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The questions and answers in this section of relate to previous versions of the MOT manual and should not be relied on, as the law may have changed. Please ensure you check the relevant section of the current MOT manual, which can be found on this site.

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Class 4 or class 7

Q I have a Vauxhall vivaro LWB combi, that can carry 8 passengers in addition to a driver. The 2 rows of seats in the back are designed to be removable.It is categorised as M1 on the V5C document. Its maximum GW is 3040Kg.Issue I have is that recently, MOT stations and indeed DVSA appear confused whether to certify this vechicle as ClassIV or VII depending upon if the 2 rows of seats are present or not at time of testing. Previous few years it was tested as Class IV without seats being present and confirmed with DVSA last year, this year someone else at DVSA is saying should be Class VII, even though no modifications have been made to original manufacturers design. I have looked online for clarification in a formal document but havent yet found anything. Can you help clarify with a pointer to any formal document Many thanks in advance.

Name: Mark   Town: Kingston

If the seats are removed and in the opinion of the tester the vehicle is being be used as a class 7 - goods vehicles over 3,000kg then the tester can rate it as goods vehicle this is at the discretion of the tester

MOT Without Documentation

Q My 45 year old daughter has a vehicle that is owned by her estranged husband.It was a new leased vehicle which he purchased when the lease expired.
The vehicle now requires its first mot.,however he refuses to get it done. He also refuses to supply her the relavent documents to allow her to do this herself.
She desperately needs this vehicle for her job and is using it now illegally.
How can she now obtain a certificate without involving him.
Please advise.

Alan Wilmer.
A very worried Father

Name: Alan Wilmer

I can tell you that you do not need any documentation to get an MOT. They use the VIN number and registration number. Just book an MOT and take the car. She should NOT drive the car until it has an MOT but She can drive it to a pre booked MOT test.

MOT Documents

Q What document to take to mot

Name: San Che   Town:

No Documents required for the test

MOT Documents

Q I have lost all documents for my car can I still take it for an mot

Name: andy   Town: newcastle

You can take your vehicle for an MOT anytime during the year. You do not need documents, all the information is stored on a computer

MOT Test

Q What documents do I need to take to the test

Name: Kerr   Town: Belfast

You do not need any documents for the MOT test. It will run from 12 months from the day of the test.

Electric Windows not working

Q I am looking at buying a car but its MOT is due shortly and Im unlikely to have the V5 document back before the test will this be an issue Also, the rear windows are electrically controlled and are not currently working. Does they need to be working to pass an MOT

Name: Jay Richardson

You do not need a V5 for an MOT test and the windows are not part of the test.

Expired MOT while abroad

Q I am in France and my MOT expired a couple of weeks ago. My insurance is in the UK. I got a control technique to make sure the car was roadworthy but is my insurance valid I can not drive it back to the UK for three more weeks.

Name: celi Harper

The MOT is only for driving in the UK - you would have to check with your insurance company about the insurances validity. A control Technique is not valid in the UK and you would not be able to drive it in the UK except to a pre booked MOT test. You could only drive a French registered vehicle for 6 months in the UK with a Control Technique but you vehicle is UK registered meaning it needs UK documentation etc.

MOT Disatisfaction

Q i recently had my car serviced and mot done by a well motor accessories store , i left my car with them for the day to do the service and mot, later on in the day they rang me to let me know how it went on , they told me it has failed on the wipers not clearing the screen and a clip on a front gator was missing , i informed them that the wipers are new and only installed 4 days before the mot his reply to this was i will get him to recheck them , but to cut a long story short they managed to sell me some new wipers and a replacement clip/plus fitting and charge me 70. on collection of my car they had still not put a mot on it and asked me to wait 5minutes while they put a ticket on it. when i got home and read the mot refusal sheet i noticed they had also failed my car Antilock braking system warning lamp indicates an ABS fault 3.4.1cbut this was never mentioned at any time during the phone call or when i collected my car. there was no error light showing when i give them the car apart from the normal procedure it dose when you put the key in and there was no error showing when i collected apart from the normal procedure it dose. my issue is that this is now documented on the mot history of my car and was never mentioned at any time so i am unsure how it was resloved

