below 1.5mm. If the pads where still ok then why did the garage still change them? If you are unhappy with an mot test then you can always complain:

Re-test Fee

Q I have an mot done on my car. It failed on front break pads and a anti roll bar near front side. I am getting it fixed at the mot centre I had the mot done on it. Is there going to be another charge for it to be retested or it free

Name: Paul w    Town: Abertillery

That would depend on the Test Station but it should at least be a reduced fee of at maximum half the full MOT price.

my mot runs out

Q Hi my mot runs out on the 26th/07/17 I took to get it mot today 11/07/17 it failed. Can I still drive my Car Im having it retested as not happy with outcome.

Name: Lorraine    Town: Gosport

You can still drive the car on the old MOT as long as the MOT tester does not deem the car dangerous for road use.

Driving after mot fail

Q Driving after mot fail when repaired at another garage and begore retest and old certificate still in date

Name: Marilyn   Town: CLARKE

If the old certificate is still valid then you can still drive the car providing that the MOT inspector has not deemed the car dangerous or un-roadworthy

Re-Test after repairs at different garage

Q After a MOT fail, if I get my car repaired by a different garage it was for a broken spring and then take it back to the original garage for a retest. Am I entitled to a free retest or are they in their rights to charge me

Name: Mike Rogers   Town: Surrey

Normally there is either a reduced charge or no charge if you submit the vehicle for a retest within 10 days. There is no obligation to have any work done at that garage.

old MOT valid after failure

Q Is original mot still valid if retest fails

Name: Page   Town: Norfolk

An MOT certificate is valid for 12 months after issue even if you fail an MOT during this. However you can still be fined if your car is deemed to not be in roadworthy condition.

Buying a vehicle with an Expired MOT

Q Im buying a car in Bedford whos MOT expired on 1st April, I have insured it and wish to drive it to Stroud where I live and have booked it for a retest. iIs this legal as Im driving to a pre booked appointment please

Tank you for your time

Best wishes


Name: Richard Heath   Town: Stroud

It is fine to drive the vehicle to the test centre for a pre-booked MOT test but only that

Driving after MOT fail

Q My MOT expires today and failed last week. It is booked in for retest/repairs on Thursday.

1. Can I still drive it today

2. Can I drive it between now and Thursday

Name: Ant   Town: Stockport

You can drive the car until midnight of the expiry date only. And after that only to get to a pre-booked MOT test. So you would not be able to drive after the expiry date until the re-test day and only then to get to the test station.

Fail Twice on Different Things

Q Hi if i mot my car in it failed on these three items so i fixed them then put it back for a retest then they fail it again on different things can they do that if they never picked up on it on the first mot thanks

Name: Dee   Town: Swindon

It is possible that further faults arose in between the tests as the vehicle is tested in the condition that it is in and does not speculate on future problems unless obvious and/or dangerous

MOT Retest

Q if a mot retest is on the same day as it failed on dose it have to be done by the same examiner

Name: w williams   Town: manchester

This has advantages and disadvantages if the faults have been remedied then the original tester will only be checking them a new tester may survey the whole car

MOT Repairs

Q Hi my car faild its MOT yesterday the MOT expired today, can i drive my car across town to my dads to be fixed.thanks

Name: Loz   Town: Nottingham

No you can only drive legally to a recognized garage for retest repairs

MOT expiry

Q My car failed its MOT. Ive had the repairs done and Im waiting for the retest. The old certificate is still in date. Can I use my car

Name: Lorraine   Town: Great yarmouth

Yes you can continue on your current MOT

MOT Retest

Q Can I have my car retested if Im unsure of th existing mot on the veichle...

Name: wayne   Town: Southend on sea

You may have your car MOT tested anytime that you wish

Pass and Fail on Certificate

Q Looking at buying a car, the MOT says fail but then says pass after, both on the same day, does this mean the items it failed on have been seen to while still in the garage then it had a retest done same day

Name: Lisa   Town: Sheffield

If it has a pass then the items it failed on will have been rectified

MOT Renewal

Q My original mot expired on 30.11.16. I presented the car for mot on 8.11.16.the car failed on a number of items.garage did some of the work and I took away the car to fit new discs and pads. Took car back on 14.11.16 and it passed the retest. I thought this would last till 30.11.17 but the mot certificate states that mot runs out on 13. 11.17.Is this correct.

Name: Gordon Cunningham   Town: Edinburgh

You can get an MOT up to a month minus a day before it runs out and keep the same renewal date which is the can confirm this via link below

Click here for more information

MOT expired Direct Debit

Q My tax ran out on Friday, and I have my retest tomorrow. I pay my tax by direct debit. When my car passes is my tax automatically renewed

Name: Nick   Town: Brighton

All the relevant information regarding this problem can be found on link below

Click here for more information


Q Hello, I had an MOT done and Failed due to horn not working. It was retested and passed so I assume the issue would have been fixed but my horn is still not working. How would it have passed the MOT

Thank you.

Name: Lois   Town: Leicester

The probability is that it is an intermittent fault which is one that comes and goes you may find that if you keep trying it may start functioning again this is not an uncommon fault

Failed MOT

Q I had my car MOTd at a garage Ive never used before as my main Ford dealer couldnt fit me in under my service plan before the MOT ran out. This new garage failed it on a brake imbalance over a rear axle. I didnt think this was correct so took it to Ford dealer to get them to give me a second opinion. They said brakes were perfect and they would have passed it on MOT. I am now taking it back to garage that did MOT tomorrow. What rights do I have to ensure they dont fail it again and therefore have to have it done elsewhere and pay fee again I have written confirmation from Ford dealer and photograhs of their results on their machine.

Name: Janet   Town: Bromley

It would appear the testing equipment at the first garage was not calibrated correctly they should either pass your car or recalibrate their equipment and retest free of charge if this is not the outcome then you can make a formal complaint to the DVSA

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