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Wing mirror casing smashed

Q   Wing mirror casing smashed but glass and repeater still working is this a mot fail

Name: andrew heard Town: Bridgend

As long as the mirror and repeater still function properly and the casing has no sharp edges that could be deemed hazardous to pedestrians etc. then it should not fail for this


Dashboard illumination

Q   My dashboard illumination went out when I replaced the car radio. None of the warning lights or exterior lights is affected, it is just the night illumination for the speedometer etc. Would this fail the MOT

Name: Peter Town: LIVERPOOL

The dashboard must be visible at night. Dashboard illumination is tested during the MOT test.


1996 Pontiac Firebird

Q   I have a 1996 Pontiac Firebird which has passed its MOT for the last five years. Im now told I need to have side repeaters and a fog lamp to pass it this time round. Do I need to carry out this work since these two items were not even fitted.

Name: Phil Town: Borehamwood

Vehicles first used on or after 1 April 1986 must be fitted with one side repeater indicator on each side.


intergrated indicators

Q   My Honda civic has intergrated indicators in the wing mirrors. the near side indicator has stopped working. will this result in a failed M.O.T,

Name: A.Whittaker Town: London

Yes. Vehicles first used on or after 1 April 1986 must be fitted with one side repeater indicator on each side. If this is the only side repeater then it must work


Trike that stalls

Q   I have a trike that stalls when I put it in gear, the MOT is due, could I not just tow it in for its test as the engine turns over fine.

Name: moonboy Town: manchester

The test doesnt cover the condition of the engine so it shouldnt matter


Grace Period

Q   How long do you get when your mot as ran out to get a new one done

Name: Darren Town: Blackpool

There is no grace period anymore. You can only drive a car with an expired MOT certificate to a pre booked MOT test


Small car MOT

Q   How much is a small car MOT

Name: Mark Town: Larne

There is no difference between a small car and a large car for an MOT test. The price is the same for ALL cars


Hole in pipe leading to back box

Q   Hole in pipe leading to back box would this fail an mot br

Name: Jack walker Town: Stranraer

Exhaust holes have to be deemed serious to fail the MOT. A small hole will not fail unless the gases go into the passenger compartment



Q   according to yougov, my mot expires on the 11th of may. will it expire at 00:00 on the 11th or 23.59 on the 11th

Name: Rich Town: Chesterfield

The mot will expire at midnight on the day of the expiry. I.e. it will be valid all day on the 11th


Moisture in one of my headlights

Q   I have moisture in one of my headlights. Will this fail the MOT please.

Name: Sylvia Brindle Town: Gosport

As long as the illumination is not affected then the car will pass. It might get an advisory note


tyre repair kit

Q   Does the fluid in my tyre repair kit have to be in date for the car to pass its mot

Name: Ian J. Town: Beverley

A tyre repair kit is not tested during an MOT. You may get an advisory notice over it but it is NOT a fail


Brake binding

Q   Nearside Rear rear brake binding 3.7.B.1

Name: Chris Town: hull

Not really sure that this is a question. If the brake is not functioning then the car will fail. If it is 25 different to its opposite brake then it will fail. If you are looking for reasons for this then it could be a build of rust/debris stopping the smooth movement of the brake piston. It might be best to replace the brake calliper assembly.


Malfunction indicator light

Q   Re: definition of malfunction indicator light brbrIs an airbag warning displaying on dashboard multifunction display but not on the MIL on instrument panel a reason to fail MOT

Name: Tam Town: Maidstone

An airbag warning light is an MOT failure. See 5.4 Supplementary Restraint Systems SRS
Reason for Rejection: Section 2


When new MOT runs from

Q   My MOT has just expired. Im going to drive to a pre booked MOT test in a months time as i dont need the car now. Will the new MOT start from the new MOT date or from the old expiry date

Name: Dave Town: Bedford

From the date of the MOT Test Pass Presuming that it passes


Broken indicator cover

Q   on my pan european motorbike the cowl that covers the mirror and holds the indicator broke. i replaced the indicator bulb and cable tied the bulb socket to the mirror. the bulb works fine but does not have anything covering it will it pass

Name: jason leo Town: bromley

The indicator must show as amber and not white. See 1.5 Direction Indicators >> Reason for rejection >> 1.b


Newer than 3 years old

Q   I want to buy a bike which is sorn its 2015 so its still under 3 years will i have to mot it becasue it was sorn or do i only tax it thanks

Name: dan Town: partington

You do not have to MOT any bike under 3 years old


MOT retest

Q   My car was MOT tested at garage. It needed a part that was 3 day order. I took car away, no repairs were done, and Ive been charged full 45 retest fee. I could understand if work was done elsewhere. Also an abs cable wire has been broken during MOT should this be replaced free of charge

Name: John Town: York

You should only be charged a partial retest fee or even nothing if the car is returned for the retest within 10 days but this varies from garage to garage. They should not charge you for a retest fee unless the vehicle has been re-tested You are not clear on this
As for the ABS cable you could demand a repair or if they refuse, take and get it repaired elsewhere and send them the bill, if they refuse then you would have to take them to the small claims court where you could lose. You would have to prove that the cable was broken before the MOT Its up to you.


Side repeaters

Q   Does the indicator on the wing mirror need to work

Name: Dave Town: Wetherby

All cars manufactured since 1986 must have at least one indicator lamp on each side known as a side repeater. If the mirror is the only location of a side repeater then it must work.


Advisory notices

Q   I am going to see a car and I have just checked the MOT history. I know nothing about cars, other than they either move... or dont. br brWhen I check the MOT It passed, I see that there are two issues: br br Test date 11 January 2017 br Expiry date10 January 2018 br Test Result Pass br Odometer reading 63,240 miles br MOT test number 5857 0071 1330 br Advisory notice items br Exhaust has a minor leak of exhaust gases BACK BOX 7.1.2 br Oil leak br brWhat do the Advisory notice items mean Are they serious The car in question is a PEUGEOT 107 and is selling for 2000.

Name: Richard Town: CAMBRIDGE

Advisory notices are to inform you of defects that could become more serious but are not at the time an MOT failure.


Expired MOT

Q   My mot runs out on 28th.can I drive untill midnight on the 28th

Name: Sharon Town: Chelmsford

Yes. After that only to a pre-booked MOT test

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