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Q Aug 2016

I have drivers side mirror and interior mirror but no passenger side wing mirror. Is this ok for MOT.

Some of the listed answers show a discrepancy and I wonder if that is down to the date they were posted changes in rules.

Name: woodwitch   Town: Petersfield

You will Pass Official tester Requirements and Procedures are

1.Check that the vehicle is fitted with the correct amount of obligatory mirrors.

Obligatory mirrors required are:

one interior and one offside mirror

If the interior mirror cannot meet the field of view requirements see note Below then the obligatory mirrors required are:

one nearside mirror and one offside mirror

Note: An interior mirror must be fitted unless:

It would provide no rearward vision e.g. obscured by a solid bulkhead

The vehicle has a central driving position where there is no practical position for the mounting of an interior mirror

Damaged Mirror

Q My driver side wing mirror was knocked off in an accident but the cable inside is still intact so the wing mirror is just dangling by the door. I affixed it back in place with duct tape. The mirror itself is not cracked at all and I can use it as normal after fixing it with the tape. The passenger side wing mirror and interior mirror are intact and fully functional. Will it pass the MOT

Name: Matthew   Town: Bristol

The Manual says:

Rear view mirrors must be secure and intact.

All rear view mirrors must be adjustable. So as long as you can adjust the mirror to change you rear view. The drivers door mirror is the most important mirror so must be functional

Mirror and Indicators

Q I have a Mercedes C class that had its passenger side mirror stolen awhile back. The interior mirror and the drivers side mirror are there but as the wing mirrors have indicator lights on them I am being told it will not pass unless I purchase a new mirror. Is this right Most cars do not have indicators on their mirrors and I know you only need 2 mirrors for it to be legal. The front and rear indicators both work fine, so Im finding it hard to believe that I need a new mirror.

Name: Ian   Town: London

The vehicle will need a wing mirror to pass the MOT. All mirrors have to be present and fully functional on the new MOT laws set in 2013

Oblitory wing mirror

Q What is a non oblitory wing mirror

Name: Michael   Town: Peterborough

Obligatory mirrors required are: one interior and one offside mirror If the interior mirror cannot meet the field of view requirements see note Below then the obligatory mirrors required are: one nearside mirror and one offside mirror Note: An interior mirror must be fitted unless: It would provide no rearward vision e.g. obscured by a solid bulkhead The vehicle has a central driving position where there is no practical position for the mounting of an interior mirror

Q I have a mercedes c class. The wing mirrors can be folded in using the manual electric button, however when folding them outwards the button does not usually work and I have to drive without wing mirrors until the button decides to become operational. If I take my car for an mot and advise the garage of the problem, will it fail

Name: peter dyer   Town: preston

There are three acceptable rear view mirror/device positions: a. an exterior mirror or device that provides a view along the offside of the vehicle b. an exterior mirror or device that provides a view along the nearside of the vehicle c. an interior mirror or a device which provides a view to the rear of the vehicle so your main rear view mirror is ok but if there are indicators on the mirrors and they do not work when folded then you will fail the answer is to disable the fold action

Rear view mirror missing

Q got a rear view mirror missing on my golf will it pass mot Like both side mirrors are perfect though

Name: Alex   Town: Harlow

Obligatory mirrors required are: one interior and one offside mirror. Unless the rear view window is obscured or opaque Such as a van then you must have one nearside mirror and one offside mirror. A Golf normally has a rear window so it needs an internal mirror

Cracked Mirror

Q I was told that I will not pass MOT as my wing mirror casing is slightly cracked and it will loose the brightness therefore I will not pass MOT. Is that right

Name: Charmaine    Town: Devon

As long as the casing does not have any sharp edges that might cause injury and the mirror gives a good view of the road behind.

The Manual says: Rear view mirrors must be secure and intact. All rear view mirrors must be adjustable. So as long as you can adjust the mirror to change you rear view. The drivers door mirror is the most important mirror so must be functional.

Q My passenger side near side mirror is cracked, however my drivers side and interior mirror are good. I can still use the cracked mirror. Will it pass or fail the moy

Name: Ade   Town: Leamington

Mot Manual

section 8.i

Obligatory mirrors are

a. an exterior mirror fitted to the offside right-hand side when seated in the

drivers seat, or

b, an exterior mirror fitted to the

nearside fleft hand side when seated In the drivers seat, or

c. an interior mirror.

so you will pass a

Inoperable door mirror

Q Hi there, My lexus is due its MOT soon, but the offside drivers side mirror has a slight issue with the electronic adjustments. I am able to move the mirror left and right easily enough, but the motor must be damaged because it wont let me adjust the mirror up and down. Is this an MOT fail I can quite easily wind down the drivers window and adjust it by hand, if need be. Both other rear mirrors are fine.

