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Drivers Door Mirror

Q My drivers side wing mirror was knocked off. I have taped it back on. The wire is still intact and I can move the mirror still. Will it pass MOT

Name: Danielle

As long as it functions normally it must be adjustable and is secure and not deemed dangerous Sharp edges etc.

TPMS Fault

Q Garage Failed on TPMS along with a couple of Minor Faults. Previous Owner had the Sensors removed from all 4 Wheels.

TPMS light flashes for Approx 10 Seconds and then stays on.

Dave October 2017

Name: Dave

For cars first used on or after 1 January 2012: If the TPMS light flashes and then stays on then it indicates a fault which will in turn cause an MOT fail. Its one of those things where they are not required to be fitted but if they are, they must work. You could have them re-fitted, they are fitted where the old tyre valve is located when the tyres are removed.

Navarra Class 4 or 7

Q Navarra Class 4 or 7

I have a Nissan Navarra. It has a class 4 MOT about to expire. The v5 has a gross revenue weight listed as 3240kg, and a Mass in Service of 2291kg. It is also listed as a Pickup, LGV. I took it to the MOT testing station, and they said it is Class 7 because of the gross weight. Who is right The V5 or the testing station

Name: Alan Lloyd

If the Design Gross WeightDGW is between 3000 and 3500kg then the vehicle is class 7. The problem is that the MOT test station only needs ramps that can lift a class 4 vehicle up to 3000kg So may not be able to test your vehicle.

Airbag No Light

Q I have a nissan almera and the passenger air cover has come up slighty over the years but there is no air bag light can they fail it on mot

Name: frederick sandiford

If they deem it to be ineffective/inoperable or dangerous then it can fail.

Centre exhaust box is corroded

Q The last 2 MOT on this car I am considering buying says the centre exhaust box is corroded on the advisory notes.

Can you explain what this is please x

Name: Jo Gregory

Exhausts only fail the MOT for a major leak. Obviously a minor leak or corrosion would be pointed out as a possible future problem but at the time of the MOT test it was not bad enough to fail the MOT. I would look at the car with the premise that it may need a new exhaust soon.

Airbag Light

Q Passenger airbag off light comes on when turn the key. It disappears after a few seconds. Is it a fail on an MOT test

Name: Boglarka Bodnar

It is normal for the airbag light to come on for a few seconds on first turning the ignition on. If the light goes out every time then this is not a problem. If it stays on it might be

MOT Examiner

Q Must an MOT Examiner be independent from any Garage in Northern Ireland

Name:    Town:

That is not a requirement as far as I am aware.

Expired MOT while abroad

Q I am in France and my MOT expired a couple of weeks ago. My insurance is in the UK. I got a control technique to make sure the car was roadworthy but is my insurance valid I can not drive it back to the UK for three more weeks.

Name: celi Harper

The MOT is only for driving in the UK - you would have to check with your insurance company about the insurances validity. A control Technique is not valid in the UK and you would not be able to drive it in the UK except to a pre booked MOT test. You could only drive a French registered vehicle for 6 months in the UK with a Control Technique but you vehicle is UK registered meaning it needs UK documentation etc.

Brake pads need replacing

Q Bought a car with full mot and six weeks later, break pads shoes and starring rod need replacing. Is that possible, to of passed and need replacing so quickly

Name: Nicola

The MOT test only tests the vehicle as it is on the day of the MOT test. Brake pads must be 1.5mm thick at the time of the test but can fall below in 6 weeks.

Roof mounted led light bars

Q Are high level, as in roof mounted led light bars legal
Do they need to be dippable as headlights or can the be switched separately

Name: Roger of Hastings

If they are switched separately to the headlights then they are not part of the MOT test. As long as they dont interfere with the normal lights Which being mounted on the roof would be highly unlikely

Battery warning light

Q I have just bought an old 03 Ford KA. The private seller pointed out to me that the battery warning light stays on...something to do with a faulty connection, if the connection is wiggled, the light goes out. He assured me this light wont affect the MOT, is this correct

Name: Nicola

The Battery warning light is not part of the test.

broken rearview mirror

Q my rearview mirror is broken so currently not on the mounting bracket on the window it was listed as an advisory on my failed MOT will it pass on retest if this has not been fixed

Name: Mattie   Town: Crawley

As long as you have 2 mirrors, one being the drivers door mirror, then the car should pass

No insurance MOT

Q My sons MOT and insurance ran out last month and he will be away for 6 months. It is parked in my drive. He has asked me to get his MOT done how do I get it to the garage without insurance.

Name: Yvonne

You cannot drive without insurance but you can get a one day cover or if you drive your own car you could check your own insurance policy to see if you would be covered. There is no need to get the vehicle MOTd until your ready to put it back on the road however.

VIN Numbers

Q For salvage repair that needs replacement of front offside inner wing BMW series 5, front offside suspension housing VW, front offside chassis member Landrover all bearing original VIN, what happens when the replacement panel bears another cars VIN How does one go about this change legally

Name: Jaininder

The vin number is checked from the original VIN location on the windscreen for BMW. The other VIN numbers that dont match must be removed or the MOT tester can refuse to test the vehicle. It is perfectly ok to grind off the incorrect VIN numbers

No emissions test

Q Is the MOT pass valid if the advisory states it was not possible to achieve emissions result during test

Name: Dawn   Town:

I would need more information i.e. the type of vehicle etc. If you check online the validity of your MOT at If this shows that you MOT is valid then its valid

Driving on a failed MOT certificate

Q My son took his car for mot but car failed due to shock absorbers problem. They couldnt fix it until next week should I drive or is it an offence.

Name: Barbara Naylor

You can only drive it if it still has a valid MOT certificate and that the tester has not deemed it to be dangerous. If the old MOT has expired then you can only drive it on the day of the pre-booked MOT test and only to the MOT testing station and back


Q hi, i have a solid sunstrip on my front windscreen, will my car pass mot with this or not

Name: chris

The sunstrip cannot encroach more than 10mm into the wiper area. See

mandatory mirror 1964

Q Is a drivers side mirror mandatory on a car first registered in 1964

Name: Andrew

Not on a vehicle manufactured before 1978

headlights of a different colour

Q Our Mercedes B200 has failed its mot on shows light of a different colour. How can this be when I renewed the lamps a week before the mot. The method of inspection does not ask to check the colour and I cant find any mention that it has to be Amber.

Name: Robert Else

The colour of the headlights can be amber or white but they must match. Section 1.7 Subsection 6 - reasons for failure: do not emit light of the same colour are not the same size or shape.



Name: gerry

The hazard warning lamp tell tale may be a separate light or the same as the indicator tell-tale. However, it must be a flashing light.

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