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Secondary Brake Problem

Q hyundai ix35 just failed mot with rear parking secondary brakes imbalanced, garage does not yet know what problem is as they looked fine on service on same day

what does this mean

Name: Dave   Town: Edinburgh

The service brake system is the main braking system used to stop the car61472;the secondary emergency brake system is a backup system in case something happens to the main brake system In many cases, it is of lesser braking capacity and is only be used to stop the car in an emergency The parking brake system is a brake intended to hold a stopped car in place Imbalance is when the brakes are not working equally on each side within certain limits


Q We have a 2001 Ford Focus, 1.6l, and it recently failed its MOT with KwikFit due to Brakes imbalanced across an axle 3.7.B.5b, the RBT brake imbalance was 34.

We had the work done with KwikFit which involved 2 new brake cylinders and a brake bleed. The car then passed, but there is an advisory now stating that the RBT brake imbalance is 27, and it also states that Rear brakes imbalanced requirements only just met. It would appear that the braking system required adjustment or repairs 3.7.B.5b.

Im not sure how this part of the test works, and am I wrong to assume that if they have replaced the cylinders and bled the system, they should have done this work so that it is 0 or at least it is not even an advisory


Name: Dom   Town: Birmingham

Cylinders are only part of the braking system there are the discs, pads and calipers all these components have a influence on braking

Q My sons car passed its MOT and a month after the brakes failed whilst driving down a country lane and one of the brake disc pads came flying of.

What rights does my son have and what legal obligation does the MOT place have for not spotting that the brakes were very dangerous

Name: Jance   Town: St Leonard’s on Sea

The MOT Tester would only have checked the condition of the brakes on the day and if he thought they were safe at that time would have passed them if he thought that there would have been a problem with the brakes in the near future he would have issued an advisory if a month later the brakes failed this might not have been obvious at the time of the test

Brake binding

Q Nearside Rear rear brake binding 3.7.B.1

Name: Chris   Town: hull

Not really sure that this is a question.

If the brake is not functioning then the car will fail. If it is 25 different to its opposite brake then it will fail. If you are looking for reasons for this then it could be a build of rust/debris stopping the smooth movement of the brake piston. It might be best to replace the brake calliper assembly.

Converted Parking Brake

Q have converted my electronic parking brake to i have parking brake warning light and orange spanner service light showing. would it pass an mot

Name: paul   Town: Chesterfield

There are two areas you can run foul with a tester

Electronic parking brake warning indicates a malfunction

A parking brake lever or control inappropriately repaired or modified

Click here for more information

Brakes imbalanced across an axle

Q brakes imbalanced across an axle rear zafira

Name: shelly   Town: bristol


The service brake system is the main braking system used to stop the car the secondary emergency brake system is a backup system in case something happens to the main brake system In many cases, it is of lesser braking capacity and is only be used to stop the car in an emergency Imbalance is when the brakes are not working equally on each side within certain limits

Testing Limited slip diff

Q Can a brake test on rollers damage a Limited slip diff on a RWD car

Name: Darryl   Town: London

Most garages are happy to road test the manual states Certain vehicles may not be suitable for testing using a roller brake tester. Testers should take account of the vehicles drive configuration, transmission type and any Vehicle Specific Information before deciding whether a full or partial roller brake test is appropriate. If additional information is available from the vehicle manufacturer, then this should also be taken into account.

Unsuitable vehicles should be tested using a properly calibrated and maintained decelerometer or a plate brake tester designated as acceptable for the statutory tests for more info go to

Backup brake lights

Q Mercedes MLs have a habit of the backup brake lights being used when the connection to the normal brake light has failed. The fog lamps are used as brake lights when this happens. Would this be a UK MOT failure when tested

Name: martin

As long as you have high intensity red lights that light up when the brake pedal is depressed and extinguish when released and they do not affect the normal light I.e. side/running lights

Roller Brake test and LSD

Q Should cars fitted with a LSD back axle have the handbrake tested on the rollers or by road testing with a meter

Name: David Rosser   Town: Derby

Vehicles fitted with LSDs should not be Roller brake tested and would most likely try to push the vehicle out of the rollers. All authorised test stations should have a calibrated Decelerometer which can be used to test the brakes. The vehicle hand book would state how to perform the brake test.