Name: Steve   Town: Stirling

Yes - All mirrors must be able to be adjusted. See section: 8.1 View to Rear, reasons for failure 2B. Dont forget the mirror must be adjustable for any driver at any height.

Offside Mirror

Q My offside wing mirror has broken and there is no glass present, I do have a rear view mirror and an wing mirror on the near side which is all ok and intact. I have an MOT booked for next week... will it pass

Name: Richard Bickley    Town: Worcester

The manual is very ambiguous and it originally stated that the offside mirror had to be present and working the later edition of the manual changed a some of the text which has caused confusion a conversation with a VOSA in the past was vague but has now confirmed that the offside is the mirror which has to be functional therefore you need to have your offside mirror up to standard to pass

Mirror Adjustment

Q I have a drivers side wing mirror, with the tilting/ adjustment of the mirror not working. Mirror itself is perfect and housing perfect with clear views, just the mechanism of altering the angle of the mirror broken. Will it pass a MOT.

Name: Larry   Town: London

The remote adjustment of the mirror is not part of the test as long as the mirror gives you a clear view of the rear you will pass


Q What are the new 2013 mirror regulations Car is due its MOT tomorrow but interior rear view mirror is absent , however both wing mirrors are present and fully functional. Last time, the MOT tester passed the car saying that I only needed the 2 wing mirrors, but I spoke to another tester today who said that in his opinion I would need the central rear view mirror. Answer to 6 above seems to contradict the answers to questions 2 and 4 above.

Name: Sheila   Town: London

The 2 wing mirrors is a pass otherwise if it were a fail then most commercial vehicles would fail

Q do i necessarily have to have a near side door mirror to pass an mot, it is cracked so if i was to remove the mirror would pass or fail the test

Name: rodger   Town: tunbridge wells

you do not have to have a nearside mirror providing you have a rear view on any other mirror

Broken mirror

Q Will a broken wing mirror fail not

Name: Maggie   Town: Plymouth

Any wing mirror with combined indicator if broken will be the cause of a failure if the mirror does not have an indicator then it will fail if the drivers or offside mirror is broken

Damaged passenger mirror

Q my car has a broken passenger side mirror, it has the glass secured but no housing. will it pass an MOT test with a perfectly fine drivers wing mirror and interior mirror

Name: clare manning   Town: sharnbrook bedford

Yes providing the passenger mirror does not pose a threat to the public due to sharp projections you will pass

Broken wing mirror

Q Mirror frame broken but mirror still working is this an mot failure

Name: Christopher Allan   Town: Dalkeith

If this is a normal wing mirror without an indicator combined providing you have a clear view from another mirror the you will pass but if it has a indicator and it is not working then you will fail

Mirrors Cracked

Q My wind mirror screen as cracked on the passages side will this fail my mot

Name: John   Town: Nottingham

Providing you have a view of the rear from your other mirrors you will pass cracked mirror not a reason for fail unless it is the only mirror on the vehicle and impairs the rear view

Q The drivers side wing mirror on my car has been hit by another car and broken. I have taped it all back together again so that it doesnt move and the casing is all held together the mirror wasnt damaged. However, I now cant adjust the mirror angle from inside my car only by opening the window and the wing mirror has a load duct tape all over it. Is this an MOT failure

Name: Tom   Town: Sheffield

As long as you can adjust it to personal settings it will pass

Mirror Qery

Q I have a combo van with mot tomorrow The passenger wing mirror is cracked but I still have the drivers side mirror and the middle mirror will that pass

Name: Corey124   Town: Kingsteignton

yes the drivers side mirror is the important one

Missing Mirror

Q Will a missing passenger side wing mirror fail the M.O.T test

Name: Ian    Town: Sheffield

Yes a missing wing mirror will fail. You now have to have all wing mirrors and rear mirrors working

broken rearview mirror

Q my rearview mirror is broken so currently not on the mounting bracket on the window it was listed as an advisory on my failed MOT will it pass on retest if this has not been fixed

Name: Mattie   Town: Crawley

As long as you have 2 mirrors, one being the drivers door mirror, then the car should pass

Drivers side wing mirror is cracked

Q My drivers side wing mirror is cracked can still adjust it however still have passengers wing mirror and rear view will this cause a fail

Name: Lyndsay Kennedy

Your drivers mirror is required and the view to the rear must not be obscured so it would depend on the extent of the damage.

