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Misplaced MOT Certificate

Q   i have missed placed my mot cert can i still tax my car or do i have to get a copy

Name: tom Town: newtownabbey

MOTs are registered with the DVLA on the computer system so they will know already if you have a valid MOT certificate. If you tax you car online they will know if you have MOT and insurance automatically.


Cracked Mirror

Q   I was told that I will not pass MOT as my wing mirror casing is slightly cracked and it will loose the brightness therefore I will not pass MOT. Is that right

Name: Charmaine Town: Devon

As long as the casing does not have any sharp edges that might cause injury and the mirror gives a good view of the road behind. The Manual says: Rear view mirrors must be secure and intact. All rear view mirrors must be adjustable. So as long as you can adjust the mirror to change you rear view. The drivers door mirror is the most important mirror so must be functional.


Expired MOT during Country entry

Q   My MOT expires the beginning of April 2017, I am currently in Europe with the car and can only get back to the UK in May to renew it. My tax and Insurance will still be valid so my question is as long as I have a prebooked appointment when I land in the UK, should I expect trouble at the port, or in any of the countries I will be driving through

Name: lucca Town: plymouth

As long as you have a pre booked MOT test on the day of arrival you may drive it on the road but only to the MOT test Station. As far as I know there is no distance stipulation in the rules.


MOT Brake Test without rollers

Q   Can I request that the brake test can be done without putting the bike on the rollers

Name: Mervyn wylie Town: MAGHERAFELT

You can always request that a brake test is not done on the rollers but you will need a reason. e.g. If the ground clearance is too low etc. The tester will determine if it is necessary to do the test on the rollers or not. If he deems that there is not sufficient reason to NOT do the test on rollers then he will have to do the test on the rollers. The test must be done on rollers unless there is a good reason not to


Driving on an expired MOT

Q   If my mot runs out at 29 march is that mean i can drive my car till 23:59:59 29 march I have mot booked at 29 but as im working night shifts im starting my shift at 28 and i need to get back home in the morning 29

Name: Matt Town: Coventry

You are allowed to drive you car without an MOT IF you are driving to a pre booked MOT test


Driving on an expired certificate

Q   my mot is due on 1st April but i cant book my car in for MOT until 12th April, will i still be able to drive between 1st and 12th April

Name: Bonnie So Town: Henlow

You cannot drive the car on an expired MOT. Only on the day of the test and only to drive to the MOT station for a pre booked MOT test


Failed CAT

Q   Hi had an mot done it states pass on its exhaust emissions test but 5 days later the engine warning light came on as it needed a new cat converter. Why would this not have been picked up Thanks

Name: Anonymous Town: Derby

Because the MOT test only tests the car at the time of the MOT. It does not predict future failures. Parts can fail at any time. If the Cat was ok at the time of the test then the car will pass


Brake pedal worn

Q   Hi, br brMy 2000 Ford Mustang has been failed because the brake/clutch pedal is described as has a tiny split in the rubber but sits firmly on the pedal brIm having trouble sourcing one locally. Can I replace the rubber pad with selfadhesive grip tape It will probably afford better grip than the rubber anyway. brThanks.

Name: Rob Munro Town: New Milton

The rubber on the pedal must not we worn to excess. If you replace the rubber so that the pedal is covered securely then this should pass if the pedal has grip and it must be deemed anti-slip. This is a grey area. You should be able to get a replacement / universal brake pedal rubber pad. Try amazon


Binding Brakes

Q   Hi a car I have put a deposit on at a trader has since been motd and failed for brake binding at 112275 miles. The car has been tested again at 112275 at the same station on the same day and passed. What work should have been carried out before handing car over to me. Can I reject car under the sales of goods act. Thank you for your help.

Name: John Town: Leek

You have no obligation to buy any vehicle. If you are unhappy or think something is amiss or he has not made the necessary repair then you should walk away. If you have already paid or made a deposit then you should be able to ask for this back if you think that the car is not sold as agreed: i.e. 12 months MOT. If the brakes have been fixed of have freed off then the car can pass an MOT. If the brakes where binding because of inactivity then just using the car could have freed them off. If they where binding because of corrosion then this should have been remedied probably with new parts.


MOT expired

Q   Not runs out 31 March cant get booked in until 3 April am I ok to drive car as booked in for mot

Name: Amy Town: Scunthorpe

You can only really drive the car to the garage for its MOT on the Day of Inspection. Otherwise you we be driving without a valid MOT.