Brake pad warning light

Q the brake pad warning light has come on and the follow up message reads your brake pads are worn but you may drive on. will this cause an MOT failure

Name: Dave Green   Town: cockermouth

If the light is on and the brake pads are worn and the fluid level light comes on it will fail.

If its just the pad warning light then the car should pass.

Dont forget that if you drive with worn brake pads then they can score the discs and you might have to replace them also which increases the total bill no end

MOT not picked up on fault

Q I had my MOT in January and it passed. On Saturday my left rear brake cylinder failed, causing me to lose brakes and leaking fluid everywhere. The garage doing the repairs told me that the right one was about to fail too. Is this something that the MOT shouldve picked up

Name: Rob   Town: Windsor

The MOT test can only test the car at the present time. Unless the rear brake cylinder had already failed before the MOT it could not be seen to be a future risk. The MOT inspector does not strip down the vehicle and test each part. If the brake cylinder had not failed at the time of inspection then the car could have passed its MOT. The condition of the master cylinders is part of the test but they could have looked fine on the day of the MOT.

MOT Disputed

Q We bought our 2002 motorhome from a dealer in april 2016 and picked it up on the 2nd june 2016 its mot was done in may 2016 with no advisories. We have had many problems and have had 2 separate independent reports done the first states that the front to rear brake pipe is heavily corroded, both front wheel arches are corroded and holed near to spring mounting,OSR brake pipe is corroded and exhaust rubber mounting broken backed up with digital photos. The second report states front to rear brake pipe dangerous, exhaust mounts corroded and missing. Should this have passed its mot in may and at the least should it have had advisories about the brake pipes etc. We had only had it 12 weeks when we found this out. I know its not part of the mot but there is also excessive rot to the outer floor and sides of the caravan part of the motorhome. All the dealer said over the phone was he needed it back to look at but wasnt willing to collect it. Weve now sent a letter and reports and photos but the dealer has not responded.

Name: Bobby   Town: Leeds

There is an official online complaint form that you can use

Click here for more information

handbrake warning light

Q Is handbrake warning light an mot failure, Whilst stuck on

Name: John   Town: St Helens

Tested are electronic parking brake and electronic stability control warning lights the MOT test will also include checks of the following, where fitted;

Headlight main beam warning light

Electronic power steering warning light

Brake fluid level warning light

Tyre pressure monitoring system warning light

Airbag warning light

Seat belt pre-tensioner warning light

Steering suspension

this is a list of the lights that are tested the hand brake light is not included

Brake lights are tested with the ignition on

Q With ignition on all 3 brake lights work fine, with key out only the top middle 1 works but this is an aftermarket light fitted into a hard top on my Ford ranger pickup via a relay to main battery. Is brake lights working with ignition off part of an MOT test schedule and maybe do I not have a fault

Name: Chris

Brake lights are tested with the ignition on

Brake light stays on

Q failed mot because brake light stays on when lights are on.was told its an electrical problem. I have a Peugeot 206 , is this right thanks.

Name: jimmy   Town: london

Of course its right Brake lights must only illuminate when the brakes are applied or how will the car behind you be able to tell if you are braking or not.

mot advisory brake hub

Q What does it mean on mot advisory brake hub

Name: Kathleen    Town: Liverpool

It means that there is something wrong with your brake hub but its not bad enough to fail the MOT but will be by the next MOT test. Probably your brake shoes are low

Brake Imbalance

Q if a car has two different size brake calipers on the front will it pass mot

Name: peter   Town: bideford

As long as the brakes are balanced One brake cannot be greater than 25 different to its opposite

Binding Brakes

Q Hi a car I have put a deposit on at a trader has since been motd and failed for brake binding at 112275 miles. The car has been tested again at 112275 at the same station on the same day and passed. What work should have been carried out before handing car over to me. Can I reject car under the sales of goods act. Thank you for your help.

Name: John   Town: Leek

You have no obligation to buy any vehicle. If you are unhappy or think something is amiss or he has not made the necessary repair then you should walk away. If you have already paid or made a deposit then you should be able to ask for this back if you think that the car is not sold as agreed: i.e. 12 months MOT. If the brakes have been fixed of have freed off then the car can pass an MOT. If the brakes where binding because of inactivity then just using the car could have freed them off. If they where binding because of corrosion then this should have been remedied probably with new parts.

