Avoiding MOT Failure


Check that when you press your foot on the brake that the pedal does not travel all the way to the floor and also that it does not contine to creep down when holding your foot on the pedal. This would indicate a leak in the system and needs to be repaired, before driving, for safety and not just to pass an MOT! Brake Pedal
Excess travel in the pedal can be caused by lack of adjustment (Drum brakes) or worn Pads or disks. These can be checked later in external checks with the wheel off if necessary.

A spongey brake pedal reveals air in the system which must be removed from the system by bleeding

Look for signs of fluid leakage around the base of the pedal (Stains on the carpet etc)

Pump the brakes a few time and then press you foot on the pedal and start the engine. The pedal should move down slightly as the brake servo is engaged. If the pedal does not move this can mean a faulty servo or a leak in the vacuum pipe from the engine (Inlet manifold) to the servo.

Make sure that the pedal is secure and does not have excess travel from side to side


Inside the car
Anti-lock braking system (if fitted) Warning lamp is checked for:
Sequence of operation. Footbrake
Reserve travel on the footbrake so that it does not go down to the floor
Pedal rubber not worn to excess
Correct operation of the servo assistance system.

Reserve brake
This could be a handbrake or a footbrake.
Checked for reserve travel so that it does not reach the stops on application.
The mountings will be checked for security and /or corrosion.

Under bonnet checks
Master cylinder and servo unit are checked for fluid leaks with the engine on and the brakes applied.
Servo unit will be checked to ensure it is operating correctly.
Visible metal or flexible brake pipes will be checked for corrosion, condition, breakages or leaks.

Electronic parking brake
Electronic parking brake controls are now included and must be present and not inappropriately repaired or modified - repair obviously likely to adversely affect the roadworthiness of the vehicle or modification that has seriously weakened the component.

(The ?inappropriately repaired or modified? check is to be applied to a wide range of systems and components throughout the vehicle.)

The car will fail if an Electronic Parking Brake warning lamp is illuminated to indicate a malfunction.

Under Vehicle checks
With an assistant applying load to the
Flexible brake pipes and any other metal brake pipes visible beneath the car are checked
Disks and drums checked for condition and contamination
Brake back plates and calliper securing
devices are checked for condition and security
Condition of the brake pads will be checked if visible
An assistant operates the handbrake while the condition of the linkages and/or
cables is checked.
On some vehicles there will be a brake compensating valve beneath the car which will need to be inspected for fluid leaks

Brake performance check
The performance of the front and rear brakes will be checked for efficiency and balance using specialised equipment.

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