Name: j burns    Town: eccles

Under the circumstances if you are dissatisfied with the service you have received you can complain to the DVSA or the Trading Standards

Click here for more information

First MOT Test

Q Do I need to produce my log book for the first mot to prove date of registration

Name: John Keay   Town: Wolverhampton

No documents are required for the MOT test

Documents required for Test

Q Do I need my Log book to MOT my Motorcycle

Name: Mandy Wood   Town: LONG EATON

No Documents are required to get an MOT Test

Car Insurance

Q My MOT failed on two accounts: 1 the windscreen needs replacing, 2 the garage needs to repair a head light. I arranged for wind screen to be replaced at my house the company has rearranged it as heavy rain prevented them from doing the work. They cannot replace the windscreen now until after I have had the repair done at the garage. The problem is my insurance will have then expired and I dont think I can insure it without a valid MOT. This means I will have to drive it to the garage without a valid MOT and with out a valid insurance. What can i do if stopped and asked for a document check am I covered. On reflection this means I will have to drive it to the garage for the repair, them bring it home to have the windscreen repaired then to the garage again to have it retested and drive home before I can renew the insurance. Is that OK

Name: Janet   Town: BECKENHAM

I am sure your insurers will reinsure you on the condition you are using it to get an mot you are not allowed to drive a car on public roads without valid insurance and you can be liable to prosecution

Lost Documents


Name: ANN   Town: SWANSEA

This is not unusual the DVLA have a webpage where you can apply for a replacement

MOT Docs

Q What document do I need

Name: Maria   Town: Sawston

None required for the test

MOT Date

Q My car is due an MOT in the next couple of days, I took it to the garage and they said its not due for another 6 months so they cant do anything with it but all my papers and DVLA say its up this week but every garage says its not.

Name: Alice   Town: Bathgate

The MOT computer has been having problems recently if your registration documents state that the car is three years old then it is due for the test I would go to another test centre

German MOT

Q Can i make MOT abroad for example i am in germany on my holiday and my existing MOT expired Do i need translate this document

Name: bossix   Town:

A valid UK MOT Test can only be carried out in the UK you can arrange to have your vehicle tested the day you return but you are only allowed legally to drive to the test centre

Lost MOT docs

Q I have lost all my M O T documents

Name: D Brooksbank   Town: Corbridge

Replacement can be purchased at any MOT Centre for 10

Q Do I need to bring my existing MOT certificate when I bring the car to be tested

Name: Nigel Pollitt   Town: Walthamstow

No you do not have to provide any documents


Q What documents do I have to bring

Name: Samuel Bolton   Town: Coleraine

You only have to turn up with the vehicle

Lost Mot

Q I lost my mot and I dont know when mot finished can I ceck on Internet when its ginna be finish

Name: Shah   Town: Watford


Get a duplicate MOT certificate from any MOT testing station if you have lost or damaged the original.

Youll need to give the vehicle registration number and either the original MOT test number, or V5C document reference number - this is on the V5C registration certificate.

The maximum fee for a duplicate certificate is either 10 or half the full MOT test fee, whichever is the lowest amount.

No V5

Q my V5C is the DVLAchanged address

not sent me a document and in a week Im mot what I can do

Name: ricci00   Town: crewe

If you are waiting for your V5 from the DVLA it should not stop you getting your car MOT the garage can check all your previous details on the computer

Lost MOT Certificate

Q ive lost my mot certificate can i get another please


You can get a duplicate MOT certificate from any MOT testing station if you have lost or damaged the original.

Youll need to give the vehicle registration number and either the original MOT test number,

or V5C document reference number - this is on the V5C registration certificate.