Airbag Light

Q   My airbag light in a 306 will stay off or itl flash or stay on constant, I know what the problem is but will it fail Its the wires underneath the drivers seat

Name: Laura Town: Down

The car will fail if the Airbag Light is on during the MOT test


Parking Sensors

Q   Are parking sensors not workin an MOT failure

Name: Jim Town: Huddersfield

Parking Sensors are not part of the MOT and are not tested



Q   my inner wheel arch front driver side splash guard got ripped off by running over a branch, will it pass an MOT without this being present

Name: tony Town: pembroke

As long as it does not leave a protruding edge or sharp piece which renders the vehicle dangerous to other road users, including pedestrians.


Windscreen Chip

Q   There is a small 2/3mmchip on my windscreen, just below my line of sight. Is that an MOT fail

Name: John Town: Edinburgh

The windscreen will fail if the chip is within the swept area of the windscreen 290mm wide centred on the centre of the steering wheel. The damage should be smaller than a 10mm diameter circle area to fail
See the MOT manual here


Broken Speedometer

Q   My Speedometer has totally failed. The needle does not move, and I rely on my satnav to monitor my speed. Is that an MOT fail

Name: John Town: Edinburgh

The speedometer is a testable item and would fail if found to be defective however since the car is not driven during an MOT the tester would not know it was broken unless the needle was missing etc.


MOT not picked up on fault

Q   I had my MOT in January and it passed. On Saturday my left rear brake cylinder failed, causing me to lose brakes and leaking fluid everywhere. The garage doing the repairs told me that the right one was about to fail too. Is this something that the MOT shouldve picked up

Name: Rob Town: Windsor

The MOT test can only test the car at the present time. Unless the rear brake cylinder had already failed before the MOT it could not be seen to be a future risk. The MOT inspector does not strip down the vehicle and test each part. If the brake cylinder had not failed at the time of inspection then the car could have passed its MOT. The condition of the master cylinders is part of the test but they could have looked fine on the day of the MOT.


Q   My Audi A6 has just failed an MOT, down to code 7.1.2brI have an injector which is weeping oil / diesel onto the exhaust manifold, where it is burning off and causing a smell. This is not a release of exhaust gases, nor an emission so how can it be an MOT failure

Name: Ed Town: Hull

Code 7.1.2 would be due to an exhaust leak so if you are unhappy with your MOT test you can appeal at but You need to discuss your test results with the test centre before anyone starts repairs.


Damaged Mirror

Q   My driver side wing mirror was knocked off in an accident but the cable inside is still intact so the wing mirror is just dangling by the door. I affixed it back in place with duct tape. The mirror itself is not cracked at all and I can use it as normal after fixing it with the tape. The passenger side wing mirror and interior mirror are intact and fully functional. Will it pass the MOT

Name: Matthew Town: Bristol

The Manual says: Rear view mirrors must be secure and intact. All rear view mirrors must be adjustable. So as long as you can adjust the mirror to change you rear view. The drivers door mirror is the most important mirror so must be functional


Become an MOT Tester

Q   to become an mot tester do you had to worked at an mot station

Name: Alistair forbes Town: Aboyne

To attend an MOT tester training course you need to be
1 Be sponsored by the Authorised Examiner of a vehicle testing station.
2 Have a full unrestricted driving licence for the classes of vehicle you want to MOT test.
3 Be a skilled mechanic with at least 4 years full time experience repairing the vehicle types you will be required to test.
4 Have no unspent convictions for criminal offences connected with the Vehicle Testing Scheme or the motor trade, or involving acts of violence or intimidation. 5 For classes III, IV, V or VII, have passed the NTT Assessment exam or have one of the following vehicle qualifications:
National craft certificate in the specialism of Vehicle Maintenance and Electronic Systems.
City and guilds
i. Repair and Servicing of Road Vehicles, 383 - full level 2 or 3
ii. Motor Vehicle Craft Studies, Modular - part 3 requires 3 modules
iii. Motor Vehicle Craft Studies, 381 - full part 2 or 3
iv. Motor Vehicle Craft Studies pre 381 syllabus - full part 2
v. Light or Heavy Vehicle Mechanics Craft studies - full part 2 or 3
vi. Motor Vehicle Technicians Certificate - full part 1

BTEC, Motor Vehicle Engineering Studies, National Certificate or ONC.

Scottish Vocational Educational Council National Certificate in Vehicle Mechanics and Systems, part 3.

i. Vehicle Mechanical and Electronic Systems, Maintenance and Repair LV or HV level 3.
ii. Vehicle Technician - Vehicle Maintenance and Repair LV or HV Level 3


MOT While abroad

Q   Working in hungry and the job as over run my mot is due before I get back. Can I use it in Hungary and book it for a mot in the uk on my return.

Name: Paul Town: Rotherham

I do not know the requirements in Hungary but you do not need an MOT in the UK unless you are using the UK roads. You Insurance could be invalid if you have an accident without a valid MOT

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