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Brake lights are tested with the ignition on

Q With ignition on all 3 brake lights work fine, with key out only the top middle 1 works but this is an aftermarket light fitted into a hard top on my Ford ranger pickup via a relay to main battery. Is brake lights working with ignition off part of an MOT test schedule and maybe do I not have a fault

Name: Chris

Brake lights are tested with the ignition on

Backup brake lights

Q Mercedes MLs have a habit of the backup brake lights being used when the connection to the normal brake light has failed. The fog lamps are used as brake lights when this happens. Would this be a UK MOT failure when tested

Name: martin

As long as you have high intensity red lights that light up when the brake pedal is depressed and extinguish when released and they do not affect the normal light I.e. side/running lights

Red indicator

Q Had a damaged rear light cluster so replaced it with new. Car since failed MOT because the new lens makes indicator/ hazard to be more reddish rather than Amber is this correct

Name: Robert

Indicators must be amber and not red. If this is the case then the vehicle would fail. Only brake lights can be red.

Brake light cluster

Q On modern A8 led rear lights some of the led lights are not working on boot section of passenger side rear light cluster. The rest of the led lights are working fine. Will this pass or fail mot Thanks

Name: David Black

Any brake lights fitted must work. If its just some of the LEDs in a cluster then as ling as the brake light intensity is sufficient i.e. bright enough then it should pass

Daytime MOT

Q Can I modify a bike from standard specification to meet daylight mot or remove indicators headlight rear light just leaving brake lights, horn

Name: Jonathan ellis

Yes but you must remove them. You can get a daytime MOT for bikes where you can only use the bike during daylight hours. A daylight MOT would require a motorbike to have a horn and a rear registration plate

Rear brake strip light not working

Q My Fiesta rear brake strip light not working. Will it fail Mot Part ordered but may not be here in time for test.

Name: Debbie Devlin

Any brake lights fitted must work.

adversely affected by the operation of any other lamp

Q Should a car fail its MOT if when the brake is applied both the brake lights and the front side lights come on

Name: Ian Dale

It could do, Re: section 1.2 Stop Lamps

Reason for Rejection

f. adversely affected by the operation of any other lamp

Brake light stays on

Q failed mot because brake light stays on when lights are on.was told its an electrical problem. I have a Peugeot 206 , is this right thanks.

Name: jimmy   Town: london

Of course its right Brake lights must only illuminate when the brakes are applied or how will the car behind you be able to tell if you are braking or not.

Broken lens

Q my back light casing has broken but the lights are in full working order. It is very expensive to repair and my MOT is due in a couple of weeks, will my car fail its MOT if i use lens repair tape for the time being until i can get a replacemnt

Name: kelly   Town: nottingham

As long as the light is not obscured, there are no sharp edges and all lights are of the correct colour i.e. brake lights must show a red light. No chinks of white light and the light must be as bright as with an unbroken lens. If you cannot satisfy these conditions then you will need a new lens.

High level Brake Light

Q on my 2002 mgtf the high level brake light does not work will it fail mot

Name: stan   Town: devon

The eu and uk law is that the two side brake lights are obligatory and that any other lights if fitted should work unless they have been disconnected if you say they are disconnected which is possible due to a break in the wiring or by design it will pass

Brake lights

Q so if i cover up the hole where the light should have been and tell the tester it will pass mot

Name: john   Town: fauldhouse

The EU require that you have 2 brake lights working and if there are no others connected then that is all that is checked

Bike Brake Lights

Q Are brake lights on a motorcycle allowed to modulate i.e they come on as normal for a second, then flash 15 times a second then return to normal on mode

Name: Perry Lawson   Town: Maidstone

The manual states

a. does not illuminate immediately a brake applies b or show a steady light you will fail

Q high level brake not working on discovery 2 will it fail mot, also if taken off will it fail

Name: Frank   Town: notts

The eu and uk law is that the two side brake lights are obligatory and that any other lights if fitted should work unless they have been disconnected

Third Brake Light

Q Will my car fail its MOT if its third brake light does not illuminate

Name: Julian   Town: London

All brake lights must be working for the vehicle to pass the MOT test

Brake Lights

Q one brake light driver side not working, left side and high visibility working mot failure

Name: marcus   Town: fareham

Any brake light not working is an mot failure as for high visibility lights they are not mandatory but if fitted must work UNLESS they are disconnected,The manual states Where extra lamps are fitted and there is doubt as to whether they are connected, the benefit of this doubt should be given to the presenter.

Brake Lights

Q the high level brake light has several bulbs in it, if one of them is blown, will it be an MOT failure

Name: Greorge   Town: Salford

As long as there is not less than 50 of the light sources illuminating from the brake light it will pass the MOT test

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