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Roller Brake test and LSD

Q Should cars fitted with a LSD back axle have the handbrake tested on the rollers or by road testing with a meter

Name: David Rosser   Town: Derby

Vehicles fitted with LSDs should not be Roller brake tested and would most likely try to push the vehicle out of the rollers. All authorised test stations should have a calibrated Decelerometer which can be used to test the brakes. The vehicle hand book would state how to perform the brake test.

Inoperable door mirror

Q Hi there, My lexus is due its MOT soon, but the offside drivers side mirror has a slight issue with the electronic adjustments. I am able to move the mirror left and right easily enough, but the motor must be damaged because it wont let me adjust the mirror up and down. Is this an MOT fail I can quite easily wind down the drivers window and adjust it by hand, if need be. Both other rear mirrors are fine.

Name: Steve   Town: Stirling

Yes - All mirrors must be able to be adjusted. See section: 8.1 View to Rear, reasons for failure 2B. Dont forget the mirror must be adjustable for any driver at any height.

American motorhome

Q Hi, actually 2 questions. I have a 35 American motorhome which is tested as a private car, though the test station must have a suitable lift to inspect it on, 7.5tonne minimum. Is there a list of such stations Question 2, when selecting a testing station, can it be anywhere in the country, not necessarily close to me

Name: Dave   Town: Leyburn

We do not list stations as such as they do not provide that sort of information but if you search for MOT stations that do buses Class 5 - 5a then they should have the facilities. Make sure that they do cars also class 4 - 4a. As for our search you can search by anything that you wish i.e. Liverpool etc.

Streering wheel without an airbag

Q Can I replace a steering wheel without an airbag

Name: Sean   Town: Peterborough kbdcx

The Manual says that an airbag fitted as original equipment must be present and not obviously defective.

drive without road tax.

Q Got my car motd today saturday but needs taxed now. Can i drive it b4 i get it taxed on monday Dvla hasnt updated mot status yet

Name: Dee   Town: Belfast

No - you cannot drive your car legally without road tax.

side repeaters on US import

Q we have a 2006 honda oddysey in for mot from the states. it has no side repeaters fitted to the vehicle, pass or fail it was imported last month and this is the first test on the vehicle

Name: gary   Town: nottingham

Vehicles first used on or after 1 April 1986 must be fitted with one side repeater indicator on each side. Instead of a separate lamp, the side repeater might be part of the front direction indicator if it includes a wraparound lens.

Failure on early MOT

Q My MOT expires next month, but I have received a failure after presenting the vehicle early. Can I drive it until my original expiry date

Name: John   Town: Swindon

As long as the MOT Tester did not deem the vehicle dangerous or unroadworthy

Anti roll bar links

Q I need front anti roll bar links, will that fail my car for MOT

Name: Alison   Town: Hastings

Yes it should fail as it indicates play in the suspension

Mixed Tyres

Q Is it legal to mix same size summer and winter tyres on the same axle of a van

Name: Andy Bell   Town: York

Tyres sharing an axle must of the same type and structure. The tread patterns do not need to match as long as they are in good condition.

Amber side running lights

Q I have a motorhome with 4 amber side running lights on each side. A couple of them are not working is this a fail

Name: G howe   Town: Bognor Regis

Side marker lights are not required on motorhomes, Optional lights are not testable on a class 4 test. These lamps are not normally fitted unless the vehicle is a living van rather than a Motorhome. A living van is a vehicle constructed with living accommodation but also has a load carrying area. If it has got an area for carrying motorbikes or cart or even race cars, horses or such like it should be tested as a goods vehicle. These lamps are then testable.

Suspicious MOT Fail

Q My car failed its MOT but Im a little suspicious Can I take it to another garage and ask them to MOT it and see if they come up with same problems

Name: Suze   Town: Norwich

Of course you can but this would cost you another fee. If the car was to pass you could complain about the previous garage. See Retests and appeals.asp

Van tyres

Q Hi
My car Chevrolet Captiva 2WD uses 215R70/16 100H tyres, can I fit van tyres of the same size/rating
I have searched Google and cant find a authoritative answer.
Many thanks

Name: Guy   Town: SHEPTON MALLET

Yes you can. Van tyres are made for higher loads than cars. As long as the tyres are in good condition and match per axle then they will pass an MOT

Brake test for a motorcycle

Q How is the brake test carried out for a motorcycle

Name: N Cosgrove   Town: Magherafelt

On the rollers just like a car if this is possible. Or a plate test if this is deemed impossible Low clearance etc. See

Brake light stays on

Q failed mot because brake light stays on when lights are on.was told its an electrical problem. I have a Peugeot 206 , is this right thanks.

Name: jimmy   Town: london

Of course its right Brake lights must only illuminate when the brakes are applied or how will the car behind you be able to tell if you are braking or not.

My airbag light is coming on

Q My airbag light is coming on when the car is moving but remains off when it is stationary. Is this likely to fail an MOT

Name: Charlie   Town: Glasgow

The car is tested while stationary except to put the car on the rollers for the brake test. If the tester noticed the light then the car will fail.

Hazard warning lights

Q Does my 1979 mini need hazard warning lights

Name: alex   Town: perth

Hazard warning devices are not required on vehicles first used before 1 April 1986, but if one is fitted it must be tested.

No Back Box

Q Are you required to have a back box for an mot and is there a set db noise for either the mot or what is legal for police

Name: josh m   Town: wakefield

Regulation 542 of the Road Vehicles Construction and Use Regulation 1986 as amended: Every exhaust system and silencer shall be maintained in good and efficient working order and shall not be altered to increase the noise made by the escape of exhaust gases. This also means that if the car was fitted as standard with a back box then it needs one to pas the MOT

Headlights always on

Q Can I check if it would be a problem for passing MOT test if my cars headlights stay on when the key is turned on in the ignition, they go off when the key is turned off

Name: Maurizio   Town: Perth

The headlights and sidelights must operate independently and must not affect each other adversely. They must also function for high/low beam. The headlights do not need to go off as part of an MOT test as long as they pass the above tests it will pass - but you will get an advisory notice on your certificate.

Boot doesn’t open?

Q Will the MOTfail if the boot doesnt open

Name: Andrea    Town: Brighton

They nee access to the boot to test for corrosion, the spare tyre etc. So yes it will fail if it doesnt open

MOT expires while away

Q Im working abroad for 2.5 months and my mot is due during that time but I cant do it early as the earliest date I will be out of the country. I wont be back until one moth after the due date what can I do

Name: Charlie Carter   Town: London

The MOT is only to cover the car for driving on the roads. You dont need one until you return. If you intend to take the car with you then you can MOT it before you go which will be valid from 12 months from issue You dont have to wait until the MOT date - but you will lose the time difference

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