Faulty Handbrake

Q Will mot pick up faulty handbrake.

Name: Morris   Town: Nottingham

A faulty handbrake will cause you to fail hand brakes are diligently tested

Dashboard brake light

Q Brake wear light is on but pads are fine. Will this be a fail for NI MOT test

Name: JIm Allen   Town: Lisburn

Dashboard brake light can be connected to brake fluid level as well as pads if on will fail

Vuaxhall Antara

Q I have a Vuaxhall Antara with an electronic handbrake. It has been in had a full service and passed an MOT 2 weeks ago. After picking the car up and driving it i parked it on a slight incline and put the handbrake on however, the car started to roll backwards.

This happened on a few occasions even when leaving it in gear as well so i called the garage and got it booked in today. They have just called to say that there is a problem and it is going to cost minimum 130 to fix but have not stated what the problem is.

My question though is this not something that should be picked up on its MOT test. The garage have said its not as it is only tested on a rolling road that goes forward but in my eyes surely they should have spotted that and failed its MOT.


Name: Tony   Town: Cramlington

There seems to be a procedure on antaras on inclines contact Vauxhall main dealer and ask them to clarify whether there is a problem the test carried out by the tester is standard procedure if Vauxhall say that the garage is at fault you can complain to the DVSA

Click here for more information

Hand Brake

Q Would like to know if your brake efficiency can pass MOT if handbrake cable as broke on caliper on near side off car

Name: david price   Town: sheffield

To pass the MOT the handbrake must stop both wheels from turning

Rear Brake binding

Q offside rear rear brake binding 3.7.B.1

Name: jkkk   Town: pj14t

If little or no braking effort is recorded from any brake this will be cause for failure all brakes must be functioning correctly

Broken brake cable

Q My car passed a MOT test and 6 days later I was driving to work and my brakes failed and I was lucky not to have a accident the brake cable had snapped. Why didnt this show a problem on the MOT certificate

Name: Dawn Pugh   Town: Tonypandy

The condition of the brake cable would have been tested at the time of the test if in the opinion of the tester the cable was serviceable then he would pass it there is no guarantee that components will not fail even the next day if the fault is not obvious

Failed Brakes

Q my car failed its brake test do need to buy new brakes

Name: Elliott Tyalor   Town: Abingdon

Brake failure can be due to a number of faults the best solution is to get a competent mechanic to look at what the problem is

Brake repairs

Q Estimate price to repair brakes,

1 brakes imbalanced across rear axle 3.7.B.5b

2 rear brake binding offside rear 3.7.b.1

Name: Colly   Town: Plymouth

Unfortunately we cannot advise on the cost of repairs age and condition of the car has to be taken into consideration but as a rule main dealers are usually more expensive than independent garages

Motorcycle and Sidecar Brakes

Q If a motorcycle and sidecar has two brakes ,one on the front wheel and one on the sidecar wheel but no brake on the motorcycle rear wheel, will it fail a UK MOT

Name: John   Town: Malvern

All brakes must work to pass

Hand Brake

Q I have a Ford Focus mark 2 and am concerned about the handbrake, how many clicks does it require to fully engage the handbrake to pass an mot

Name: Roger   Town: Bolton

As long as the hand brake works it will pass if the tester thinks it needs adjusting he will give an advisory

Brake Pads

Q My Car passed its MOT 5 weeks ago and now my brake pads have gone should this not have been noticed at the MOT

Name: aM   Town: SUNDERLAND

The MOT only tests the performance of the brakes at the time of the MOT. They do not take them apart and inspect them. If the brakes where not worn at the time of the inspection then the MOT is valid

wheel Imbalance

Q My car failed an mot due to the rear brake imbalance of 36. I have heard they cannot fail you on the rear brake imbalance, is that correct

Name: Tony   Town: Bedfordshire

Sorry no The original changes to the brake efficiency test in June 2013 were made to meet the requirements of Directive 2010/48/EU, where the reason for failure states The braking effort from any wheel is less than 70 of the maximum effort recorded from another wheel on the same axle. The change was also made to align with HGV and PSV testing what this means is any imbalance over 30 results in a fail

Mot Appeal

Q I bought a car from a Dealer in Feb 2014, it had MOT Cert until October 2014. Dealer agreed to test and issue a full 12 MOT Cert. Previous MOT had an advisory of Front Brake Pad thin the new MOT did not show any advisories. Brakes are now not very good, when questioned the Dealers tester said he had not checked the pads so would not know whether the pads had been replaced prior to their purchasing from previous owner who had the previous MOT Test carried out.Surely that should have been checked on the MOT done by the dealer who is also the MOT Testing station.