Motorcycle with no mirrors

Q I have a 1983 motorcycle with no mirrors, however there are mounting points. Will it pass MOT with mirrors

Name: Tom   Town: Hudds

Mirrors are not required for a motorbike MOT.

Rear view mirrors

Q my mgb roadster only has an interior rear view mirror standard. Will it pass an MOT

Name: Daz   Town: Lincoln

Obligatory mirrors required are: one interior and one offside mirror.

Do I need a interior rear view mirror for mot

Q Do I need a interior rear view mirror for mot

Name: Stuart   Town: Fakenham

No - not if you have 2 door mirrors or 2 wing mirrors. Either side :

Mirror Indicator

Q My drivers side wing mirror repeater lights is not working and there is a 1 inch missing plastic cover .

Will this pass the mirror can be adjusted and giver good rear view

Name: Alan hall   Town: Glasgow

If an indicator is fitted to the mirror then it must work for the MOT. The missing panel must not present a danger to pedestrans in the case fo an accident by leaving any exposed or jagged edges.

Wing Mirrors

Q Faulty Interior Control For Wing Mirrors.

The control that operates the adjustment for wing mirrors in the car does not work.

They can be manually adjusted on the exterior.

Should this be fine for an MOT inspection

Name: JAMES   Town: LEEDS

As long as there is a clear view of the vehicle it is acceptable for mirrors to be manually adjusted

Mirror indicator light

Q indicator light on offside mirror not lighting. car did not pass nct.must have light fixed and go back for inspection. local mercedes garage said replacement mirror cover costs 230 euro. this is enormous cost plus cost of fitting. is it essential to have light fixed for road safety reasons

Name: Vincent Brennan   Town: Roscommon

The indicator is part of the test if it does not operate then you will fail the days of spending twenty pounds to get an indicator fixed are long gone but you might find a solution on the net if you put YOUTUBE MERCEDES MIRROR INDICATOR in google plenty of info there good look

Mirror indicators

Q I have a mitsubishi grandis 2005 it has electric wing mirrors with indicator lamps the back has been smashed off the nearside mirror and the indicator lamp is missing will this be an mot fail

Name: Kate   Town: Buckingham

The mirror indicators have replaced the lamps that used to be on the side of the vehicle if yours is broken and there are no side repeaters your car will fail

Obligatory Mirrors

Q My passenger side wing mirror motor has failed by can be adjusted manually, the mirror glass is all present and unmarked. Will my car pass the mot The drivers side work perfectly.

Name: Paul   Town: Telford

As long as you have a mirror giving you a clear view to the rear you will pass

Chipped wing mirror

Q My wing mirror was chipped by a driver on the road but it works fine. The only fault is that the plastic covering the LED indicator is partially broken. The lights do work perfectly fine and i can see perfectly in the mirrors. Will this broken piece of plastic fail my MOT

Name: Wasim   Town: Hull

the Light in the wing mirror replaces the old side repeaters so that cars approaching from the side can also see an indicator providing this can be seen and the broken plastic cover is no danger to the public it will pass

Wing mirror indicator

Q My wing mirror was damage and the indicator on it doesnt work anymore but glass is there and can be fully used for its purpose a general mirror and as all other indicators on that side work and the other side. Is it legal to drive / pass MOT

Name: Chris   Town: Perth

Wing Mirror indicators are the replacement for car repeaters the flashing light that is on older cars as such you would fail the MOT Test

Q I have a cracked off side door mirror but the near side mirror is okay. The vehicle is a van with no rear view mirror in the cab. Is this an MOT failure

Name: Rick Sycamore   Town: Truro

As long as you have a view to the rear it will pass

Q Drivers wing mirror on Volvo V50 damaged. Electronic adjustment from inside the car and heating on mirror work. Indicator buld fell into plastic housing and so doesnt work. Front and rear indicators work. Will it fail MOT

Name: Clive   Town: Harpenden

Yes it will fail the lights on wing mirrors are substitutes for the side indicators or repeaters as they are sometimes called

Q Am having to buy new wing mirror for Ford Fiesta site says xxx for std or 5 extra for a new E Approved wing mirror What does E Approved mean

NB They dont have integral indicators

Name: Jon   Town: Welwyn

just means that it has passed EU standards quality test this is important in a lot of components but if the view from the mirror is ok you should pass

