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Reverse light

Q   Can it fail MOT if your reverse light isnt working

Name: Deborah Veitch Town: Newcastle upon Tyne

The reversing lights are not part of the MOT must they must only come on when reversing. You cannot show a white light at the rear of your vehicle


Aig Bags

Q   Do air bags have to be checked to pass MOT

Name: Sue Town: Sidcup

The airbag system has fault indicators on the dashboard that must not be showing for the MOT Test. There is no direct test as this could be dangerous and the only real way to test them would be to set them off


Clear rear lights


Name: gareth Town: Colchester

You cannot display a white light on the rear of your vehicle except when reversing


Oassenger air bag off light on

Q   My passenger air bag off light is on. Is this a mot failure.

Name: Ali Town: Ilford

A Supplementary Restraint System SRS malfunction indicator lamp:
. inoperative or
. indicating a system malfunction.
is a fail


MOT Without Registration

Q   I am importing an Ambulance from Guernsey to the UK, I am aware a vehicle can be insured using its VIN number, can you also use the VIN number to MOT it As I require both to register it in the UK. Thanks in advance.

Name: Stephen Town: York

The MOT Tester should be able to create a new record for your vehicle and set the Registration Mark Descriptor to "Not Required" and then complete the MOT test as normal. All other records should be able to be entered i.e. VIN.


Airbag Light ON

Q   Can a car fail an m.o.t with an airbag warning light on

Name: Grant Town: Watford

Yes. An airbag warning light is an MOT failure.
See 5.4 Supplementary Restraint Systems SRS.
Reason for Rejection: Section 2


Wrong Mileage

Q   my mot has incorrect miles put on the mot certificate can it be changed

Name: mike Town: lymington

You have 7 days from issue to go back to the MOT station where it was tested and have it changed.


What Documents?

Q   it is my cars first mot what do i need to take with me to the centre

Name: irenemackrel Town: Belfast

You do not need to take anything with you.


MOT Not registered with DVLA

Q   brHi br brI have lost my MOT certificate and I am unable to print it out from any other MOT centre as they say unable to access it from DVLA or MOT Village database. Please could you advise how to proceed br brReg Number: RE06 SYW

Name: hemachandran k Town: Hemel Hempstead

You need to make sure that the MOT station has registered your MOT correctly. You can view the MOT status of your vehicle at
If it shows up here then you can get a reprint from any MOT station for 10. If it doesnt then you will have to go back to the MOT station and inform them that your MOT was not registered with the DVLA correctly


MOT Prices

Q   how much is mot of a peugeot expert van

Name: lesley olden Town: sherfield english

The standard prices can be found here but prices can vary with offers etc


Extra Driving Lamps

Q   I have fitted four driving lamp on front of my kuga that come on and off with full beam and a switch to turn them off altogether . Will they be ok for an MOT

Name: Eddie Town: Peterborough

As long as they are symmetrical and are not on during normal driving.


can I drive it to windscreen repair centre with no mot

Q   If my car fails mot because of a cracked windscreen, can I drive it to windscreen repair centre with no mot. Thank you.

Name: Mick Town: Leeds

Im afraid you CANNOT. You can only drive it to a pre booked MOT test station. You could arrange for a mobile windscreen fitter to come and fix the screen at your home.


Will the insurance cover the replacement

Q   My MOT expired last week when I was away. When back noticed the heat affected the small crack on the windscreen and it got longer. I booked the first appointment to replace the windscreen and the day after to do the MOT. Will the insurance cover the replacement if I claimed even though the MOT had expired a few days before. Car is parked inside on drive and my insurance is valid until next month.

Name: sally Town: whitehaven

You would have to check this with your insurance company


Seat Adjustment

Q   Ive just had my car CLK 320 2002 model serviced with advisories repaired all brakes new discs and pads, Coil Spring and Fuel Filter but it failed the MOT because the drivers power seat position cannot be adjusted switch no longer works, but it is at exactly the correct setting for myself, the ONLY driver of this vehicle. Apparently the drivers seat must be able to be adjusted for safety reasons yet the seat is perfectly set for myself so what is this safety reasons all about No one else drives this car Which Civil Servant/MP/Eurocrat came up with this ruling

Name: Pete M Town: Chelmsford

It is part of the test that the drivers seat must be adjustable forwards and backwards. The MOT test certificate is for the CAR, not YOU, therefore if you where to sell the car with an MOT on it and the next person could not use the seat, this would be unfair.


mot advisory brake hub

Q   What does it mean on mot advisory brake hub

Name: Kathleen Town: Liverpool

It means that there is something wrong with your brake hub but its not bad enough to fail the MOT but will be by the next MOT test. Probably your brake shoes are low


pre-booked MOT

Q   Im living in Spain for about 4 months. My MOT expires July 7th, but I cant get the car back to the UK before the 15th. brAm I allowed to drive it from Spain back to the UK for a prebooked MOT

Name: will Town: Winchester

As long as you are only driving on the roads in the UK on the day of the Pre booked MOT test


Windscreen Chip

Q   Will my car pass the MOT with a chip, brWindscreen has damage to an area less than a 40mm circle outside zone brA

Name: B R Walker Town: Lowestoft

If the chip is outside of zone A then the car should pass.


Movement in brake caliper

Q   with force i can push the brake caliper hub etc all connected forward and backward. ie front to rear of car. in theory this should be solid with no movement.... i suspect the bushes on the wishbone at faut.... taken to 2 different garages but they stated everything is ok am i correct

Name: mart Town: stoke on trent

The brakes are only tested for safety and their ability to stop the car efficiently and evenly. The suspension is checked less nowadays until it becomes dangerous. If 2 garages have said that its ok then I would assume that it was ok. Suspension movement is essential for road holding but without seeing it, it is hard to assess


2 Year old Tax

Q   My moped is registered 2015 I need to tax it can I do this as I have no mot papers as bike is not 3 years old yet so can I tax it

Name: phill Town: grimsby

When you come to tax the vehicle you can do it online with just your registration number or tax reminder notice sent to you by the DVLA. The MOT is checked automatically online and you do not need any paperwork.


Re-Test after repairs at different garage

Q   After a MOT fail, if I get my car repaired by a different garage it was for a broken spring and then take it back to the original garage for a retest. Am I entitled to a free retest or are they in their rights to charge me

Name: Mike Rogers Town: Surrey

Normally there is either a reduced charge or no charge if you submit the vehicle for a retest within 10 days. There is no obligation to have any work done at that garage.

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