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Yellow headlights

Q HiIm considering changing my headlampsdipped main beamon my Ford Puma to yellowor could be known as Amberhalogens as I like the Euro look. Firstly,is this legal And secondly,would it pass an MOT with these installed,or would I have to put back in situ the standard white halogens for the MOT test

Your help clarifying this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards


Name: Jason Sheppard

The manual says that headlights can be white or yellow so there should not be a problem

Front light bulbs are different brightness

Q My car has supposedly failed its MOT due to the fact the front light bulbs are different brightness. One broke and I replaced it with a halogen instead of a xenon. The garage are trying to replace it with 150 new bulbs.

Am I being scammed

Name: Oliver

No - Xenon bulbs are much more efficient and last longer than normal bulbs but they are more expensive.

The MOT manual says: Reasons for failure: An obligatory main or dipped beam headlamp intended to be a matched pair: do not emit light of the same colour are not the same size or shape.

You could always try replacing the other xenon bulb to match the replacement as long as the brightness of the headlamps is sufficient and equal

Headlamp aim too low

Q I had a refusal of a test certificate. Headlamp aim too low.

It also had 4 advisorys .

Next day I got mot certificate with no advisorys showing.

Can i be assured that my mot is clear of any faults.

Name: Ken peach

It may have been missed. If you have has the certificate issued then it is valid for 12 months but unless the inspector manually adjusted the headlamps then the fault could still be there.

Q My Discovery Failed MOST Today as drivers headlight kicked to the right on inspection that headlight is European not British.I have had car 2 years and 2 mots done the car is as garage sold it to me.Can I put a converter cover over that side to pass MOT or will I have to find a secondhand one as new are 400 plus.proving difficult as like gold dust

Name: Kim    Town: Wigan

The Manual 1.8 states

Masks or converter kits may be fitted to right

hand dip headlamps to temporarily alter the lamp for

use in the UK by removing the beam kick-up to the


A headlamp altered in this way is not a reason for

rejection, if:

a. the headlamp aim is not rejected for the

reasons listed under diagram 1 except that

the top of the beam image will be a straight


b. the light output is not unduly reduced - not

usually a problem with commercially

produced kits

c. the mask or converter is securely if you have a converter pack correctly fitted you will pass

Matched Headlamps

Q Is it illegal to use headlamps which have a different degree of brightness

Name: J fRANCK   Town: Surbiton

The manual states that headlights must be a matched pair A matched pair is a pair of lamps which:

both emit light of substantially the same colour and intensity, and

are both the same size and of such a shape that they are symmetrical to one another there is no separate legal information but if it fails the MOT you can assume it could be an offence

Daytime Running Lights

Q Does a daytime driving light fail an mot if it is not working

Name: Jay jay   Town: Liverpool

Daytime running lamps are not testable unless they replace the front position lamps. Where this is the case, they should dim when the position lamps are switched on and may extinguish when the headlamps are switched on.

Click here for more information

Headlamp Washers

Q Do headlamp washers if fitted have to work for the MoT or does it depend on the type of headlamps i.e. standard halogen or HID actually fitted by the manufacturer

Name: Malcolm   Town: Wiltshire

If fitted must work

Xenon Bulbs

Q I have xenon bulbs in my front headlamps. Will these fail MOT Its not an HID kit. Just xenon bulbs that replace the halogen ones.

Name: Barrie Walker   Town: Armagh

The Test only tests the direction of the beam. As long as it would not blind other vehicles it should pass.


Q headlight setting for a ford focus 05model

Name: Peter.A   Town: eastgrinstead

Headlight settings must be in between certain settings, it doesnt matter what make/model. All vehicles have to be comply. All settings are shown here MOT

Manual - Headlight

Daylight MOT

Q what does my bike need for a day time my bike has no lights

Name: neil    Town: newport

A daylight MOT would require a motorbike to have a horn and a rear registration plate.

The testing guidelines state that motorbikes can be exempt from having lamps tested if they meet the following criteria:-

machines which have neither front nor rear position lamps, or have such lamps permanently disconnected, painted over or masked that are:-
only used in daylight hours
not used in times of serious reduced visibility

The following items/lamps are not required to be tested in order for a MOT to pass a daylight MOT test as long as they meet the criteria above.

Front and Rear position lamps
Stop Lamps
Rear Reflectors
Direction Indicators


Q My headlights are not set well, is that a MOT failure

Name: les   Town: Melrose

Yes the headlight is tested on the MOT test - for full information please visit MOT Test - Lights

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