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Rear Wiper
My rear wiper blade is split. Would that cause an MOT failure?

Yes if it on the car, anywhere it had to be working in a safe way. I know it doesnt need to be used but it will fail its MOT

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Use old MOT Test Date?
If an MoT test is taen before the previous one runs out, does the new MoT run until the expiry of the original?

Yes you can still drive the car untill the last MOT runs out. The new failed test does not cancel out the old one

Failed MOT
my mot is un til 9-11-10 but ive put car in on 26-10-10 and failed can i still drive car until the old one runs out on 9-11-10 or because it failed am i not allowed to drive it from my new test?

Yes you can drive the car on the old MOT up to that date.

Smashed Light
I have a smashed left fog light, can the car pass with broken fog lights?

No this is a failure as the car will be deemed unsafe

No MOT, Fines??
My MOT has run out and my car failed the test. Itís in the garage getting fixed in order to pass. Will I get in trouble for not having a valid MOT, even though itís in the garage?

No you will not get any fines or letters. You only would if you were driving it on the road and was caught

Power Steering
My car has a leaking power steering rack. Would that fail MOT?

Yes it will fail. The MOT tester will deem the car unsafe and will fail it. The tester has to be sure the car will be safe for the year that the certificate runs.

Your Questions Answered

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