MOT Vehicle Test Procedures New Taxi Licensing Service from 1 March 2013

Vehicle test procedures - Stage 4

Once you are safely in the customer waiting area, the examiner will position your vehicle on the hoist for the under body inspection. You must remain in the waiting area until the examiner has finished the inspection and calls you forward.

Under body inspection

An under body inspection will look at the items listed below and could include the examiner taking the vehicle for a short road test within the test centre grounds. • electrical wiring
• body condition
• steering system
• tyres
• road wheels and hubs
• suspension, wheel bearings and drive shafts
• shock absorbers
• oil leaks
• engine and transmission mounts
• transmission
• exhaust system including the catalytic converter
• mechanical brake components
• brake hydraulic, air and vacuum systems
• fuel system
• spare wheel and carrier
• general condition of vehicle
• vehicle structural integrity and construction
This list of items that are checked at each stage of the inspection are not exhaustive but identifies the main items subject to inspection.

Your vehicle could be randomly selected for a re-check by centre management at the end of the test. If your vehicle is chosen it will go back through the MOT testing process as part of a quality control to ensure that standards are maintained.

The examiner will then advise if your vehicle has passed or failed.

If your vehicle passes the MOT test, the examiner will issue you with an MOT certificate. The certificate will come in two parts, either of which can be used when taxing your vehicle. The disc portion must be displayed on the edge of the windscreen, at the passengerís side.

If your vehicle does not pass the MOT test, the examiner will give you a record sheet containing details of the faults which will have to be repaired for the retest. You can book a retest at a reduced fee within 21 days of failing the full test otherwise you will have to pay the full fee again.

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