Name: Bob Lawson   Town: Newcastle upon Tyne

If you are not satisfied with the result you can appeal to VSA the phone number is general enquiry unit on 0845 600 5977 local rate brake pads should be checked

Hand Brake

Q Is the hand brake tested on an mot

Name: mark   Town: lowestoft

Yes the hand brake is part of the MOT. It has to be present, stop at least 2 wheels from turning and the brake leaver must be in good condition and secure

Electronic brake

Q Electronic park brake works normally and there is no fault light, however there is an advisory message stating park brake fault would this be a fail

Name: Ray   Town: Londonderry

It depends on the fault on the brake and if it was dangerous. The tester thought this needed to be advised and not a fail. The tester should explain the advisory

Worn pads but MOT pass

Q My car passed MOT, during the service which was conducted immediately after I was told that the front and rear discs and pads were completely gone and needed replacing. How can the vehicle have passed the MOT if the brakes were so completely worn The garage want to keep the vehicle and charge me hundreds of pounds for the repairs

Name: Angela

The vehicle should have failed its MOT if a brake lining or pad was less than 1.5 mm thick at any point.

5 year warranty with Hyundai

Q Hi

My car passed its MOT but there was an advisory that the rear brake was binding slightly. Would this be a warranty repair I have a 5 year warranty with Hyundai and how quickly should I get this looked at My MOT was with a large car dealer and to be honest I dont know if I should trust them or if they are just trying to get more cash out of me

Name: Jennifer Rocks

If the brakes showed an equal and ample braking force and not deemed dangerous or too low then this is where the MOT test stops. Your warranty is nothing to do with the MOT test. You would have to contact Hyundai

adversely affected by the operation of any other lamp

Q Should a car fail its MOT if when the brake is applied both the brake lights and the front side lights come on

Name: Ian Dale

It could do, Re: section 1.2 Stop Lamps

Reason for Rejection

f. adversely affected by the operation of any other lamp

Movement in brake caliper

Q with force i can push the brake caliper hub etc all connected forward and backward. ie front to rear of car. in theory this should be solid with no movement.... i suspect the bushes on the wishbone at faut.... taken to 2 different garages but they stated everything is ok am i correct

Name: mart   Town: stoke on trent

The brakes are only tested for safety and their ability to stop the car efficiently and evenly.

The suspension is checked less nowadays until it becomes dangerous. If 2 garages have said that its ok then I would assume that it was ok. Suspension movement is essential for road holding but without seeing it, it is hard to assess

Brake imbalance

Q I have had a brake caliper fitted by a garage under warranty but my car still wont fully hold on a steep hill. They gave me a brake test report saying that the rear had a 32 imbalance. They said it had to be minimum 16 to pass. I have asked an mot tester and they told me over 30 is a fail. Is 32 a pass or fail

Name: Brian Kirkpatrick    Town: Kirkcaldy

32 is over 30 Basic schoolboy maths So the car will fail

Worn brakes

Q Just bought a 2011 audi from an audi dealership. Upon getting home and giving a spit and polish i noticed front discs and pads worn. Had confirmation they are 60 worn. I have been given a service and MOT from Audi. Should the discs and pads have been replaced Im now looking at having to pay out when ive only just bought it Not happy. Also no mention of advisory on MOT cert.

Name: Steve   Town: Aylesbury

If the brakes stop the car efficiently then they will pass the MOT. 60 worn would imply 40 life left in them. Average brake pad life is 50,000 miles so you could satill expect 20,000 miles on them.

MOT Brake Test without rollers

Q Can I request that the brake test can be done without putting the bike on the rollers

Name: Mervyn wylie   Town: MAGHERAFELT

You can always request that a brake test is not done on the rollers but you will need a reason. e.g. If the ground clearance is too low etc. The tester will determine if it is necessary to do the test on the rollers or not. If he deems that there is not sufficient reason to NOT do the test on rollers then he will have to do the test on the rollers. The test must be done on rollers unless there is a good reason not to

Brake pedal worn

Q Hi,

My 2000 Ford Mustang has been failed because the brake/clutch pedal is described as has a tiny split in the rubber but sits firmly on the pedal

Im having trouble sourcing one locally. Can I replace the rubber pad with selfadhesive grip tape It will probably afford better grip than the rubber anyway.


