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Running lights

Q would a car fail the mot if running lights are not workn

Name: johnny

Running lights are not part of the MOT unless they are part of your side lights/headlamps configuration

Failed MOT

Q Hi i put my vehicle in for an mot last week and it failed

the current certificate runs out in February

can i still drive on the road until then

Thea garage said its still legal

Name: Craig Sear

You can still drive the car until the current MOT expires

mirror indicator

Q Can a car fail its mot of mirror indicator not working

Name: Joanne Thomas

Yes - when a mirror indicator is fitted it must work for all vehicles first used on or after 1 April 1986

Tread Pattern Depth

Q My garage are telling me that my tyres must be changed because they are 70 per cent worn. Tread pattern is consistent across the tyres and the depth of tread is the same across the tyre at 3.5mm.

They say that 70 per cent wear will me a MOT failure.

Are they correct

Name: Mr R Hooper

If the tread pattern is more than 1.6mm deep for 75 or more of the tread pattern then the tyre would pass unless deemed dangerous for some other reason by the MOT tester.

Corrosion Advisory

Q My Audi had a advisory slight corrosion on vehicle structure, never heard of this on a German vehicle, any concerns to be worried

Name: Mark

It depends how old your vehicle is? No vehicle is completely resistant to corrosion especially if you live in a corrosive environment like near the sea. Even cars made of aluminium still suffer from corrosion eventually. Manufacturers do not want our cars to last forever. They want us to buy new ones

Wiper Blades Park

Q Car failed MOT due to Wipers not being able to park when set on intermitent they do park when cycling all the time.

Could this be contested, or moved as an advisory

Name: Paul

Wiper blades that park automatically in a position that obscures the view through the windscreen are subject to Reason for Rejection. See Section 8.3 Windscreens

Exhaust cracked

Q I recently took my car for a service. And they said my car need a new middle pipe and back box exh. I think they are cracked. Would this make my car fail its mot

Name: Emily Perry

If the exhaust was leaking badly or in danger of falling off then yes, the car would fail

Milometer not illuminated

Q The speedometer illuminates OK but the milometer and trip does not. Will this be an Mot failure

Name: John Atterton

Its the speedometer that is tested as part of the MOT, not the milometer.

Speedomter Illumination

Q Hi,
My car recently passed its MOT and it passed even though my light warning light was on and the bulb for my speedometer needle was out so at night Im unable to see what speed Im doing Can you let me know if this should have failed, surely its health and safety

Name: Alan Richardson

For a car: The speedometer should be able to be illuminated at night to pass the MOT test. The tester may not have noticed but it should have failed. Note: Motorbikes do not have to meet this requirement

MOT in Northern Ireland

Q My car is UK registered and has a valid UK MOT certificate. When my MOT comes up for renewal it coincides with a planned tour of Ireland. Is it possible for me to get the car MOTD in Londonderry prior to the expiry date and if so will it be valid in the UK when I return.

Name: Roger

Northern Ireland is part of the UK but an MOT test station in Londonderry must be qualified to do an MOT that will be valid in the UK. In Northern Ireland, MOT tests are done at Driver Vehicle Agency DVA test centres, rather than garages. It must be approved by the Vehicle Operator Services Agency. You would have to check first. You can however have you car MOTd 1 day short of a whole month before the MOT is due and it will still run 12 months from the expiry date of your current MOT.

Add more daytime running lights

Q Can I have more than two daytime running lights on my motorhome

Name: Mike

Daytime running lights are not tested as part of the MOT test unless they are part of the normal headlamp display. Extra ones are not tested at all.

Advosory notice still present after repair

Q MOT failed. One of the failure items was part 3.7.B.3 Front brake excessively fluctuating on both n/s and o/s. In the advisory Info I had items 3.5.1i for both sides brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened.

I took the car home to do the repairs. When I examined the front brakes they had some obvious signs of wear but nothing out of the ordinary. I decided to change the discs and pads both sides anyway.
Car has just been retested and passed but I still have advisory info for both sides discs worn, pitted or scored so tester obviously hasnt visually inspected the discs. I questioned this and was given some flannel about he must have pressed some wrong button. Not sure what button he was referring to but obviously just trying to get me out of the door with the dont worry, its passed speech. I didnt have the time or inclination to argue the point any further but just feel that I have been scammed to a certain degree.

What do you think

Name: Mark Paterson

It is possible what he says although I would expect a bit more vigilance. usually a garage after finishing repairs will give you the old parts To prove that the work has been done If you have the old discs then you can judge for yourself if they where as bad as they said. As far as the advisory notice was concerned it is possible that he forgot to remove it.

Airbag MOT

Q Do cars fitted with airbags have to have them working to pass the MOT

Name: Jackie

If the vehicle was fitted with airbags as standard then they must work. Obviously they cannot test them but you do need to have a dashboard light that goes out and shows as no faults.

Idle Speed

Q what is the right idle speed for a car

Name: Tom   Town: Ascot

It depends on the car. Normally it is 600-1000 rpm for cars.


Q The clutch pedal in my car is working but pedal is not bouncing right back wrought this pass a mot test

Name: John Curry

The clutch is not part of the MOT test. The MOT Tester will need to be able to drive the car. i.e. onto the rollers etc.

Speed ratings

Q My car has tyres on the rear axle that show different speed ratings is that a fail on test

Name: David

Tyres on the same axle are checked that they are of the same type and structure and that both have an adequate speed rating for the vehicle. It doesnt matter if they differ as long as they both are good enough

Brake Failure

Q Had car MOT failed on rear shock absorber having a leak and steering arm having movement on fixings at front. Had the work done. Took car for a drive same day few hours later red brake light came on dash. Brake pedal feeling really spongy, have to push pedal all way down. In the morning noticed oil stains on drive on rear wheel they changed the shock on. Theyre also possibly be some oil leak near one of the front wheels. Brake fluid reservoir is on minimum...filled up brake light gone out but brake pedal very low and spongy. Called the mechanic he said weve done no work on the brakes but to bring it in as soon as I can. Should this problem have been picked up on the MOT or has something been knocked/moved when they carried out this work Thanks for your replies

Name: George

This would have a failed an MOT if the problem was occurring during the MOT test. This all sounds like something that happened during the garage work and would have therefore been after the MOT. If there is a leak in the brake system then you should not drive the vehicle and get it seen to as soon as possible. The garage may have caught a brake line during the work. If the fluid runs out - NO BRAKES

Rear brake strip light not working

Q My Fiesta rear brake strip light not working. Will it fail Mot Part ordered but may not be here in time for test.

Name: Debbie Devlin

Any brake lights fitted must work.

Exhaust clamp

Q I have a Peugeot 207 and its failed the mot on a rear clamp that has deteriorated to the point where it is split apart, there are 3 clamps holding the exhaust up and it is secure but they failed it, does he have a right to fail it

Name: Jamie Riley

If he deems that the exhaust is not adequately supported

Blue lense covers

Q are blue lense covers on indicators legal on a vespa scooter

Name: alan

indicators must show an orange light

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