Only 2 Mirrors

Q hi, my cars wing mirrors are fine both of them but it has no interior mirror. will it pass the MOT

Name: lisa   Town: leeds

Yes your car will pass. You only need 2 reversing mirrors on your vehicle. Otherwise Transit vans etc. would fail

wing mirror indicators

Q MOT failed on wing mirror indicator not working. Garage reckon its an electrical fault. Can this housing be replaced with a wing mirror without indicator light

Name: Jonny   Town: Dunfermline

Vehicles first used on or after 1 April 1986 must

be fitted with one side repeater indicator on each

side in your case it is probably incorporated in the mirror if so you will have to get it fixed

Electric Mirror

Q The electric mirror on the drivers side of my car doesnt work. The mirror its self is fine, no cracks etc and is easy to adjust by hand when needed, is this an MOT fail

Name: Antony   Town: London

As long as the mirror is secure and can be adjusted it will pass the MOT test

Lights on wing mirror

Q I have wing mirrors with four led flashers on them. Three os them are not working on the drivers side after someone clipped my wing mirror. Do they all have to be working for an MOT given that many vehicles do not have indicator lights on the wing mirrors.

Name: Andy S   Town: Ashford

Yes this will fail. All lights have to be working. This will fail because it will not produce the correct brightness needed on that light, as three of the four are not working

Nearside Mirror

Q is an electric roadworthy mobility scooter legal without a nearside rear mirror

Name: Ray Garland   Town: Minehead

Near side Mirrors Not essential to pass test as long as you have vision to the rear and offside

mirror indicator

Q Can a car fail its mot of mirror indicator not working

Name: Joanne Thomas

Yes - when a mirror indicator is fitted it must work for all vehicles first used on or after 1 April 1986

Wing Mirror

Q Will car go through mot without the back cover of wing mirror

Name: Louise Forsythe

As long as the mirror functions correctly, is adjustable and has no sharp edges or protruding parts that could be deemed hazardous to a pedestrian

Drivers Door Mirror

Q My drivers side wing mirror was knocked off. I have taped it back on. The wire is still intact and I can move the mirror still. Will it pass MOT

Name: Danielle

As long as it functions normally it must be adjustable and is secure and not deemed dangerous Sharp edges etc.

Wing mirror indicator is broken

Q wing mirror indicator is broken, however the indicators on the front and rear of car work fine, will this fail an mot

Name: john   Town: surrey

Yes - This will fail. Vehicles first used on or after 1 April 1986 must be fitted with one side repeater indicator on each side. If these are fitted into the wing mirrors then unless there are others the car will fail.

Moving Bike indicators

Q Is it ok to remove the standard indicators on the front of my motorbike now that I have indicators on my mirrors or do I have to keep both With my VTR being orange its not that easy to see the indicators which is why I got the mirrors, their much clearer for other to see.

Name: Matt   Town: Lisburn

There is no MOT advice on where the indicators are other than they must be visible and not in a position where the rider would obscure them. They must adhere to the indicator conditions of brightness and flash rate. ie

must show a light of the appropriate colour

must flash between 60 to 120 times per minute

cannot affect the operation of another lamp

Wing mirror casing smashed

Q Wing mirror casing smashed but glass and repeater still working is this a mot fail

Name: andrew heard   Town: Bridgend

As long as the mirror and repeater still function properly and the casing has no sharp edges that could be deemed hazardous to pedestrians etc. then it should not fail for this

Loose rear view mirror

Q Can my 100cc scooter be failed on mot due to a loose rear view mirror and can it be failed for having a screw missing in the plastics

Name: Scott Riley   Town: Castleford

The mirrors are not tested as they are not part of the MOT for a motorcycle

Broken indicator cover

Q on my pan european motorbike the cowl that covers the mirror and holds the indicator broke. i replaced the indicator bulb and cable tied the bulb socket to the mirror. the bulb works fine but does not have anything covering it will it pass

Name: jason leo   Town: bromley

The indicator must show as amber and not white. See 1.5 Direction Indicators >> Reason for rejection >> 1.b

Side repeaters

Q Does the indicator on the wing mirror need to work

Name: Dave   Town: Wetherby

All cars manufactured since 1986 must have at least one indicator lamp on each side known as a side repeater. If the mirror is the only location of a side repeater then it must work.

Mirror Indicator

Q My daughter in law has a vw polo which has a light on the mirror casing, the glass is ok but the light and casing are smashed, is it an mot failure

Name: neil   Town: ammanford

The light on the mirror has to work to pass the test

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