Post-Dated Certificate

Q My car will be 3 years old on 23 October can I have a postdated MOT cert if tested before then Do I need to produce the registration document

Name: D Trueman   Town: Harrogate

No need to take VC5 but MOT will only be valid from date of test

Portugal MOT

Q hi there my uk reg van has been parked up for a long time in portugal ,iv just had a portugees mot done on it whick is valid for 6 months and got my insurance through ibex insurance, and sent all documents back to the uk to tax the van ,they refused to tax my van saying they can only tax it if it has a uk mot,but they did say id have to tax it in portugal,

Name: andy   Town: portsmouth

This is correct. For the vehicle to have a UK tax disk and for it to be able to be driven on UK roads you will have to get a UK MOT and then a UK tax disc

1st MOT

Q My car has a 60 plate can you confirm when MOT should be done

Name: Ann Fitzgibbon   Town: Liverpool

As the vehicle is registered in 60 it will be due 2013. You will have to look at the registration document for the exact date. It will be three years from then

1st MOT

Q My cars three year warranty expires on the 31/03/2013.When will i have to put it through a MOT

Name: David   Town: Kinghorn

You cant tell from the warranty date when the MOT is due. The garage could have registered the vehicle before they sold it to you. You will have to look on the registration document and it is three years from that date


Q Do i need to produce my V5 for an MOT

Name: Simon   Town: Wolverhampton

There are no documents needed for the MOT. It is all on computers now and all the information is held on that

Tax is due for renewal

Q My car tax is due on 31 12 3012 and my car was first registered on 23 01 2010. Do I need to get my car an MOT to get my tax disc

Name: Elizabeth Harca   Town: East Finchley, London

because your Tax is due before the MOT, you have to get your Tax before the MOT. You just have to take your registration documents to claim your tax disc

Due Date

Q How do I know what month its due

Name: Sarah   Town: Billericay

The first MOT is due on the month that is on the registration document. If your vehicle is older than this it is on the old certificate. You can also check online at

Lost MOT

Q hello there,i bought my bike on ebay by the time all paper work come with,but now i lost my certificate and i dont now were the last owner did the mot,i have to do another mot test

Name: santos   Town: london

if you have lost or not got an MOT and you have the registration documents you can check the current status online - Visit -

Foreign MOT

Q Is a UK M.O.T. valid in Germany My car was originally imported from Germay but I am going to live back in Germany and the MOT is about to run out. Is it worth getting another 12 months or will I have to do it all again in Germany to meet their standards

Name: Kev   Town: Preston

As soon as the vehicle leaves the UK the MOT is not needed. The MOT is for the UK only and you will need to get the equilivant in germany to drive on there roads, as soon as you get the import documents sorted in germany

MOT Error

Q I have recently bought a bike with a fesh MOT. A few days after, I checked the documents and noticed the mileage was incorrect on the certificate. They had the kilometre reading as miles.

I have tried a few times to get the MOT station to send a replacement certificate, but no joy. Is there anything else I can do to get it corrected

Name: Russ   Town: Newcastle

There is no need to change the mileage. It will be clarified on the next test for the correct mileage. It is just a record and you will be able to trell it was off from the new and old certificate


Q what documents do i need to take with me when getting my car Mot

Name: pip   Town: london

The previous MOT would be an advantage or your log Book

What Documents?

Q it is my cars first mot what do i need to take with me to the centre

Name: irenemackrel   Town: Belfast

You do not need to take anything with you.

Lost Documents

Q hi I have lost my addvisory sheet that the mot station gave my. Will he have another copy. Many thanks.

Name: james rhodes   Town: chelmsford

The garage will be able to access the previous MOT test on the computer. So you will not need this


Q Can I get a checklist to ensure the validity of the MOT I have had carried out Is the garage supposed to complete any paperwork like the VT40 which I can request to see

Name: Janet   Town: Wythenshawe

The only paperwork people will get is a pass/failure certificate and sometimes an advisory notice. All the other information is held on the computer and not accessible to the public

MOT Documents

Q My car is due its mot, but I cannot find my last certs. What can I do to get it tested

Name: Ian   Town: Newcastle

You do not need the previous MOT as all the information is on the new computerised test

Documents for MOT

Q what to bring with you to mot

Name: hazel doherty   Town: derry

You should take your previous MOT or log book. They are not needed but helpful

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