Name: Rob Munro   Town: New Milton

The rubber on the pedal must not we worn to excess. If you replace the rubber so that the pedal is covered securely then this should pass if the pedal has grip and it must be deemed anti-slip. This is a grey area. You should be able to get a replacement / universal brake pedal rubber pad. Try amazon

Brakes MOT Test

Q If my brake pads are low on my motorcycle bike will it fail the mot

Name: CARL    Town: Poole

Yes brakes must meet a minimum standard which is the judgement of the tester

Hand Brake

Q Car was tested 6weeks ago n passed but now needs a new hand brake could this been found on its mot,

Name: aileen   Town: Rotherham

There is always a point where a component can fail the hand brake could be in good working order on the day of the test but like many things could break the next day the tester would have been happy with it on the day if he thought that it might fail in the near future he would have put an advisory on your certificate

Failed MOT

Q I had my car MOTd at a garage Ive never used before as my main Ford dealer couldnt fit me in under my service plan before the MOT ran out. This new garage failed it on a brake imbalance over a rear axle. I didnt think this was correct so took it to Ford dealer to get them to give me a second opinion. They said brakes were perfect and they would have passed it on MOT. I am now taking it back to garage that did MOT tomorrow. What rights do I have to ensure they dont fail it again and therefore have to have it done elsewhere and pay fee again I have written confirmation from Ford dealer and photograhs of their results on their machine.

Name: Janet   Town: Bromley

It would appear the testing equipment at the first garage was not calibrated correctly they should either pass your car or recalibrate their equipment and retest free of charge if this is not the outcome then you can make a formal complaint to the DVSA

Click here for more information

Q I have replaced the front brake pads with a pair that dont have a brake wear sensor cable. The cable from the sensor is secured and the light is out. Is this an MOT fail

Name: M Rainer   Town: Fleet

If the vehicle is fitted with an ABS and/or ESC system, check that the relevant warning lamps:

it will fail if 1. A warning lamp:

a. is missing

b. does not illuminate

c. indicates a fault

d. for ABS does not follow the correct sequence of operation if it does not have either of the above it will pass

MOT advisory

Q i took my van for a mot and some work was reffered to be done i got the motcertificate but the work was not done

Name: nathan   Town: bristol

The tester when inspecting your car may pass the brakes but give you an advisory which means that although the brakes are passable at the time of the test judging by the mileage you have done they will need replacing soon this is the same with all advisories it is to let you know that the component listed will need to be checked at a later date depending on how much use the car gets

Handbrake cable tensioner

Q Are butterfly handbrake cable tensioners legal for the MOT please.

Thank you.

Name: Tony Booth   Town: Halifax

There is no mention of cable tensioners in the manual only the physical operation of the system providing the tensioner is correctly fitted and does not impede the correct operation of the handbrake it will pass

Electronic handbrakes

Q can you rolling road test electronic hand brakes

Name: phil   Town: northwich

Yes electronic hand brakes an be roller tested

High level Brake Light

Q on my 2002 mgtf the high level brake light does not work will it fail mot

Name: stan   Town: devon

The eu and uk law is that the two side brake lights are obligatory and that any other lights if fitted should work unless they have been disconnected if you say they are disconnected which is possible due to a break in the wiring or by design it will pass

Q I have an argument with a vendor on ebay .. he is selling a home built bike from the pictures, there are no securing clips on the plastic fuel line, and the rear brake operating arm on the rear hub is WAY past centre, and makes about 120 degree angle with the brake rod. is this a legal pass please

Name: paul milsom    Town: leigh on sea

Some braking systems have levers which are designed to operate over-centre regarding fuel system the manual states reason for failure a. fuel leaking

b. a fuel system component insecure

2. A fuel tank cap

a. missing

b. does not fasten securely

by a positive means, or

such that pressure is not maintained on the sealing arrangement

c. sealing washer torn, deteriorated or missing, or a mounting flange/sealing method defective such that the leakage of fuel is possible

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